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~How is it Sunday night already?  Geez!  I feel like this weekend just started!  We are currently watching the Lions game hoping that they can pull off a win against Arizona.  Fingers crossed.

~Did anyone else hit up the Target + Toms launch today?  I picked up a throw, a t-shirt for L and B got a mug for work.  I wasn’t going to get the throw, but it was much softer than I was expecting so I went for it!

Target + Toms Haul
Target + Toms Haul

~It looks like the LUSH Christmas line is out!  What are the best only at Christmas time LUSH products out there?

~I finally found The Cookie Dough Cafe cookie dough around here! I must have blocked out the price when they mentioned it on Shark Tank, but I was quite surprise that it was $8.29 jar.  Ouch!  I got the “Monster” flavor and the “Cookies & Cream” flavor.  I meant to grab Chocolate Chip instead of Cookies and Cream, but oh well.  Anyway, the Monster?  Yeah, I don’t love that.  I think it’s because it has oats in it?  I’m not feeling that in raw cookie dough.  But the Cookies & Cream?  That is magic in a jar.  I can only imagine how incredible the chocolate chip is!

The Cookie Dough Cafe
The Cookie Dough Cafe

~Is anyone making any homemade holiday gifts this year?  If so, what are you making?  My cousin made the coolest personalized photo coasters for all of us last year and now I am thinking about doing a homemade gift exchange with a few friends. Any suggestions??

~And finally, as I am sure you have heard, Diem Brown passed away on Friday.  It know it wasn’t looking good last week based on her Instagram post, but I still hoped she would somehow pull through.  She had such a beautiful spirit and will be missed.
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That’s all for now!  See you in the morning!

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  1. Kelsey

    I got the same throw as you plus the crocheted looking “V” one and the guy’s sweatshirt–I couldn’t believe how soft and cushy everything was! I wanted it all.

  2. PA Anna

    We came back from the conference/mini vacation. I looked online at the TOMS items and the ones I wanted are sold out. I may stop by the local Target to look. The LUSH line looks fun. I’ll have to stop in at the store and take a closer look. Wow! The Cookie Dough Cafe is sold near me. I’m making a few no-sew blankets, soap, and maybe a few items from my craft boxes depending how they come out for Christmas.

    1. PA Anna

      The plumber did come last week while I was gone. He had to replace the fixtures instead of the washer because the fixtures were too old. He also did a few other things that needed fixing. It ended up being an expensive bill. At least my husband was there to deal with it. Between that and the front doors, I’m cancelling boxes.

      1. Jennifer


  3. allison

    I remember watching Diem on her first appearance on MTV’s challenge and hearing her story of ovarian cancer then. When I read in People that her cancer came back a few months ago, I began following her story on Instagram. She’s the same age as me and I just can’t imagine what she went through. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

    1. Jennifer

      I found it at Nino Salvaggio’s. I looked on the Cookie Dough Cafe website and it said they carried it. It was in the freezer section which I wasn’t expecting.

  4. mirta

    this will sound so stupid but since I never bake and since we don’t have this here, is this cookie dough for baking or you just eat it out of the jar like this? (lol)

    1. Jennifer

      Not for baking. Just for eating. It doesn’t have eggs.

  5. Berit

    I looked at the Tom items, but since that’s my ex-husbands name, I passed. 😉

  6. Chrissy

    Lush’s “Glogg” shower gel was always my Christmas fave but they don’t have it this year! Boo.

  7. cindy

    pintrest..awesome gift ideas

  8. Pilar

    I remember Diem on her first Mtv debut on her first ever challenge I was 15, it may sound strange but I felt like I really knew her, may she rest in peace!

  9. Jenny

    I bet the Chocolate Chip is orgasmic. LOL sorry that is what came to mind reading your post 😉 That is so wear my brain is after watching the Walking Dead.
    I didn’t make it to Target today but maybe tomorrow to see what is left. My new Target still isn’t that busy so hopefully some still there.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I bet it is too!

  10. Brenna M

    Hearing about Diem was heart breaking. It may sound silly, but I could not stop crying. I was rooting for her hard core. She will definitely be missed.

    1. Jennifer

      I know. I am still sad ;(

      1. Brenna M

        Me too:(

  11. Kayla

    I did hit up Toms+Target! I got there around 11:30 and a lot of the beanies and scarves, which is what I wanted, were gone. But I ended up getting a throw, which I love, and a notebook and a pen that came with a cool case! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I am going to go back and see if I can snag that sweater throw!

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