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Dear Price is Right, Why didn’t I know it was Celebrity Week? I almost couldn’t drag myself out of the house to Build-A-Bear yesterday because I wanted to see Charles Barkley spinning the big wheel!

Dear People Who Need Very Little Sleep, How do you do it? I mean, I get very sleep, but my body wants more sleep. How do I make myself need less? I’d like to be a night owl. And a morning person.

Dear The Oscars, I am so excited that you are this weekend. I always say it, but one year I am going to have an Oscar party. A dress-up party. It’s just that you are on so late. And on a school night. I’m so old.

Dear Chelsea, Gurl, you are dumber than I thought. I totally know that Adam didn’t knock you up again (since I read US Weekly and they would have been all over that), BUT I cannot believe you slept with him. And were dumb about it. Hair school + two kids would have been harder than that GED for sure.

Dear WB, I’m unclear why you hate the stroller so much, but let’s buck up and get over it. Sometimes Mama just wants to browse at lulu and not feel rushed because you are screaming. But no, your screaming led me to impulse buy a safety orange colored jacket. It’s a good thing I like orange.

Dear Mommebox, Umm, way to change from a monthly box to a quarterly box AND NOT TELL ANYONE. And yeah, I’m yelling at you because I’m annoyed. I have two more boxes coming and umm, I expected to receive boxes on February and March. Not May and August. WTF? Not cool. I’m hoping you send out an e-mail to your subscribers before I have to fire one off myself.

Dear Tupperware Orderers: You all rule! And if I have yet to refund your shipping e-mail me! Don’t have Paypal? We’ll figure something out!

Dear Robin Roberts, You rule. I had tears in my eyes when you came back to GMA this week. I bet you have the entire country cheering you on. And you rock the bald head.

Dear L, I am glad that you had a good time at Nana house this week. And yes, spending two nights there is amazing. And I too am sad there are no bed tents for full sized bed. Heck I wouldn’t even mind one for my king sized bed. That’d be fun.

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  1. Nicole

    Don’t even get me started on the price is right. They filmed a couple of episodes at butler university and I waited in line FOREVER to get tickets and they sold out in like two minutes…and I didn’t get one. I’ve wanted to be on that show since kindergarden.

  2. Courtney

    If it makes you feel any better Hadley hates shopping carts, her stroller and her car seat if there isn’t a video playing. I power shop like nobody’s business. I mean you are being pushed around why are you complaining?

    Chelsea is dumb. If your BC fell out maybe go to the doctor, and not sleep with loser Adam. Ding bat.

  3. Nikki

    There are bed tents for full size beds, maddi has ine check Amazon

  4. maggie

    Hey Jen!
    cute post! leaving a comment just to let you know i stopped by. 😉 xoxo have an awesome weekend!

  5. melissa

    Totally not related to your post BUT – I was just browsing the PetFlow website and looking at their spoiled rotten boxes and are these your dogs?

  6. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Um, I seriously must have missed something…. Is Chelsea pregnant again?!?!? If she is, I could seriously slap the ish out of her… Some of these girls obviously did not learn their lesson the first time they got pregnant…. smh…

  7. Jen

    I would love to get dressed up for an Oscar party, I think it would be a blast.

  8. angela king

    i love the oscars! i have to work sunday night so i’m taping it and then i’ll have to play catch up when i get home. good thing we close an hour early on sundays!

  9. Sophia

    Stopping by from Ashley’s place.

    I don’t regularly get to watch the Price is Right, but I would have given anything to see Charles spin the wheel.


  10. Kim

    I can’t function without 8 hours of sleep. Good thing my child is a good sleeper. everytime I saw the preview of Robin returning I would tear up! And I have always thought Chelsea was an idiot. She is the only one of the girls who has so much to her advantage, parents willing to help, her dad paying for school and everything…and she just doesn’t take full advantage! All she does is sit around whining about her loser ex boyfriend!

  11. Janaya

    Uggh! Chelsea was doing so well! She FINALLY passed her GED, was getting her life together and excited to go to Beauty College, and then Adam just walks back in and she gives him exactly what he wants! When will she learn??

  12. Sally

    What a fabulous post idea! I love these little letters!
    I feel the same way about an Oscar party. I have always imagined myself having one, but you are right, it’s SO late and on a school night. Maybe in the retirement home? Plus this year I will be at a work meeting. Ugh.
    And here is another Robin Roberts cheerleader! I normally get annoyed with lots of tears on TV but not for this woman. So happy to have her back!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Sara

    I need 8 or 9 hours of sleep. My husband is fully functional on half that. I don’t know how he does it!

    Can I just say I love that you reply to every comment? It’s wonderful and appreciated. 🙂

  14. Aimee A

    Im telling you! These teen mom girls are cray cray!! What about Kailyn.. Jealous much??? The last episode Jenelle looked like the normal one.. WTF?!?!

  15. Summer

    yup you were right lol we both were at Build A Bear lol so fun! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy! OMG I would have loved watching Celebrity Price is Right lol I would have had troubles dragging myself out of the hisouse to watch Charles Barkley spin the wheel too and I bet he was taller than the wheel lol! I sware Chelsea frustrates me on that show so much lol she just keeps on going back to him oh my! Robin does look so gorgeous and is rocking her look so well brings tears to my eyes! I really enjoyed this post!

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