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Dear Tigers, Umm, what on earth happened last night? That 8th inning was nothing short of a disaster.

Dear Crispy M&M’s, OMG I cannot believe you are coming back to the States. Is it January yet?

Dear TMZ, Thank you for keeping me updated on Teresa & Joe Giudice yesterday. I almost can’t believe they actually are going to prison!

Dear L’s School, When are school pictures coming back? I can’t wait to see them and I am this close to being annoying and calling about it.

Dear L, OMG you are seriously rocking it at swimming lessons. I am beyond amazed. You have jumped what, 4 or 5 levels since you started classes this summer?  That is amazing.

Dear Homeland, Eeek!  I am so ready for you to start this weekend!  I need to do a little refresh and watch the last episode of last season again so I am really ready, but I’m pumped.

Dear Las Vegas, I miss you already.  I think we all do actually.  If only you were closer.  Wait.  Perhaps it’s better that you are not….

Dear Restaurants With Giant Mirrors on the Walls, I find you very odd.  Do lots of people love watching themselves eat?  Really?

Dear People Who Have Tried Speed Dating, Is it as entertaining as it looks?  Because it seems like it could be highly entertaining.

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  1. Lauren

    Omg i love how I get my “breaking news” from you… are they really going?? Say it isn’t so I have to read up on it now. I was away from tv all day yesterday. I thought for sure Teresa would have some crazy homebound probation… WOW!!

  2. Stephanie

    I saw the news this morning and on GMA they were saying that they were still being untruthful about finances and that they ruined any chances they may have had of possibly getting probation. Teresa will receive 15 months and Joe 41 months, however Joe won’t begin serving his sentence until Teresa finishes with hers. The judge was kind enough to let one parent stay with the children while the other served their time.

  3. Sneaky Burrito

    The living room in my condo has one wall covered in floor-to-ceiling mirror panels. They were there when I moved in. I can see myself when I eat, when I exercise, etc. I’m so used to it now that I simply ignore it, and/or pile things in front of it. (My old dog ran into one and broke a chunk out of it. So if I ever sell the place, I’m going to have to pay a contractor to remove them. And no, the dog wasn’t hurt. Rottweilers have extremely thick skulls…)

    1. PA Anna

      Do your pets stare at themselves in the mirror panels? My English Shepherd was convinced for a month that there was a dog outside whenever she looked out the glass door at night.

      1. Sneaky Burrito

        No, not really. I don’t think most of my cats can even tell what they’re looking at (maybe one can) and my current dog doesn’t seem to pay the least bit of attention (although my last dog was terrified of her own reflection and kept trying to look behind the mirror).

  4. Mom

    Ugh, don’t call the school to ask about pictures, those calls were so annoying. We never knew when they were coming in. L is becoming such a good swimmer. It’s fun to watch him. I miss Vegas too.

  5. PA Anna

    I received my older son’s cross-country pictures a couple weeks ago. Those pictures were taken before school began. Pictures take forever. I went to Las Vegas a long time ago. Everytime I read about your plans it makes me want to go back.

  6. Crystal

    I have a funny feeling that neither Joe or Teresa will serve their whole sentence. I totally agree they both deserve prison time because they are seriously terrible human beings, but I feel as though they will get out early for “good behavior”, “over-crowding”, or something like that. Hopefully I can eat my words. I care way too much about this. Haha.

    1. Jennifer

      Federal Prison is a bit different in that you have to serve something like 87% of your sentence no matter what.

      1. Wanica

        Yes, they said they have to serve at least 85 percent, but then Joe could be deported. I remember T not wanting to live in a used house. I wonder how she is going to get through used underwear. Some else’s panties would have me grossed out.

  7. Lana

    I believe the idea of mirrors in restaurants is to make the space look bigger 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It’s so weird!

  8. Lindsay R

    I think I am the only person who likes Teresa and Joe!! LOL I feel so sad for them, I get they REALLY messed up, but almost every episode of RHONJ I have watched this season I shed a few tears. My heart really goes out to their little girls 🙁

  9. Chris

    Speed dating is entertaining until you find out your speed date’s age is not within the range of the event and is almost 15 years older than you. Creepy…

    1. Jennifer

      That would be creepy!

  10. Chelsea

    I used to do speed dating back in my single days…I enjoyed it a lot and the events were fun. They were usually held at a popular bars in town and perhaps because of the organizer or because its Anchorage, mostly younger people showed up at the events (and I was a younger person at the time). I actually dated a guy for awhile from a speed dating event. We didn’t work out but we had fun and were friends. He was my “in-between” guy who I’d call on when I was in between relationships and just wanted someone to go to the movies with.

    1. Jennifer

      At least you met someone cool!

  11. Jenny

    School pictures take forever. I totally understand that there are a ton to process but still it takes like a month. That is crazy. Cs preschool however rocks and the guy who does theirs has them back the next week and sometimes the next day you are in school if you don’t go everyday. That is awesome!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      That is awesome! I bet ours will be back next week!

  12. Wanica

    Hi Jennifer,
    The ladies snarking on Teresa and Joe, at previously tv, had me laughing out loud from 8 in the morning. It was an actual holiday over there with the couple finally getting punished. I don’t know if you are fimilar with the site, but I usually prefer their conversations better than the actual show.

    1. Jennifer

      No, I don’t read there. I will be now though!

  13. Vanessa F

    I met my hubby at speed dating! I went because a friend was helping run it and they needed more women so she got me in free. He went with a friend who thought they’d have some funny stories to tell 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      OMG you did?? That’s awesome. Your husband does have a good story to tell now! He met his wife there!

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