Things I Miss About Work

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Oddly enough, there are actually some things I do miss about working. No, really, there are. Crazy right? I do not miss the insane commutes one bit. Nothing like a huge backup on the freeway for NO REASON to wreck your day you know? Also, I do not miss getting up early. Not one bit. I much prefer waking up to the noise of children than that iPhone alarm! But that’s not what this is about. It’s about what I do miss, so let’s get on with it.

~I miss the paycheck.  DUH.  I’m pretty sure that’s the single best part of working.  You go there, work hard and then you get paid.  I haven’t gotten a paycheck in months and still miss in.  Just think of how many monthly subscription boxes I could get them???

~I miss lunchtime trips to Target. And trips to the fancy mall that was near my office. It was so easy to shop, return things, roam around Target (or hunt clearance stuff depending on the time of the year) or whatever, during lunch. I think we all know that window shopping and trying on clothes with two kids just isn’t super fun. In fact, all errands are much easier without children. It’s a proven fact.

~I miss the people.  It’s not the adult conversation that I miss.  I am perfectly happy talking to L (he is very good company and hysterical to talk to) and I have the internet and friends and family and neighbors to talk to.  I have B too, but he doesn’t talk much. No, I miss the actual people.  I worked at the same place for years, so I miss hearing what’s going on with everyone (and their family) on a daily basis.

~I miss the quiet. Everyday, no matter what, I had alone time. Or at least quiet time. Sometimes it was at work. Sometimes it was in the car. Although, I’ll admit, if WB is napping and L is at school or whatever, I sometimes get bored. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Like yesterday, WB was sleeping, L was playing at the neighbors / having dinner there and B was still at work. And I couldn’t think of anything to do. In retrospect, I should have parked my butt on the couch and watched RHONJ, but instead I aimlessly played on the internet.

~I miss knowing what is going on in the world. Now wait, I know what is going on in the world, but when you work in the office, if something “big” happens, you know in an instant.  Someone is always connected to the internet and reports to the rest of the office what’s going on.  If the TV is on here, it’s on a kids show.  And I haven’t seen them break into any kids shows to tell me that Anna Nicole died.

I think some people miss that sense of accomplishment that working gives them.  They think since they went to college they need are wasting their degrees by not working.  Or something like that.  I do not think that for one second!  I don’t look at my day and think “what a waste”.  We do lots of stuff and get a million things (projects, crafts, chores, etc.) done every day.  Except today.  I really hope to spend today watching cartoons and playing trains ;).

So tell me, if you are “retired” what do you miss about working?  And if you work, what would you miss most?

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  1. Julie

    there are definitely things I miss about working as well. I miss the kids. I know, I know there are kids here but I miss the teacher/student relationship. I miss the bond of being around other teachers. I do not miss constant staff meetings, never time to pee (let’s face it, I still don’t have time for that). I miss the check that came w/amazing health benefits. I miss the anticipation of a new school year and getting a classroom together; planning for the kids and coming up with ways to make them (and me) successful.

  2. Cindy

    I could talk about this all day — I have gone back to work (part time) a few times while the kids were growing up . You should have another kid or two — nice and close in age to W — and you will think of even more things you miss!! Lol!! (Oh, and please have a girl so you get some real drama!!)

  3. Shana

    I seriously love your perspective on things like this. I think your kids are so happy and well-adjusted because you have a great outlook.. something to strive for!

  4. Jenny

    I agree with everything you said. I worked at the same place before “retiring” I miss the people. Lets face it I saw them more then I saw my husband and being who I am I knew all about their families and what was going on. I’m currently working on two stay at home mom type jobs and I love getting a little bit of that adult work type conversations again. Like you I will not miss getting up early. I was at work by 6 and now I don’t even get up until about 7. It is wonderful. 🙂

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