Flashback Friday (on Saturday)

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I follow Brody Jenner on Instagram (*) and it appears that he is in Cabo right now doing a little sport fishing. So it got me thinking the first time (not this time) B and I went deep sea fishing in Cabo. B was busy barfing off the side of the boat (someone gets sea sick but never knew it before), so I was forced to reel in fish #1. It was a Mahi Mahi and if I had to guess when I was reeling it in, I would have guessed it weighed 90 lbs. In reality, it was maybe 20. Maybe. After being jealous of my catch, B, even while feeling like complete crap, went on to catch a huge marlin.  I never would have been able to reel that thing in.  Every time we look at pictures from either of our deep sea fishing trips, we immediately comment on how we want to do it again as soon as possible.  Somehow seeing those amazing fish makes us forget about all the super early mornings, the vomit, everything.  It’s kinda like how, after you have your baby, you totally forget about how crappy you felt while pregnant and want to do it all over again.  Sort of the same.  Sort of.

(*) Yeah, I follow Brody Jenner. So what? He’s hot and does fun things. And takes pictures of them. Oh hey, does anyone follow Rich Kids of Instagram? Hysterical. I need this yacht waterslide. LMFAO.

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