Making a Rainbow Cake

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Rainbow Cake

Since we’ve kinda been prisoners in the house this week (well I was able to escape yesterday for a while.  L is stuck), I decided we needed to make something fun. I’ve been seeing the “Rainbow Cake” on Pinterest for years and I decided it was time.

The supplies.

L and I quickly made two boxes of cake mixes (Funfetti of course) and then the fun started. We separated the batter into six sorta equal sections. I let L pick what colors we were going to use and he settled on blue, red, purple, orange, yellow and green. Since I am fun crazystupid, I also let L man the food coloring. If you want super vibrant colors, let a 4 year old decide how much food coloring to put in.

L is a professional baker.
Mixing the Food Coloring

I only have 4 cake pans (purchased for $0.49/each during a Target after-holiday clearance sale thank you very much), so I baked the cakes in two batches. Make sure to spray your pans or the cake? Yeah, not coming out. We had a little trouble with the green layer, but I saved it.

So pretty
More pretty 

I have no idea what the proper way to frost a cake is and I don’t care enough to look at Pinterest to find out. We stacked the cake in an order selected by L(*) (frosting in between layers) and then just slapped on more frosting than I would like to discuss.

Frosting the Cake

It certainly didn’t turn out perfect (nor did I expect it too), but I think L and I did pretty well! I mean Buddy from Cake Boss hasn’t called to hire us, but I am still proud.  We had a great time making it and it looks super fun sitting on our counter! We will totally attempt this again.

All done.

Have you ever attempted the rainbow cake?  How’d it turn out?  If you haven’t give it a go!  It’s a total kid pleaser!

Come over for cake!


(*) B came home last night and announced “that is not the order of the rainbow” and then proceeded to GTS and tell me how incorrect L and I were. Really B? Really?
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  1. Ariana

    I did one for my son’s birthday. I didn’t do the layers I did it all in one pan. He sure liked it:) I also used gel colors not regular food coloring which from what I’ve heard takes less. How much food coloring did you (he) end up adding to get the colors so bright? Ill post a pic of mine on IG

  2. Kim

    That looks so delicious and colorful. That would be a perfect cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. I would probably need to practice a few times first cakes usually don’t come out too pretty (but they always taste great!)

  3. Shannon

    OK I want to make this right now!

  4. Jency Kuriakose

    That looks great. A total fun thing to do and a cake that awesome to look at. Tell me, did it taste great. I don’t know where I am on about food coloring – is that ok for kids to have? I love some of cakes I see at Buddy’s Carlos’s Bake Shop (it’s not far from my place) but I am always wondering about the colors and other stuff they put into it to make it so eye popping.

  5. Jency Kuriakose

    Forgive me all the typos above – I am having Tiramisu right now and that’s awfully distracting. 🙂
    Your lil L is one adorable son. He is so helpful, game for all fun activities, poses with perfect smiles for pictures and watches lil WB so well. *knock on wood*
    I don’t know if it’s all second babies but many of them around me and your lil WB are such charming smilers. Rosy cheeks, full blown smiles…

  6. Chrissy

    That cake looks awesome and so much fun to eat! haha, my boyfriend likes to be correct all the time, even when I’m just trying to have fun aswell. But a really easy way to remember the colors is the name “Roy G. Biv” (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) =D

  7. Alison

    SO fun!! I’d love to do this when Nicholas is older.

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