Kiwi Crate Review + Coupon Code – September 2012

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September Kiwi Crate

Our September Kiwi Crate arrived over the weekend and even though L wasn’t home (he has a very active social life), I tore right into it.  Don’t worry, I packaged it up like it had never been opened so he could tear into it however he wanted.  I actually should do this before.  I am guessing it’s like torture when I make him wait so I can take pictures.

It’s here!

I really like the monthly subscription boxes that are clearly labeled.  L sees this and knows right away it’s for him!

September’s Theme: Farmer’s Market

This month’s Kiwi Crate theme was “Farmer’s Market”. I really like this theme since we have been to the local farmers market numerous times so it’s something L is familiar with.

First glance

My eyes immediately went to that “Fun” Pentel box.  And when L opened the box (after he got home), he went straight for the money.

Project #1: my colorful harvest

The first project in the box is “my colorful harvest”. “Create you own fruits and veggies, then get ready to play”. It is low on the messiness scale and involves “creating” and “moving – fine”. I really like that they tell you all these things in the instruction booklet.

Project #1: The materials.

Included in the box were fruit and vegetable fabric, laces, cotton balls, felt, pipe cleaners and stencils. You take the fabrics, stuff it with cotton balls, lace it up and your done. The pipe cleaners are the stems and the felt is the leaf! Cool right? I don’t know if I should admit this, but I don’t think we have ever done any lacing projects? I am super excited to try this out and see how he likes it. Oh, and the instruction booklet suggests cutting the lid off the box and adding a paper handle to make a crate for your veggies. Umm, this seems like such a simple idea yet I never would have thought of it on my own.

Project #2: my market apron

Project #2 is “my market apron”. Now I am 100% sure that L will never ever ever wear this apron. I am guessing I won’t even be able to get him to pose for a picture in it. I am going to try my hardest though ;). This project is medium on the messiness scale and involves “creating”, “exploring” and “caring”.

Project #2: The materials

Materials for this project included the apron, fabric crayons, stencils and money. I want to do this project asap because I cannot wait to get my hands on those stencils. Wait, I mean I can’t wait to let L use them ;). They look so fun. Now that I think about this project more, L might just want to wear this apron. Why? Because he will need somewhere to keep his money! I don’t know what it is about play money, but it’s where it’s at.

explore more! (additional ideas)

And, as always, the box included an “explore more!” booklet with ideas on how to use the items you made! It’s ideas on how to go “shopping at the store” with your things. First you need to set up your market and second, it’s time to go shopping!

Do you subscribe to Kiwi Crate? What do you think? We LOVE it and plan to keep subscribing (as long as L loves it). If you are interested in subscribing, click here and you’ll save $10 on your first box (they are $19.95/month). Still not sure? Check out my other Kiwi Crate reviews here:
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