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September Goodies Co. Box!

I heard about The Goodies Company from my mom. Yes, my mom. She knew about a monthly subscription box before I did. Crazy right? I wonder where I get my love for shopping, presents in the mail and grab bags from? Hmm.

For just a $7/month subscription, the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box features an assortment of trial-sized, delicious new foods delivered directly to your doorstep. This month the box included a handpicked selection of Goodies that are both delicious and nutritious!

Anyways, The Goodies Company is still in Beta testing (did I phrase that right?) and they appear to be working out a few kinks. They charged everyone $7 at the beginning of September and didn’t ship the boxes until last week, which I guess everyone was super annoyed about. I didn’t really care because 1) it’s only $7, 2) it’s somehow associated with Walmart (check out the bottom of the Goodies Co. website, 3) it’s in Beta still and 4) if I didn’t get the box, I could just dispute the charge with my CC company and it’d be taken care of.

First glance!

Seriously, this box was huge. I was impressed.

Look at all those “goodies”.

And like all good boxes, it included an information card:

The information card.

Here is what was in the box this month:
~snackLets Kale Chips (BBQ Flavor): I have never given a thought about a BBQ flavored kale chip.  They don’t sound like they’d be tasty, but they aren’t all that bad.  It’s like eating BBQ flavored leaves.
~Snap Infusion: Never heard of these before either, do I need to get out more or what?  These actually are pretty tasty little suckers.  Plus, they are infused with vitamins and electrolytes, so it’s not like normal candy!
~Somersaults: These are basically protein “nuggets”.  They contain more protein than almonds and more fiber than an apple.  Heck, I’m game for these.  And once again, I’ve never heard of these.
~Rooibee Red Tea (Peach):  I’m not a big tea drinker, but I will make B try this.  I might sneak a few sips too.  It’s an organic beverage that high in antioxidants and naturally caffeine-free.  I’ll let you guess if I’ve ever heard of this ;).
~Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks (Tropical Blend): While I have never heard of this exact brand, I have heard of dried fruit ;).  These are pretty yummy and I may just buy some after I finish these off.
~Kashi Soft-Based Squares (Chocolate): Okay, I know all about these since I am doing a blog review on them soon!  They are made with whole grains, agave, sweet potatoes and beans, so they don’t taste like brownies or anything.  But they for sure don’t taste as funky as they sound!
~Wai Lana Chips (Lime Chili): These are made with nutrient-rich cassava (no clue what that is) and contain 30% percent less fast than regular potato chips.  Sounds good to me.  I am not into spicy things, so B is for sure going to have to try these first!

I am beyond thrilled with my first Goodies Co. box and will for sure be continuing my subscription.  I honestly cannot believe I got this huge box full of goodies for only $7.  Insane right?  If you want to subscribe, click here to get on the waiting list.   If all the boxes are this good, I imagine they are going to have a TON of subscribers, so hurry up!

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9 thoughts on “The Goodies Company September Taster’s Box Review

  • Jenny

    I did the waiting list before I went to WDW and I got the invite when I was there. So I just signed up. It says I should get the November box based on availability and I will be sent an email if I’m going to get it. I can’t wait to see this looks like a great deal.

  • The Goodies Team

    We are extremely thrilled to see that you are enjoying your first box of Goodies! Thank you for an in-depth, honest review of all the products. Your next box should be arriving soon, containing more unique surprises! If you haven’t checked it out already, Goodies revealed its October mystery item on Facebook and Twitter!

    -The Goodies Team

  • Karen Cole

    Jennifer you might want to try QVC for the Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks, they have a great pack with other flavors too. 24 bags; six each of Cherry Berry, Apple, Strawberry, and Oasis Blend with peaches, mangoes, and bananas. All the flavors are very yummy!!!!

  • Shelby Foles

    I enrolled in order to receive the monthly food box but have yet to receive one. What I have received is email after email asking me to buy individual products. Some folks call them “teasers” in that they are attempts to tease one into accepting them. Much like the display full of items near a cash register. There seems to be no problem with this facet of their operation. Beta testing my derriere! I don’t buy it. And that’s probably what I will do IF I should receive a box. I’ve sent them an email demanding they either put up or go away. I’m waiting on the reply. I also tried to contact Walmart to let them know, since they’re part of this mess, but there’s no way to do so without selecting one of the problems/issues they want to hear about. If you go to the Walmart website and try to email them, you’ll soon understand what I’m saying.

  • Star

    You’re paying $7 a month for walmart to send you things. Walmart Labs is the development arm of Walmart.

    There are better options from companies that don’t treat their workers like garbage by denying them the hours they need to obtain affordable healthcare.

    Check out places like graze, naturebox, etc. and don’t buy from these people.

  • rabbels

    A friend told me about this–thought would be a cool fun thing…how fun random goodies showing up at the house~ But sigh, it’s WALMART!! One place that is not worthy of my money.