Friday iPhone Dump

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1. WB very much enjoyed our trip to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday (so much to look at) and even got to go on a ride.  I’m not sure he understood why he was sitting next to a big mouse, but whatever.

2. We are still working on mastering the sippy cup.  WB can drink out of it and loves it, but he doesn’t yet get how to hold it.  One day.

3. I’m telling you, these two really are twins.  Everyone comments on how similar their “styles” are.  Facial expressions.  Movements.  Everything.

4. It’s getting harder and harder to get WB to sit still for a picture, but every once in a while, I can make it happen.  And I love this picture!

5. Whenever people sign up to sell something, I always wonder what exactly you get in your “kit”.  So I thought I’d show you what I got in my Tupperware one.  I’m honestly impressed and am super excited to start testing everything out!

6. In this picture, WB is wearing a Halloween bib, a Valentine’s onesie and eating Christmas goldfish.  Just keeping it real.

7. Everyone says how messy moon sand is, but I have found that if you tape down a tarp to the floor, and put the moon sand in something with sides, it makes much less of a mess.  And L loves it.  I give him lots of containers and things to transfer the sand, make roads, drive trucks, etc.  Moon sand is a big winter activity around here.

8. This is one of the fakest smiles ever, but oh man did this kid love Chuck E. Cheese.  It’s his version of the casino and I can appreciate that.  And umm, I hit the “bonus” on some game and all these tickets started flying out of the machine at me.  All the little boys came running to admire my mad skills.  I told them L did it.

9. I’m not sure what was going on here, but they both went down at the same time and I think this picture is hysterical!

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    Friday iPhone Dump is my favorite, I love the pics and the story that goes with them.

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