Cravebox Summer Beauty Box Review

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Since I loved the Limited Edition Dog Lovers Cravebox so much, I thought I’d take my chances with the Summer Beauty Cravebox. Just like before, you enter a drawing and if you get picked you are charged (this box was $11). And luckily, I got picked! Of course, I spoiled it for myself by finding out what was in the box before it arrived, but I was still excited to get the box yesterday. Here is what was inside:

~Oatmeal & Peppermint Body Bar from Garden Botanika:  I don’t use bar soap that often (i.e. ever), but I have to say, this does smell good.  I am going to force myself to use this because I don’t want it to go to waste.
~Tea Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub: This also smells amazing and I will for sure use it.  I really need to use this before I go spray tanning again.  I gotta put it in the shower so I don’t forget I have this!
~Bic Soleil Bella Razor: I have not used a disposable razor in years.  And years.  Not that I can remember anyways?  I am hoping they have improved since back in the day.  And the next trip I go on, I am so taking this with me to find out.  I always take my normal razor, but wouldn’t it be easier to just take a disposable one and throw it away when I was done?  One less thing to pack up at the hotel!  I totally hope I like this!
~Totally Ageless Intensive Eye Treatment from Puristics: Clearly they know I need this.  If I was a 20 something and I got this product I would be annoyed.  But it’s perfect for me.  And I will use this.  Hold me to it because I do not want to look 70 when I am 40.
~think Thin protein bar in Brownie Crunch: I have been wanting to try one of these so I was pleased to see it included in the box.  I’m pretty sure I signed up for one of these on a freebie site and it never arrived?  Either way, I am anxious to try it.

While I enjoyed this Cravebox, I didn’t think it was as amazing as the Dog Lover’s Cravebox.  Was it worth $11?  Yes, totally.  Was I wowed by it?  No.  Would I sign up for another Limited Edition Cravebox?  Of course I would silly!  The drawing is open right now for the Back to School Cravebox.  I am still deciding if I want to sign up, but I am leaning towards no.  I mean my kid is in preschool.  And doesn’t even need school supplies.  I will likely regret not signing up when I see the boxes though.  Decisions, decisions!

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