POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – July 2012

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So my much anticipated PopSugar Must Have bag finally arrived. I was so excited to get the bag and then I spoiled it for myself by looking at other people’s bags before mine arrived. And then I was disappointed because it wasn’t everything I was hoping it would be. I mean, I had talked it up in my head SO MUCH. So much. But when I got my actual bag in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised.  The products are good sized and are all usable, which is key.  What I am annoyed about is that there are 8 products, from 4 brands.  I would have loved to see 8 different products from 8 different brands.  Also, when I signed up it said the bag would have products valued at $150?  Now the website says the value is $100.  I think that’s kind of shady.  I mean I signed up when it said $150 and then when it ships it’s valued at $100?  WTF? But anyways, here what was in the bag:

RGB Nail Polish (Doll): $16
RGB Nail Polish (Minty): 16
Body Drench Pomegranate Crush: $7
Body Drench Raspberry Glee Body Scrub: $6
ILIA Lip Conditioner (Bang Bang): $24
ILIA Lipstick (In My Room): $24
Kind Nuts & Spices Bar (Cashew & Ginger Spice): $1.99
Kind Nuts & Spices Bar (Madagascar Vanilla Almond): $1.99
-PopSugar Bag
Total Value: $96.98 + the value of the PopSugar Bag (which I’ll admit is pretty cute).

So yeah, my bag wasn’t valued at $150.  But it was worth more than the $35 I paid for it.  I won’t be canceling my subscription just yet because I think next months box is “essentials for your home and entertaining” which has me super curious.  But remember, if you aren’t happy with your box, e-mail musthave@popsugar.com within 5 days of receipt at your box and they will refund your money.  Honestly with their “First Bag Guarantee” (i.e. the first bag you order), you have NOTHING to lose by giving it a try!

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  1. April

    It doesn’t look half bad but yea, the whole $100 value vs. $150 would have annoyed me, too. And it would have been a lot more exciting to get 8 totally different things! Those bars sound good!

  2. Lori

    Well your review was much more positive than mine. The nail polish is ugly. The lipstick is the same color as my grandma Sills always wore and I already had those nutty granola bars and they did not cost $1.99 and they are nasty. The bag is cute but I have a hundred bags. The body scrub and hand lotion do smell yummy. I was hoping to be amazed. And for me to part with $35 I news to be amazed. Didn’t happen. I am canceling!

  3. Lorena

    I hated my bag, because I did not like the products. I did not like the Body Drench products and I did not get the nail polishes. I emailed them, and no, they did not refund my money. They sent a standard replied and did nothing else. For $35 I can get products I like, I canceled my subscription.

    1. Jennifer

      I’d be so mad!! E-mail them again!!!!

  4. Lorena

    Thanks Jennifer. I emailed them after reading your post, and guess what, they gave my refund. Your post was very helpful.

  5. Tea

    BEWARE NO RETURN POLICY and unhelpful customer service. There are no “returns” on your purchase of 1, 3, 6, or 12 month orders. Disclaimer: I made a mistake on this box by not catching the delivery date info that set the first box to arrive not the following month, but two months out. The advertised guaranteed Dec 24 delivery date on the order page was for the deluxe men’s boxes only and NOT, as I assumed in my excitement over finding this gift, for the regular box, which I purchased as a holiday gift for my sister. Whoops! Literally moments after purchasing and realizing my mistake I contacted PopSugar but was very disappointed to hear that I should have read the small writing “agreement” as it was super strict. No cancellations, even within 24 hours… Now stuck with a gift that won’t work as intended, but I’ll let you know how the box is itself when I get it… a couple months from now! Just be careful! I was really disappointed by my experience so far with PopSugar.

  6. virginia spence

    im a senior citizen who simply enjoys make-up and feeling good g about myself

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