So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~If I hear WB and L giggling, even when they are supposed to be trying to sleep, I can’t help but giggle too.
~I am super excited about the Tigers game tomorrow. I’m not super excited though that it’s on cable.
~I don’t have cable (I only miss it about 5% of the time).
~I didn’t know you could dim your iPhone screen.
~I am super behind on subscription box reviews.
~It drives me crazy when people repost Facebook “stuff” that isn’t true.  How about you read up on it before you post it?
~I love McDonald’s Monopoly time!
~I am already looking forward to the weekend.
~I can either find my sunglasses or my sunglass case.  Never both at the same time.  Ever.
~I check my TimeHop every morning to see what I was up to last year / years ago at this time.
~I am dreading that flip flop season is almost over.
~I am seriously considering getting a chillow.  Do they really work?
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  1. Sneaky Burrito

    Dimming the screen of any device (phone, laptop, Kindle, whatever) is a good way to make the charge last a bit longer if your battery is low and it’s not immediately convenient to recharge your device (or if the power is out or whatever). This saved me once when I was trapped at Ulta with dye in my hair and my Kindle started giving me power warnings.

    I’m not a flip-flop wearer (my feet cramp up trying to keep them on) but I think I can get another good month out of my sandals before I have to give in and go back to closed-toe shoes. However, I live in Georgia so it will stay warm longer down here than it will for you!

  2. Jenny

    Oh I forgot about Monopoly time. Now I’m even more excited to grab McDs on the way to Charlotte today. Woohoo

  3. Debbie

    Isn’t the best thing ever, when your kids are giggling or laughing. I could sit all day listening to them, even when you have a bad day, that always puts a smile on my face.
    I live in Ca. so I get to ware flip-flop all year, love it.

  4. Jessica D

    I got my husband one of the pillows from Costco. It has gel on one side to keep it cold.
    I always try to buy him a new pillow at Christmas. Well he couldn’t use it till late in the yr because it totally works and was to cold to use. I tried it one night and switched back to mine because I was too cold lol.

  5. PA Anna

    I want to know if the chillow works too. We don’t have cable either.

  6. Erin Martin

    People posting wrong info on facebook is seriously a huge pet peeve! Instead of spreading ignorance, take 2 seconds to check the source. :/

  7. Kathy

    Had a chillow and loved it. You fill it with water which soaks into a gel and stays pretty cool most of the night. There isn’t really any way to dry out the gel for storage during the winter so it lasted only about 2 years for me. It can feel pretty chilly so I usually wrapped it in a towel. Would get another if I ever start sleeping hot again.

  8. Lauren

    Oh my gosh someone on my feed posted an Empire News story about MTV “making” a new series called 12 and Pregnant and at least 5 people were just losing their minds. After an hour I finally commented and told people it was fake, and then people still commented after me all in a tizzy!

  9. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Did you get to see the “Little People Big World” wedding last night… ? It was beautiful, cried several times…

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