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I think I'm in love...

It’s clearly no secret that I like to be organized. And lately when I have been in the choo choo room (aka the playroom), I get super annoyed when I look at the lego table (*) and I see piles of legos all mixed up. Like how is that even fun? There is no where to build and how can you even find anything? Who knows. I finally found some bins I liked at Target (I bought 3 sets of 3 and stacked them) and went to work.  L was super into helping me sort his legos by colors, which I loved.  I mixed the duplos with the regular legos because I even I think that it is too much to sort them both ways!  I put the grey in with the black, but other than that every other lego color has it’s own bin (**).

And yeah, I am aware that the second L and his friends get in this room, my organization system will explode all over the room.  Who cares?  I can go back up there and resort them!  It doesn’t take a genius to separate legos.  Oddly enough, I find it very relaxing.

Tell me, how do you store your legos or other toys with small pieces?  Do you like it? Does it work?




(*) We turned the train table (the table got to be too small – we have a huge set-up on the floor) into a lego table by putting lego boards down in it for building.
(**) In case you ever do this with different sized bins, I should tell you we had the most red, blue and black / grey legos.

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  1. Alysia George

    My problem is that my son builds stuff with his Legos and then doesn’t want to take them apart. So I have Lego creations all over the place. I honestly don’t know what to do with all of them! But I should get some bins like this. His Legos are all mixed up. I think it would also be cool to separate the different sizes/types…since he follows directions a lot and it can be really hard to find the right piece.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh that would be a good idea. There are so many different sizes though! I would like to keep sets in labeled plastic bags and the rest in bins like I have. All the sets we have are all mixed up now, but next time they get put together (and then taken apart), they are being stored in bags!

    2. Beth

      Hi Alysia,

      Maybe you could hang shelves on the walls for his creations. Then tell him that he can only keep as many creations as fit on the shelves nicely. Once the shelves are full, he can swap out older ones for his new ones. Tell him what a good engineer he is and that his work should be on display. Play up how important his creations are, because they are his handiwork. You could take pictures of him with each one and put them in a photo album. If it’s time for a d?cor update in his room, redo it based on his love of legos. Solid colors for bedding and curtains that are lego colors, then the shelving for his creations and framed photos of him building. Just some thoughts.

  2. Hilary

    Great idea! When I have these things called colorful t o y s all over my house…I am going to copy this!

  3. Allison

    Great idea ! My 6 year old Owen is a Lego fan big Lego fan that’s all he ever does I think he go about 12 Legos for Christmas and his birthday ( jan 2)!i love this idea Lego is everywhere Mitch , island his room and downstairs ! It’s crazy thanks for the idea! I’m an organizer and that is great idea ! Allison

  4. Sandy Browning

    This would be a great way to store puzzles too rather than putting them in a toy box and the pieces get lost or mixed in with other puzzles.

  5. Aimee

    Love this idea. I have been searching all night for a way to organize my daughters Legos in a very small space we have. We have more Pink, purple and aqua colors to sort through and less of the primary’s. I think I am going to buy these and hope it works and we have room to work with ….

  6. Kara

    These look like the perfect size! Do you know what size the bins are by any chance? I’m looking at ordering some online.

  7. gilberte perou

    hello where did your storage bins i want one

  8. Ila Ceci

    Ciao dove posso trovare questo box in Italia? Grazie
    ilaria 😉

  9. Ila ceci

    Per cortesia dove si acquista questa cassettiera? Uguale non la trovo, hanno sempre meno cassetti. Grazie Ilaria

  10. Alessandro Zani

    Hi Jennifer, did you buy this organizers on-line? If yes, could you tell me where.
    Thank you.

    1. Jennifer

      I bought them at Target. I think they are just Rubbermaid.

  11. Petra

    Hi, my 7yr old is also Lego mad; to keep loose Lego sorted (by colour and type of shape – within reason) I bought fishing tackle style trays from Bunnings. These have removal internal walls and help accommodate different size Lego pieces. It works!

  12. Lauren

    I know this is an old post, but I am search and searching for something to hold our legos. I like the look of this better than carts with wheels. Would you know the size of these bins?
    Thank you!

  13. Carmina

    We’re can I find the Lego organization bin?

  14. Carmina

    Were can I find the Lego organization bin?

    1. Jennifer

      It’s in the post, but I got it at Target.

  15. Kristine DeLarosby

    what size are these?

  16. Udo Schott

    Wehre can i geht this box KR Udo

  17. Melissa

    Curious to know if you used the 8 1/2 X 11 or the 12 X 12 drawers??

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Samarac

    these are.sterilite 12×12 for anyone wondering. I got 4 for our son. They even can fit in some of those wooden cubby shelves.

  19. Kath Hardcastle

    Hi. What a great idea for Lego storage. Is anything like this available in the U.K.? Thanks

  20. manu

    Hello from germany, where can I buy this great container closet?

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