Cravebox Dog Lovers Box Review

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I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I signed up for the Dog Lovers Limited Edition Cravebox.  They have a monthly subscription service (actually I’m not sure it’s monthly, but it’s something), but they also have Limited Edition Boxes.  Basically, you sign up and if you are selected they charge you and ship you the box.  If you aren’t selected, you don’t get charged.  The cost of the Limited Edition Boxes vary (I think), but the dog lovers one was $12.

Our much anticipated box arrived yesterday and the furries were SO excited.  Our box included the following:
TropiClean Fresh Breath Gel: Umm, my dogs may have the worst oral hygiene on the planet.  They get in trouble for not brushing their teeth at every appointment.  Hopefully this helps.
Fido’s Cookies: I am picturing the fight about this in my head already.  Baxter will get it and Buddy will hide in a corner.  Then Buddy will get it and growl if anyone gets close to him.  I could break this in half, but what fun would that be?
Canine Caviar Buffalo Stix:  This actually sounds like something B would like.  I am sure the dogs will enjoy it as well.
Scott Pet Pork Chomps:  2 small bacon flavored bones and 1 large peanut butter shaped bones.  Some people were complaining that their products were expired because their “Best By” date had passed.  Truth be told, I never would have looked on my own.  Umm, and by dogs eat a variety of things that have passed their “Best By” date, including grass, “snacks” found under the couch, frogs,  their own vomit, etc.  So I am guessing you know where I stand on this.
KONG Chewy Treats, Lambs Meat Stix:  The furries will love these.  Who doesn’t like treats?  And I am guessing that they try and have L pass these treats out since I give out one each.  L gives out at least two.  At least.
The Original Pet Bowl Mat: Heck I’ll put this under their food bowl and give it a try.  Why not?
Merrick Dog Foods: The boys eat the same food every day, so they are going to go WILD for these duck / sweet potato and chicken / sweet potato samples.  And canned food?  Oh my.  The boys better enjoy the “Grammy’s Pot Pie” because I can assure you no other Grammy will ever make them a meal ever again ;).

The box also included various coupons and information on the products in the box.  I am giving this box a huge thumbs up.  HUGE.  I didn’t calculate the retail value, but I am 100% sure it was more than $12.  I signed up for the Cravebox Summer Beauty Limited Edition Box and now I am even more excited to get that.

While you can’t sign up for the Dog Lovers Cravebox anymore, but today on Groupon, they have BarkBox!  It’s $60 for a 6-month subscription or $35 for a 3-month subscription.  Guess who signed up???

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  1. Brittany

    This is SO cute! I’m going to sign up now!

  2. Dani

    Sounds like a good box. I didn’t sign up because I am so picky about what we feed the dog (yes, despite the fact that they eat each other’s poop). However, I am tempted on the BarkBox.

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