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I’m linking up with Neely again for another Sunday Social:

Best trip you’ve ever been on…

My view.
Bryan’s catch. Hungover and puking, we still caught one 😉
From the ocean to my belly in like an hours. Best. Meal. Ever.

Gosh, this is tough. I think I might have to go with my 30th birthday trip to Cabo. We drank our faces off, went deep sea fishing, ate amazing dinners, etc. Basically we did whatever we wanted. This was our last pre-L vacation and we made the most of it. Also, everyone tried to sell weed to B on this trip. I think no less than 30 people asked him. Hotel workers, time sheet workers, cab drivers. You name it.

Best idea for a girls weekend tripVegas of course! Duh! Where else? Drinking / dancing all night. Working on your tan all day. Gambling 24-7. This is nothing better than that. Also, packs of hot guys everywhere. This may be a better trip for single girls than for married ones, but either way it’s a good time.  Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (*).

Best idea for a couples trip

My my we look young here.

Napa / Sonoma. It’s so beautiful there. B and I only went on a day trip there, but ever since then we’ve been wanting to go back. Seriously, we talk about it all the time. I would recommend wine country to anyways. Wine tasting, spa treatments, gourmet meals. What more could you want?

Best vacation on the cheap

This was a LONG time ago. Back when I had nothing to do but work out. And drink my face off.

I’m going with Chicago. Why? Because we can drive there from here and to me, that makes for a cheap vaca! Lots to see and do in Chicago. And it’s the closest big city to us. I mean, other than Detroit, which isn’t really a vacation destination. I’m not sure B and I have ever been to Chicago together? I’ve been there many times (Bachelorette parties, New Years, etc.) and have always had a good time. For all the times I have been to Chicago, I have never been to the Aquarium. How nuts is that? I am dying to go more than ever because I know L would go crazy for it!

Place you most want to visit

Hands down, Bora Bora. Everyone who has ever been there has nothing but good things to say about it. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of trip (at least to me it is) and it is so on my bucket list.

Vacation/Travel necessities
Gosh, I have become pretty good at packing over the years. Trips outside of the country is hardest, especially with kids. I’d say cruises are the hardest.  Ever priced diapers at the airport or at a resort?  Ha,ha,ha.  If we are headed to a warm weather spot, I always pack swimsuits, a change of clothes and all medication (duh) in my carry on.  For everyone.  And of course, my laptop, iPads (mine and L’s) and iPhone.  And power cords.  That way if the luggage gets lost, who cares????  I would recommend bringing your own baby food if you are headed to Vegas with a baby.  I was shocked to learn the selection of baby food on the Vegas strip sucks.  Who would have thought ;)??




(*) I kid, I kid. Besides, I haven’t been on a girls trip to Vegas since I met B anyways.

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  1. Shoshanah

    Those villas in Bora Bora look absolutely to die for! I feel like that’s pretty much the definition of paradise for me.

  2. Bryan

    I want some more of that fish from Cabo!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I know!!! That was the BEST!!!

  3. courtney

    um….i have very very few memories from our vegas vacation (nothing to do with the alcohol we consumed, and the lack of food)? i think we should meet there soon? reunion??? 🙂

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