BabbaBox: The Trial Box Review

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Edited to Add: BabbaBox was acquired by Barefoot Books and is no longer offering a subscription service.

It arrived!

I received my trial box from BabbaBox a few weeks back and totally forgot that I didn’t review it yet. Eek! I signed up when the code “TRIALSMSBOX” was working for a free box (you paid only $2.99 for shipping). And I just checked and it still works! Woot woot!

The theme: Sun, Moon & Stars

The theme of the trial box I received was “Sun, Moon & Stars”. I am not sure if this is the trial box that everyone received or if they switch it up depending on what left over boxes they have every month?

Full of goodies!

The unboxing begins!  I feel like the unboxing process is the best part of these monthly subscription boxes.  So much excitement!

These projects look fun!!

My first impression of the box was that it was totally awesome.  How fun (and high quality) do these projects look?  I (well L and I) couldn’t wait to dig in.  I should mention me taking pictures was like torture to L.  Torture.  He couldn’t wait to tear it all apart!

Project #1: Paper-Mache “Moon” Nightlight

The first project was to make a Paper-Mache Moon Nightlight. Included in the bag (each project is individually bagged) is: Glue, 2 bowls, a mixing stick, balloons, a tea light and paper sheets.  You know what this project screams? MESSY (it warns you of this in the instructions). And you all know how we love a mess around here!! With the weather still nice out and school starting, we haven’t gotten a chance to do this. But we are very anxious to do this. Maybe we should do this while the weather is still nice so we can do this outside? Eeek. We better get on it!

Project #2: Constellation Frame

The second project is a Constellation Frame (per the instructions: use the power of the sun to make a picture of a constellation) .  This bag includes a frame, “sunprint” paper and star stickers.  This project has me super curious.  You are suppose to wait for a sunny day in order to make the stars “pop” (for lack of a better explanation).  I cannot wait to see if this works.  This magic sunprint paper has me totally intrigued.

I love anything that includes books.

Also included in the box was a book “Twinkle, Star of the Week”. It’s about a little girl who is is the Star of the Week at school. L loves it. It’s about school and space, so what’s not to love??

L’s favorite part of the box.

When L saw these, he tore into the box and yelled “I need those bin-oggles”. Yes, he calls them bin-oggles. As in a combination of binoculars and goggles. It’s so cute I don’t even bother to correct him. It’s fair to say that this is his favorite part of the box. He actually is pretty into the moon and it’s shapes too, so he may even do the project (My Lunar Calendar – you draw the shapes of the moon for a month) that is associated with these.

We also got scissors.

Just like our first Kiwi Crate did, this box also included scissors because most projects do involve scissors. Of course, we love scissors. There aren’t many things more fun for a kid than cutting paper into tiny shreds and then letting your mama clean them up??

It also included a gift for mama!

And finally, my favorite part of the box. A gift for me. A wine stopper with a note attached that reads, in part “I love wine — doesn’t everyone?”. Umm, how can I not love a company that shares my love of wine?

Okay, so I will admit I wasn’t sure if there was room in my house for both Kiwi Crate and BabbaBox, but luckily for L there is!!! I am totally in love with both and I think that these are going to be even more amazing as we settle in for the winter months. A surprise in the mail to brighten up a dreary Michigan winter day? Yes please!! If you want to sign up for a trial BabbaBox, use code “TRIALSMSBOX” and all you will pay is $2.99 shipping!



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    so that coupon code didn’t work for me but a20off works for 20% off your first box…just fyi. I’m so doing this one. I know I had a ‘one box at a time’ rule but this is for C so…I have to.

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