The Mantry Company September Review (Volume I) – “Born in the USA”

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The Mantry Company: The Modern Man’s Pantry.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about today and then? The mail came. And in it was The Mantry Co. box I ordered for B. The thing is, I ordered it ages ago. Like mid-August. It’s a brand new subscription box and September was the first ever month. I had to pay through paypal and their website didn’t contain many details (at all), but did I let that stop me from buying it? Nope! I was actually kind of wondering if it’d ever even arrive. But it did (without any tracking details or anything) and B tore into the box like a little kid.  Well, as much as, I would allow him to anyways because I had to take pictures of the unboxing (duh).

Ever the good sport, he posed for pictures right after a sweaty workout.

The theme of the box was “Born in the USA” and included products from all over the U.S., including two from Michigan (woot, woot).  I am guessing each month would have some sort of theme?

B loved me stopping him to take pictures every two seconds.

Okay, on to the good part.  Here’s what The Mantry contained:

~Halfpops ($3.79) (Woodinville, WA):  In case you couldn’t figure it out from the name, it’s half popped popcorn.  All natural ingredients.  No bad stuff.  Before even trying them, B suggested that we order more.  LOL.  After trying them, he insisted!


~Stu’s “this is bloody mary” mix ($8.32) (Chicago, IL):  B and I don’t drink bloody mary’s a lot, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like them.  In fact, just writing about them right now makes me thirsty for one.  When he saw this in the box, he suggested we have some for breakfast tomorrow.  Umm, yes, please.  I hope he brings me mine in bed.

Add extra vodka to mine please.

~Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce ($10) (Ann Arbor, MI): B likes hot sauce, but I am not a fan.  Listen, I think mild salsa is too much.  So I’m not sure what I can really offer about this.  I do know that B is excited to try it and that unless someone sneaks it in my food without me knowing (although, I will KNOW), I will never be able to offer my own review on this.

I am not getting within 10 feet of this when it’s open.

~Blue Ox Jerky ($6.50) (Troy, MI): OMG, when B saw that the box included beef jerky, he was so excited.  He tried it right away and loved it.  So much in fact that we have already ordered more.  And little did I know that Blue Ox is pretty much in my backyard. Why have they been hiding from B all these months?

This package was ripped into two seconds after the box was opened.

~Sir Kensington’s Ketchup ($9) (Brooklyn, NY): Being the the fancy pants I am, I don’t think I have ever had ketchup other than like Heinz.  Having ketchup out of a glass instead of squeezy bottle is about as high class as I get.  Something tells me I am missing out.  We are both very excited to try this.  It may even call for homemade fries.  Either that or I will stick the bottle in my bag next time we go out to eat somewhere ;).

Look how fancy!

~Olive & Sinclair Southern Artisan Chocolate Bar ($5.99) (Nashville, TN): Sea salt flavored chocolate? Come on, is that even fair?  I think not.  If B eats this and doesn’t share any with me, something very bad is going to happen to him.  Maybe I will get him super drunk on bloody mary’s and tell him that he ate it.  He’d never remember if he did or not and then it’d be all mine.

I love the packaging.

According to my calculations, the contents of the box are valued at $43.60.  I believe I paid $48 total?  I don’t think that is bad at all considering the super cool crate (which I totally plan to reuse), the shipping cost of all this (it was HEAVY) and the fact that we never would have discovered any of this stuff without Mantry.

B is in love.
And this crate? I’m in love.

I’m unclear if this box is going to be monthly because you have to sign up and wait for an invite.  I am also unsure if they are based on Canada or the U.S.  Originally I thought Canada, but my package came from South Dakota so I have no clue.  Nor do I really care.  I really hope that this box continues on a monthly basis because I know B would LOVE it.  This is so right up his alley!!

Oh and like most all subscription boxes do, Mantry came with a product guide.  It’s kind of neat and gives you some history and facts (fun ones, not lame ones) about the products.

The fun facts.
Promo codes on the back.

So what do you think? Would you (or your man) try Mantry?

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  1. Dani

    OMG I am in love with this box. LOVE the crate. And half popped popocorn? Genius! I might have to go order some. Also, I love bloody mary’s. Coincidence? I think not 🙂

  2. Robert Keplinger

    I got mine this morning at work.. Something looked like it leaked so I will investigate that when I get home instead of making a mess here. I really love the free shipping offers on the back. Shipping costs is what holds me back from ordering products online because sometime you just want 1 or 2 bottles of things and the shipping costs as much as a single bottle.

    I also am confused on how I will get an Ocotber Box (if any boxes at all)? Currently I cant login to the site through the members login, and I find that strange. I do remember when reciving the invite this was a one time offer on a single box as it was like a special introduction.

  3. Mantry

    Jennifer, awesome post, Mantry appreciates!

    Robert: Don’t hesitate to send a email to *attention customer support* if the box is not completely intact.


    Mantry Team

  4. Robert Keplinger

    Just sent an email. The hot sauce bottle completely broke, I was shocked.

    Could you also maybe answer if their will be a box#2 next month?

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