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I told you I had the cutest kids ever.

Yesterday after dinner, L was sitting on the couch holding W, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t gotten any pictures of them in their “Big Bro” / “Lil Bro” shirts. They both seemed to be in decent moods and fairly clean, so I got them both changed in their gear and started taking pictures.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  How flippin cute are they?  And L is such a great big brother.  He’s so sweet to little W.  He does like to get right up in his face while he’s sleeping to “talk” to him, but we are working on that!

If you think it looks crooked, well that's because it is.

While browsing the dollar spot during a solo trip to Target last weekend (I practice what I preach), I came across some cute 4th of July stickers. At first I was just going to give them to L, but then I decided to get crafty. I stuck them on some cardstock, threw them in a frame and bam, I have a cute $1 decoration! And I am so pleased with it that I will likely be doing it for every holiday!

This is so right up my alley.

One of my friends bought this (InstaHang) the other day and said it works great and is super easy. You can read her full review here. I totally need to get this since I have some stuff I want to hang up in the basement and B seems to be ignoring my requests! I wanted to do it while he was out of town, but I forgot to get it while I was out and about yesterday. Ugh. Maybe I can run out before he gets home today?

Speaking of B being out of town, I was talking to my neighbor and mentioned B was out of town for work. She couldn’t believe he was gone again. I swear, people think it’s nuts that he travels so much and feel bad for me. It’s not that bad people! Maybe it’s because I am so used to it? But regardless, I know some people travel Monday – Friday, come home for the weekend and leave again. Now to me, that would be too much.

Have you ever thrown something away on accident and realized later what you did and wanted it back. Umm, yeah, that happened to me last night. I went to Target yesterday (it was not a get out of the house trip alone trip, but still very relaxing since W slept the entire time so I could browse) and bought Father’s Day / Birthday cards. Somehow, while unpacking everything, the cards stayed in one of the Target bags and then I threw it all in the trash. And of course, today is garbage day, so I had already taken the trash to the curb. Ugh. So what did I do? What anyone who buys $4.99 card would do. I waited till dark (so the neighbors wouldn’t see me) and went outside and got them out of the trash! I knew there wasn’t any food or dirty diapers in the bag the cards were in, so I wasn’t too skeeved out. But still, I didn’t want anyone to see me ;). And the cards, they were unharmed since they were still wrapped in their Target bag!

OCD much?

I mentioned the other day that I organized all of L’s legos. Well you know what else I did? I organized all of his lego instruction books too. Yep, for real. I put them all in sheet protectors and then in binders. Only B and I use the instructions right now and they are already getting icky! I could only imagine what would happen when L gets his hands on them. But now that will no longer be an issue. How amazing do those look all organized? Oh and I take no credit for this. Like with 99% of my projects, I lifted this from Pinterest.

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  1. Alysia George

    Awww! Look at those smiles! Adorable 🙂 Again, love the Lego idea. I should do that too. I even have binders…just have to get some of those plastic page protectors.

  2. Shannon Dew

    OMG that picture of the two of them, I can’t get enough! W is even smiling!

  3. Hilary

    Girl, you are too creative! My hubs travels often too – does yours work for Uncle Sugar by any chance? 🙂 I agree, Mon-Fri would be too much.

  4. karen

    The boys are so cute together. Glad Lucas is such a good big brother. I have the InstaHang and it works fine. I hung a bunch of various shaped and sized baskets on the laundry room wall. Makes a good storage place for them. Love the sticker picture. There have been times that the only thing I bought at Target was from the dollar section.

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