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Our screen door has been looking like a hot mess lately and we totally need to take it in to be rescreened (is that even a word?). Between L and the dogs, that thing doesn’t have a chance. Buddy has even poked a hole in the bottom so he can open it all by himself. Awesome job Buddy.

So when L and I were at Best Buy over the weekend I bought a Magic Mesh. You’ve seen the commercial. And I bet you have wanted one. Well, me too. I even blogged about it awhile back.  And yeah, it looks just as dumpy in person as it does on tv. But you know what? So did my screen door with holes it it. It installed super quickly (it took longer to get the screen door out) and really works like they say it does (unless it opens too far). But one of the main problems with it is that the wind can open it and it doesn’t just snap shut all the time like it does on tv. I think it needs stronger magnets. I guess I forget that this could happen, but my dogs have gone in and out of it a few times without permission (LOL), but they usually just stick around in the backyard, so it’s no big deal. And it’s way easier for L to do too. Plus, there is no way he can break this.

So do I like it? Yeah, for $14.99 (the price at Best Buy) I do. Would I like it for $50 or even $25? Not so much. But for $15 it will buy us some time before we get our screen door fixed. I’d say this gets three out of five stars. What’s your favorite As Seen on TV product? I am still going with the Slushy Magic on this one..

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  1. karen

    I need to get to Best Buy because the kids leave the door open and we had a barn swallow flying around the dining room last week. Hopefully it ate a few flies and mosquitoes before we showed it the way out.

  2. Cindy

    Ummm, since “somebody” hasn’t fixed our screen in years (gave up after so many kids/dogs)…we might have to get this. Actually, it would be perfect for me right now because “Lucky” likes to ring his potty bells, but then stands at the door sticking out only his head so he can “hunt” the birds, squirrels and bunnies without them seeing. With this lovely product he could easily do this without me, right!?

    1. Jennifer

      Oh yes, Lucky could do this without you!!! Baxter and Buddy can even do it. In fact I found them running around the backyard today when I thought they were inside.

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