POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – August 2012

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My August PopSugar Must Have “Bag” finally arrived. I just don’t understand why my sh*t takes SO long to get to my house no matter where in the country it comes from. Moving on. I say “bag” because when I signed up it was the “Must Have Bag”, but was there a Pop Sugar bag this month? Umm, no. Just a box. If PopSugar would stop changing things up, I would be much happier. Anyways, on to the contents of the box:

~Govino Wine Glasses ($12.95): This is a set of 4 16 ounce shatterproof / reusable / recyclable wine glasses. But they don’t look like regular old cheapo plastic glasses. They are fancy plastic. That’s the best way I can describe them anyways. I am sure I will put these to good use on my new patio.
~Alora Ambiance Reed Diffuser ($90):  Okay, this is something I would never purchase for myself.  Or anyone else for that matter.  $90 for a diffuser?  I got the Isola scent and it’s way better than expected.  Way better.  I usually shy away from floral fragrances (this is gardenia, tuberose and fig), but this is pretty good.  Maybe that’s why it’s $90??
~Baggu Bag ($9): I know these were included in some Citrus Lane boxes last month, but I never got one.  This is a welcome addition because it will fit nicely in my diaper bag / handbag and I will have a bag whenever I need it.  And pink and white polka dots?  So cute.  I just have to remember that it is there!
~PopPhysique Original Butt Fitness DVD ($10): The set of 3-dvd’s is $29.95 (on amazon), so I am estimating the cost of one dvd at $10.  Will I use this?  Hmm, probably not.  Should I use this?  H*ll yes.  Maybe I will make B do this with me?  He’d be game.
~Pretzel Crisps (Original Flavor) ($1.98): Since I am on vacation from clean eating, I’ll crack open a Diet Pepsi and have a few of these ;).
~Tatcha Beauty Papers ($12): I have bever used (or even heard of) these before, but I will for sure be trying them out.  They are used to remove excess oil from the skin and if there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s a greasy face.
~10 Postagrams ($10): I did receive these in last month’s Citrus Lane box and still haven’t used them.  I need to get on the ball.  I now have 20 postagrams to send! I still do love this idea.
~Bear Naked Granola Sample ($1): I am not even sure how to value this?  We got some free when B ran the Warrior Dash.  I wish they would have just went wild and included a full sized bag!  B eats this every day, so it won’t go to waste.
~Sprout Cleanser ($6 est.): I understand that a lot of people LOVE this so I am going to give it a go.  With all the face wash I get, you’d think I would be more motivated to wash my face.  Yet it’s always the once task at night that gets skipped.
~Sprout Exfoliant ($7 est.):  Once again, I need to use this stuff.  I am going to leave this and the cleanser on my counter at night to remind myself.  I have never ever even heard of this brand before PopSugar, so it’s totally new to me.
~15% Off Benziger Family Winery Coupon: This has zero value since you have to spend money to use it.  They should have just sent wine.  Everyone likes wine and I bet people wouldn’t complain about wine!  For whatever reason, I feel like I have been here?  I need to do some research and figure out if this was one of the wineries we visited on our Napa / Sonoma trip?

So that’s it, that’s the August BOX.  I am annoyed there was no cute PopSugar tote bag (the Baggu bag doesn’t count), but what can you do?  All totaled, the contents of the bag were valued (by me) at $159.93.  Not too bad for $35.  But would I have bought all this stuff on my own?  Probably not.  I mean a $90 diffuser has no place in my budget.  And really, what a random assortment of items. The theme was home or entertaining or something this month, which I suppose they all fit under, but still.  Random.  I did enjoy it way more than the July box because it had a way better assortment of items.  Way better!  If you want to sign up for next month go here (so I can get more months free).  But be sure to GTS(*) because I know they had some codes for August and maybe they will for September too.  I for one am hoping next month’s theme is fashion.  We’ll find out soon enough!

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  1. Julie

    I would totally sign up if I had a coupon code. I can’t find one…

    1. Shanna

      Use code poprz…..It’s $10 off your first bag. 🙂

    2. Kelsey

      refer5 is another code for $5 off too! 🙂

      1. Dani Starz

        Thaaaaank you!

  2. Aimee

    I was alot happier with the Aug bag/box than I was with last month. Atleast everything in this one I will or can use. Last month… not so much!

  3. Tashya

    This was an awesome review. It helped me decide whether I would purchase this bag “box”,

  4. Kerry

    your baggu is so much cuter than mine! I got plain dark purple in my box….jealous 🙁

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