Friday iPhone Dump

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It’s time again for my favorite post of the week! I need to start taking more pictures so I have fresh ones to share. Either that or stop posting to Instagram.
1. My brother came over to visit last weekend (and to discuss KERF) and of course, L sucked him into playing trains.
2. I had a GREAT mail day yesterday.  In addition to L’s kiwi crate, I got a Nordies catalog and my gift card for winning the Advocare challenge.  Hello, can you say perfect timing?  Now to decide what to buy.
3. My little thumb sucker.  I’ll regret saying this one day and I have to try and stop it, but I do appreciate not having to keep a supply of pacifiers everywhere we are.
4. We got out L’s car this week and W likes it okay enough, but so far can only make it go backwards.  I remember L was the same way with it.  L has driven around in that car every day since I got it out for W.  He loves it just as much as he did back in the day.  Oh and don’t worry, W won’t be falling down any stairs.
5. This just appeared on my iPhone so I thought I’d post it.  It’s B checking on W in the middle of the night.  How sweet.
6. L went swimming at “his neighbors” (*) and must have jumped in the water 50 times.  All sorts of different jumps and dives.  He goes NUTS!
7. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with my new bright orange hand mixer.  It’s so fun.  No clue if it works.  But it’s cute.
8. I set up a paint balloon fight this week and L loved it.  B did too actually.  I should do a post on it.  Of course, I stole the idea from Pinterest, because I can’t think of this crap on my own ;).
9.  The balloons were hard to break and that just makes things more fun.  And makes things take longer.
10. I told L to play with his brother the other day and about died when they were playing together.  W loved it!  And I think L did too ;).
11. I wonder where L gets his love of crazy water tricks from????

(*) That’s what he calls her “neighbor”.  He’ll still refer to people as so and so’s mom, or neighbor or “blue guy” (if someone had a blue shirt on).

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  1. Crissy

    Okay I leave a random comment every once in a while but I have to comment on KERF! Oh that woman and the SMUG!!!!!! I totally lurk on the GOMI boards about her and it cracks me up. I can’t wait until she berfs her loaf and sees what real life is like!

    1. Jennifer

      I am cracking up. I cannot even imagine what’s going to happen when BERF comes out!!!!!

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