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How this weekend went by so fast I have no idea? I suppose it really doesn’t matter since it’s always the weekend to me.  Instead of giving you every last detail of our weekend (like anyone even cares), I thought I’d do a quick photo recap instead.

L went up-north for the weekend with my parents.  Something tells me he didn’t miss me??  Between playing with his cousins, fishing, driving the boat, and jumping off the end of the dock, I’m, not sure he even thought about me once?  Except when I called of course!
Sooo excited to run errands and go to the doctor!  Oddly, he is pretty much even with L’s two month stats (12.2oz ad 23 inches).  And thanks to Vista Print for making us go out in search of envelopes (which we never found).  But we also got to go to Target, so it wasn’t all bad.
GAP Kids was having a sale (25% off clearance items). Let’s just say I did some damage. But I mean kids do need clothes right?
L returned home before his swim lessons and in time for my birthday!  Is any birthday complete without fro-yo? Cake batter + red velvet cake were my favors of choice. L of course got all the flavors, loaded it up with toppings and then proceeded to eat 1/4th of it.  As usual.  Does it get any better than this? I think not!
With L gone, W seemed a tad bored (or maybe it was just B and I that were bored?), so we got out the Jumperoo. Can he make it jump by himself? No. Did we put a pillow under him to help him out? Yes. Does he love it? Yes!
Another project checked off the Summer To-Do List. This was #10 (Watercolor Spray Paint Art) and we did it last night. This deserves its own blog post. It was a complete mess. Not like a disaster mess. Just a messy mess. But I am pleased with the results. I doubt the neighbor kids will be allowed to do any more projects at my house though after they returned with paint stained hands, feet, etc.  It’s a good thing L’s on summer vacation and I am retired.  Because we’d look super silly running around with blue hands at school / work.
I read on Hip2Save that CVS had Dora sippy cups ($0.87 after coupon), as well as, other baby stuff on clearance for 75% off. So I went to check it out. Turns out some formula was also on clearance. $2.69 a bottle? Yes please. Free pacifiers? Yep, right here! 5-packs of plates and bowls for $1.49 each? I had a field day going from CVS to CVS searching for goodies. 75% off formula is better than Christmas!

That’s pretty much the recap from here. What’d you do this weekend??


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  1. Hilary

    Happy Belated Birthday to one awesome momma! …Seriously, froyo?? Can you hear me whining now…?

  2. Dana

    I hit up the BG sale, too! I am waiting for the 40% off, but could not resist getting in on the 25%.

    Funny you mention the step stool for L…I bought (a pink princess) one for Z 2 weeks ago…I’m jealous you got away w/o paying the 16.99! Such a rip off for a piece of plastic.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, mine was wood for $16.99!

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