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Dear The Mall, Don’t tell anyone, but I am pretty excited to come and visit and see all your Christmas lights.  I know it’s early, but they are always so pretty…

Dear Buddy, Oh no, you did not really yell “You Can’t Arrest Me, I’m the Cake Boss” when you got pulled over did you?

Dear My Fake Fireplace, I wish you were real.  Like I mean I wish I didn’t just flip a switch to turn you on.

Dear Snow, You totally made my boys day yesterday.  Totally.  Watching them run to the window yelling “IT’S SNOWING” and getting so excited was amazing.

Dear McDonalds, Okay, so your winter coffee commercial is super cute and it tempted me into visiting you and trying the white chocolate mocha.  I don’t know what it tasted like, but it wasn’t white chocolate or mocha or coffee.

Dear “The Impulsive Buy, I really like reading about all the food discoveries you find. And now I must find this Cinnamon Vanilla Holiday Milk at Target so my kids and I can try it!

Dear Paw Patrol, I cannot wait to see who the new puppy being introduced today is!

Dear Anna Kendrick, I was super surprised to see you singing “Cool Kids” on the Tonight Show last night.  I mean I had no clue that as your song!  Except, uhh, it turns out it wasn’t you.  It was Sydney Sierota (I googled that), who is actually in the band that sings that song.  You two could be twins though.  For real.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Chrissy

    Lmao at your description of McD’s coffee – the commercials make it look so good and it always too sweet and artificial tasting. I’ll keep my Starbucks.

    1. Jennifer

      Same! But I will continue to enjoy my McDonalds commercials.

  2. brandy


    I am hoping for a purple st. bernard. also, they were really dumb to only have ONE girl. i cannot find the skye action pup! it’s sold out everywhere for months!

    1. Jennifer

      You got your other girl!

  3. Laura R

    Haha, I thought your letter to Buddy was about your dog until I clicked the link.

    1. Tiffany

      I did too at first! haha then i was like wait what did your dog say and then i remembered i had heard abotu cake boss earlier.. LOL

      1. Jennifer


    2. Jennifer

      He doesn’t drive ;).

  4. ashley g

    NEW PUP!!! I’m probably just as excited as the kids. I think it is a girl Husky.

    1. Jennifer

      She’s so cute!!!!!

  5. Erin

    HAHAHA I so thought “Dear Buddy” was to your dog at first. I shouldn’t read so fast! :-p

    McDonald’s coffee isn’t awful, but the mocha is a little too sweet for me. It doesn’t taste quite right. I will gladly stick to my Starbucks. And I am so bummed you don’t love the Chestnut Praline Latte lol Oh well, more for me. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I will try it again…

  6. Laura

    Sad news. Diem Brown from the Challange died this morning

    1. Jennifer

      My heart just sank. I was just googling for more information on her yesterday.

      1. Tiffany

        I was JUST coming to tell you this.. This honestly breaks my heart. the Last interview she did she was soo positive and talking about her future family.

        1. Pilar

          I was going to tell you about her death as well 🙁 so sad I loved it when her and CT was together, I will be praying for her soul and love ones.

  7. Val

    I LOVE “The Impulsive Buy” too! They inspired me to buy the new chocolate creme cookie butter from Trader Joe’s 🙂

    1. Chrissy

      Isn’t that stuff amazing? My husband and I ate half a jar while watching a movie!

    2. Jennifer

      It rocks!

  8. Jenny

    We had snow this morning too. LOL It was flurrying as we were doing carpool. All the kids were talking about it so I’m sure the teachers had a fun morning today 😉 Sunny and cold still now though so no more snow.

    1. Jennifer

      I bet it was crazy!

  9. shana

    The McDonald’s white chocolate mocha was so nasty…i was truly disappointed when i ordered it….

    1. Jennifer

      Same. I am not a fan.

  10. Sophie

    Totally off topic, but have you heard any buzz about a winter Allure beauty box? I believe it went on sale around this time last year.

    1. Sophie

      11/25 for anyone else who may be wondering!

      1. Jennifer

        I have not heard a thing!

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