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I have been going LUSH crazy the last few weeks and thought I’d give a brief recap on the products I have tried so far!

~Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner ($32.95): I have never tried anything like this. You use your soap or shower gel or whatever like usual and then slater yourself up with this, rinse off, pat dry and your skin is left feeling amazing. I never ever would have bought this on my own, but I will totally buy it again. I have been using it daily because I think it’s so cool, but I will probably end up using this every few days except in winter when I’ll go back to every day. Also, it’s got a pudding like texture and smells like roses (very light roses).

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

~Sea Spray Hair Mist ($12.95): If I could bottle up some actual salt water and put it in my hair daily, I would do that but it’s not exactly an option. This smells good and gives me a good amount of texture / hold as well. I will for sure buy this again. I wish they made a bigger bottle!

Sea Spray Hair Mist

~Seanik Solid Shampoo ($11.95): I am sold. I went into LUSH knowing I wanted to try one of these, but I wasn’t too sure I would like the idea. But I love it. The lather on it is amazing and you can get 90 uses (or so the salesgirl said) from one little bar. It smells good, makes my hair soft and I love it. I don’t know if I will get this “flavor” again or try a new one just for fun, but I have made the switch and am a solid shampoo user now! Oh, and I bought the Shampoo Tin to put it in which works out perfectly.

Seanik Shampoo Bar

~American Cream Conditioner ($9.95 – $32.95): I like this, but I don’t love it. I bought the little bottle of it and I am kind of glad I did because I want to try a different one (maybe even Retread). It smells good, but I feel like it doesn’t leave it “smooth” like most conditioners do.

American Cream Conditioner

~Whoosh Shower Jelly ($11.95): I really like the smell of this and I think it’s a cool idea, however, it’s not working for me.  It’s like a wobbly bar of soap, except mine keeps falling apart.  It’s not all staying together.  Is this normal?  It laters great and makes my skin feel nice, but I feel like I am dropping it all down the drain.  I will move on to a shower smoothie next time.

Whoosh Shower Jelly

~Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream ($16.95): Oh how I love this.  It’s meant for your cracked cuticles and to soften your nails, but I am loving it on my feet.  It’s quite an expensive foot cream, but I swear, my feet feel like I just got a pedicure (which I have NOT).  It’s amazing.  They need to make this in a jumbo size!

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream

~Volcano Foot Mask ($22.95):  This is another one I am very happy with and would buy again. I bought the smaller size because I just wasn’t sure.  It’s tingly, but not crazy tingly and made my feet feel great. I am going to try sleeping with it on my feet to see if it softens even more.  The salesgirl at LUSH said it wouldn’t make my feet fall off or anything – I totally asked.  LOL!

Volcano Foot Mask

~Grease Lightening ($13.95): TOTALLY love!  I think it’s helping to clear up my skin and it doesn’t leave my face all red and irritated like some acne creams.  And it doesn’t dry my face out.  It just clears it up.  Totally love this. A new holy grail for sure.

Grease Lightening

~Ayesha Fresh Face Mask ($6.95): I swore I wasn’t going to buy anything I needed to keep in the fridge and, what do you know, I caved after only the second trip.  This stuff is fabulous and I am so excited to try more!  It made my skin smoother and I don’t know, less weathered.  The only thing is, you have to use it all within two weeks or “expires”.  They use fresh ingredients in it, so their Face Masks are only sold in store and have to be kept in the refrigerator.

Ayesha Fresh Face Mask

Well that’s what I have tried so far, but don’t think I am done yet.  LOL! I have various items on my “To Try” list including the “Each Peach” bar, a Shower Smoothie, Ocean Salt, and I am going to get some recommendations on cleansers and moisturizers!  All LUSH products have an expiration date on them and also show the date the product was made and they tell you who made it (along with a little cartoon picture of the person)!  And if you bring back 5 empty LUSH black pots you get a free fresh face mask.  I am all over freebies, so you know I am taking advantage of that!

Have you tried anything at LUSH?  What are your loves?  Is there anything you are dying to try?  Anything you aren’t a huge fan of?  I also want to mention that the salesgirls at LUSH are probably the nicest people on earth.  At least the ones at my store. I was always scared to go in there because I felt dumb that I didn’t know what any of their products were. But they happily showed me around, told me their favorites, gave me samples and just made me feel welcome!  And tell me, if you live outside of the states, do you guys have the same products we do over there?  If I go to Canada, if there anything different I should be picking up?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

And no, LUSH did not compensate me for this review nor do they have any idea who on earth I am.  Nor should they.  However, if they ever did offer to send me free stuff or started a subscription box, I would be all over that.  All over it.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Margo D

    Thanks for the review!! I never know what to get there!!

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t before either!

  2. Jennifer Spencer

    Oh my goodness. I am in such a Lush loving mood right now. I need to try the Rose Argan still. I tried a shower smoothie and wasn’t a big fan. It didn’t do anything for me. However, I tried the Ocean salt and loved it.

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe I will do the Ocean Salt before I do the Shower Smoothie….

  3. K

    Yeah, shower jellies are just crazy messy. I want to love the, but they’re just not as fun for me as they seem in theory. You’ve convinced me to try the sea spray and body conditioner. Possibly the foot mask and cuticle cream too. I’ve been a fan of their bubble bars and bath bombs and solid shampoo/conditioner for years, but I’ve never tried any of their more expensive products. It’s nice to have some reviews before I take the plunge.

    1. Jennifer

      I really thought they’d be more solid. Not even close! That cuticle cream, I am telling you. I was shocked. Amazing stuff right there.

  4. Bobbi

    Love Lush! You have to start getting into the bath bombs and bubble bars! Just so you know (the people at Lush can explain exactly why), none of their conditioners are going to leave that smooth feeling to your hair. There is an additive that causes that in conditioner that is not present in theirs. Also check out healing hands if you ever have problems with dry skin!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh I didn’t know that about the conditioner! I don’t really do baths so bombs are out. What’s a bubble bar??

    2. Tiffany

      I was going to mention the same thing about the conditioners!! Give it time, your hair will get used to the missing additive and will be just as nice! I love Veganese! Also, try their UK website – the products are much cheaper!!

      1. Jennifer


  5. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the reviews! I hadn’t heard of Lush until you mentioned it and there’s one not too far from me. I want to try out the solid shampoo.

    1. Jennifer

      It is so cool! I love it!

  6. Amanda

    I love Each Peach!

    Any of the “melty” massage bars are amazing! I think you will really enjoy it! I run a lot and actually will rub one of the bars along my shins if I get shin splints!

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t wait to try them!

  7. Shelby

    I love the girls at Somerset. They are THE BEST! I would love to work there (if I lived downstate!)! Always so friendly. Anyway, try the Cupcake mask, & Ocean Salt, and Honey Trap lip balm!

    1. Jennifer

      I go to Partridge, but Somerset is like my happy place. LOL! I will try the cupcake mask! TC needs a LUSH!

  8. Jillian

    Bubble bar would be fun for your kids, they are like solid bubble bath that dissolves into the water and makes tons of bubbles. They smell great and leave your skin soft too! My favorite product is the bath melts, they melt into the bath water and when you get put of the tub it’s like you took a bath in lotion! I’m also obsessed with the lip scrubs!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, the kids would love them! I don’t love baths, but my husband might like that…

  9. Marissa

    The shower jelly is a little tricky to use, but I have learned how to use it. You pinch a little part off and put it onto a bath sponge (loofah), rub the jelly around and it should lather. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      The salesgirl told me it was meant to be kept together and I was just listening to what she said. I’m going to break apart the rest though.

  10. Karla

    I break off a tiny piece of my shower jellies and rub it into my shower poufy with some water. makes a ton of lather!

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe I will try that. The salesgirl was telling me it was “less effective” to break it apart, but I am not sure how that would be less effective?

  11. Laura S.

    My favorite is their dry shampoo, No Drought, is amazing! I have tried all of the high and low end dry shampoos and keep coming back. The shampoo you have sounds amazing! I need to see if they have it for color treated hair. So fun!

    1. Jennifer

      My hair is color treated and the girl totally recommended it!

  12. mirta

    I am generally not a Lush fan and I enter the store like 1-2x a year, if that much, but I love their dirty unisex body spray and shower gel, they smell fabulous.
    also, their seasonal cinamon, mulled wine and pumpkin gels and soaps.
    I don’t use masks, peelings, jellies, conditioners, bath bombs and body creams at all so I don’t know about these, maybe I don’t enter the store so much because I need so little of what they have. But I’d enter BBW 3 times a day!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t wait to check out their seasonal collection!

  13. Mary W

    There is a Lush store opening by me soon. It was supposed to open this week. This is making me want to go right now! I actually just looked through the website the other day when I heard about it – thanks for the reviews! It will help me make some tough choices!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh how fun!!! Let me know what you get!

  14. Allyson Gates

    Have you ever tried Fortune Cookie Soap? Simlar idea and they have a soap box that goes out every quarter. Of all the boxes I get (I think 10) it is always my favorite! And this is just a personal opinion. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but am impressed by the quality and uniqueness of their products.

    1. Jennifer

      I received one of their boxes a year or so ago. I can’t recall what was in it, but I thought it was a lot more bathy kind of stuff? I do LOVE their themes and creativity! They do it right!

  15. Jennifer

    I am a total Lush-a-holic! Seriously, the girls and guys in my local store know me by name and my phone number by heart – it’s a problem….. I would recommend Godiva for the shampoo bar if you are just going by scent and don’t need to “cure” any hair issues. I use almost every one of their face washes….. Coal Face is my go to plus one of the ones that comes in the black pots (current favorites are Herbalism for trouble spots and Let the Good Times Roll for Hydration). Bubble bars are my favorite and recommend any and all! The Mint Juleps lip scrub is great. SO glad you found Lemony Flutter – best cuticle cream ever! They have great limited edition items each holiday and I can’t wait to try B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful next (Mother’s Day online only)!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, Coal Face sounds interesting! And Lemony Flutter. I just cannot believe how magical it is.

  16. Shanna S

    I LOVE Lush. Seriously to the point where I almost have a problem lol. I love most the stuff you got (I didn’t love American Cream either) Ocean Salt is totally a Holy Grail for me and I must always have it (I don’t put it on my face though as I find the salt a little too scrubby.) That Ro’s Argan is a new one for me and I loving it! I would say that you must try.

    UltraBland… This a hot cloth cleanser like the Liz Earle and it is so lovely. It takes my make up off and makes my skin all lovely. I go back and forth on which I love better the LE or the Lush. I think I am ending up with the Lush for my dryer days and night and the LE for summer and day times. Oh and the Lush one smells so good.

    UltraBalm…like Vaseline but not. No Petroleum in it so it is gentler on my skin, It smells nice and works so well. I use it to protect my skin from my henna, for my lips elbows etc. Where ever needs some protection or is a little dry.

    Comforter Bubble Bar… Oh I love this it smells so so good, produces a million bubbles and makes my skin so soft. Cut it in quarters then crumble them one per bath under running water in the tub. You get 4 baths that way instead of one and the crumbling it makes for max bubbles.

    You’ve been Mangoed bath melt…. For the smell alone though it makes my skin amazing in the tub (or use it like a massage bar I asked it is okay lol)

    FUN bath soap clay … Like play dough for the tub. Shape it, wash with it, shampoo with it and crumble it under the faucet for bubbles. One bar will get the boys (or you!) plenty of tubby time. Each bar has it’s own smell, I like orange and pink best.

    I could list a million more but these are my most most haves (not counting the ones you have already tried)

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhhh, I NEED some of that FUN bath soap clay for the boys! They will love it! And you are making me want to try that UltraBland ASAP. Like I want to go there tomorrow and get it. Thank you for all the amazing recommendations!

      1. victoria

        I just looked for the clay online and they don’t have it. Boo. The nearest one to me is 1.5hrs one way. You would think Phoenix would have one, but I’d have to go to Scottdale or Chandler. Sucks. I need to plan a trip in the east valley soon.

        1. Jennifer

          That’s weird! I would think they’d have one too!!

  17. lisa D

    Lets see I have the rose tint stuff…love! And the shimmer dust stuff…love!
    love a lot of other stuff too. However it is very pricey

    1. Jennifer

      Some of it is $$ and some of it is surprisingly inexpensive!

  18. lisa D

    Oh and this oatmeal thing they scrubbed my arm with! Love

  19. Molly

    Hi! I’m a total Lushie! I have tried almost all of the bubble bars, fizzes, melts along with most of the products you mentioned, Charity Pot, BIG, Blousey, most of the dusting powders, deos, & fragrances. I’d be glad to give you my honest opinions on anything I e tried if you’re looking to try something else. I love this company for so many reasons and I order from them frequently. They make excellent gift sets too! Oh and we use the FUN with my daughter! Would be happy to send you some samples and fizzes as I have wayyyy too many things hoarded up here! Ha! Love following your blog btw!

    1. Jennifer

      I am quickly becoming addicted!!! What face stuff do you recommend???

      1. Molly

        Grease lightning & herbalism are fabulous! I unfortunately haven’t tried any masks since they have to be refrigerate and I am about 4 hours away from a store so I just order online 🙂 however when I order online (I’m in TN) they don’t charge me tax so that helps 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          You know what is crazy I would probably bring a cooler. Lol. Just a little one!

  20. Berit

    I’m a big fan of the Silky Underwear product. It smells so good. I wish they still made the perfume

    1. Jennifer

      I will check that out as well! Thanks!

  21. Cathy

    Summer grows nigh – consider trying Buffy the Backside Slayer!
    It’s a scrubby body butter bar – great for smoothing scalier winter legs (and um, backsides). I use it at the end of a shower on wet skin with just a quick rinse after – I don’t want to rub off all the goodness.

    1. Jennifer

      I will check it out! Thanks! You are all making me want to go now!

  22. Stacey

    I LOVE Lush!! I have five empty tubs I need to take back!! I love the minty face mask and the one with seaweed in! I also love the bubble bars ( I find the bombs don’t bubble up)!

    Five Minute Style?

    1. Jennifer

      I am going to check out the UK site like everyone is recommending. I guess it’s cheaper over there? You guys have all the luck!

      1. Stacey

        Haha maybe we should do a house swap, so we can stock up on goodies from each others countries!! I know soap and glory stuff is a lot cheaper here!!

        Oh and if you get the bubble bars I always break them and get at least two baths out of them!

        1. Jennifer

          Oh that sounds good to me!

  23. Sher

    If you get a chance, try the Buffy Bar. It’s shea-butter based soap with scrubbing seeds of some sort in it. It leaves your skin feeling beautiful and the soap is so rich you don’t need any lotion after your shower 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Sounds great!

  24. Melissa

    I had never heard of Lush before you wrote this article and now I totally have to try them. There isn’t a store close by me so I will have to order online. I want to try like every product so how do I get the best value? I need some coupons!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know if they do or not??

      1. Nia

        I’ve never seen a coupon in 20 years of buying the products.

  25. Carla

    The Nashville store had it’s grand opening this past weekend and I blew it out. The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner I can not live without. I have a back up jar just in case I run out. I love the you’ve been mangoed bath melt and all the bombs but I know you aren’t a bath girl. My son absolutely loves the FUN bars. They look like big playdough but a little pinched off makes a bubble bath, shampoo and body wash plus it can be played with during bath time and it smells yummy. Last weekend I bought a big tin that had 6 FUN bars and little cookie cutter molds. It was the best $24.95 I have sent to make bath time more FUN! I tried the cupcake mask and love it. Next time you go try to get a Full of Grace serum bar. When you rub it between your hands it warms up and becomes liquid. Put it on your face before a mask and it helps to absorb the mask better. I love it! I would love to try GODDESS. Supposedly it was made specifically for Princess Diana. It’s pricey though so maybe I can talk them into giving me a sample! Our store loves to give samples! Obviously I have become a total Lush freak!

    1. Jennifer

      I NEED to get some of these FUN bars!!! They sound fabulous. I wonder if my store has those?? I need to look.

  26. Judy

    So jealous. We don’t have a store in Wisconsin. I know they have one at the mall of America in the twin cities, but I have yet to go! I always seem to go with the boys and they never want to shop. lol

    1. Jennifer

      I am surprised Madison doesn’t have one!

      1. Tiffany

        I live in wisconsin and theres one supposibly at the mayfair mall in milwaukee..unless its closed?

        1. Jillian

          Mayfair Mall does have one and the staff there is wonderful!

  27. jacque

    You need to get the Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. It is seriously the best smelling scrub ever! It is blue but smells citrusy!

    1. Jennifer

      I will check it out! Thanks!

  28. Sarah

    The Tender Is The Night massage bar is my favorite… Each Peach & Strawberry Fields Forever are nice, but whenever I use the Tender one (I use it as lotion on my arms & legs sometimes), my guy comes home and asks what smells so good in the bedroom/bathroom. The scent is mild but lingers soooo nicely on your body and in the room you use it in!

    1. Jennifer

      I will for sure be smelling that when I go in next.

  29. Lynsey

    My mom freezes her Jelly because she was having issues but I rip a nickel size amount off and just lather up my loofah never had any fall off or anything, now my boys, they just make a mess of it LOL!

    I use that solid shampoo but I want to try a different, mine is almost gone so I need to get one soon. I love my tin but my bar gets stuck in it all the time!!! drives me nuts when I cant get it out!

    Yea FUN is the way to go with the boys we have all the colors and my son makes stuff out of it like clay then puts it in his water to make bubbles and wash his hear with his creation.

    I want to try the Grease Lightning so bad now, I might have to swing by Lush tonight. I have Ocean salt and it broke me out bad at first but I was told only use it every so often so now I just use it like once every two weeks and its amazing. I love how it makes my skin feel. I love you posting about Lush you need to review more. Even for psycho obsessed Lushies like me I love hearing your opinions and already I have something else to try.

    1. Jennifer

      I feel like I need to go there after reading everything else’s recommendations. I don’t know if I can let the boys take another bath without the FUN stuff!

  30. Ashley C.

    Never really stepped foot into the Lush at the mall … but now I might have to. That bar shampoo looks really awesome! Bonus points if they have one that smells like the beach!

    1. Jennifer

      Omg try it. I can’t believe it took me so long.

  31. Nia

    I think I’ve been using Lush products for 20 years. I used to order from the UK for a long time. All the shampoo bars are amazing, but I love the Jungle solid conditioner. There is not a product that I have ever tried that gets more people to compliment how good it smells.

    There is no point in going to the Windsor store, the products were exactly the same as the Somerset store.

    One more recommendation is the Buffy the Backside Slayer. I think you use it similarly to the body conditioner except it exfoliates. Only issue is I had one melt when we had that multi state power outage about 7 years ago. It smelled good as it disappeared.

    I’m not sure if the Retread is the same product, but it sounds like one that made my hair really greasy.

    1. Jennifer

      I am totally going to try the solid conditioner. That sounds amazing! I go to the one at Partridge, but that is good to know the ones in Canada have the same things!

  32. Nia

    I almost forgot. Have them do the lemon cuticle then salt scrub demo that they do often at the stores.

    1. Jennifer

      Will do!

  33. i already have a huge list and now i’m adding the body conditioner – that sounds perfect for my dry legs right now! lush here i come!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

    1. Jennifer

      I think I am going back tomorrow!

  34. Brandi

    Lush is my weakness!

    1. Jennifer

      Seems to be my new one too.

  35. I’ve never tried a fresh mask – I’m kind of scared, because I live 45 minutes from the closest store and I don’t know if I can use it all in two weeks.
    But I’m obsessed with their bath bombs, and recently caved and bought a small Ro’s Argan Oil Conditioner, and OH MY GOSH it’s the best thing in the world. haha.
    I think next time I’m in I’ll pick a shampoo bar!

    1. Jennifer

      I bet you can! It’s not that big and the price is totally right. Totally try that shampoo bar. I was skeptical, but I love it.

  36. Bethany

    Ahhhh have to visit Lush!! Turns out there’s one 30ish minutes away, so I obviously will be taking a trip soon. I may print out this post as a shopping list!!

    1. Jennifer

      From the sounds of it, you should just be picking up one of everything!

  37. Fen

    Be careful with their face products. Generally their bath and body stuff is fine, but they use tons of irritating ingredients in their facial and lip products. I remember I tried one of their lip balms and after three days, my lips were bright red, swollen, and flaking off… I had similar experiences with some of their facial products for ‘sensitive’ skin actually giving me insane rashes and cystic breakouts in areas that I never usually have problems with. It took me MONTHS to fully heal up and lose the scars :/

    You can read more here, but really – be careful. LUSH is basically marketing, they don’t care if they use ingredients that can damage your skin as long as it sounds good in their little ad blurbs. If you have skin that’s ever reacted to any products, I’d really stay away from their face care if you don’t want to risk some really unfortunate reactions. There’s a reason LUSH facial products are really hated on a lot of skincare forums, they’ve messed up so many people’s faces :X

    1. Fen

      For anyone wondering/considering it, it was Aquamarina – which was marketed as soothing – that resulted in ruining my face for like half a year. I gave it to my roommate at the time because I thought maybe it was just me, but it caused her normal-to-dry skin to get oily and break out, too. Run away!!

      Chocolate Whipstick was the balm specifically that made my lips practically fall off. The pain was seriously excruciating.

      Just figured I should give specifics so that others can avoid such pointless pain and frustration.

    2. Jennifer

      Oh I didn’t know that! I don’t have sensitive skin at all, but that is good to know!

  38. Meg Mertz

    I happen to be a recent convert to the lushie lifestyle (about 3 months now!) and I have to say that I am loving most of what I have bought and some of the free stuff that I have gotten from the stores (just ask them for a free sample, they will be happy to oblige). I have found the stuff that I am doing well with are:

    -Fresh farmacy (this soap rocks and helps to fight blemishes)
    -Tea tree water toner
    – Herbalism (in the morning) and angels on bare skin (evening)
    -grease lightning
    -full of grace (night)
    -Imperalis moisturizer (day)
    -Flying fox shower gel (man this stuff stays on you all day, the smell is amazing!)

    There is so much to choose from, and I love the bath bombs, but I am not so much of a bath person to buy alot of them like others do, but I do have a few that I love. The rose queen is my favorite and the scent stays on you all day after!

    1. Jennifer

      I do love their sample policy! I really want to try the fresh farmacy!

  39. Brittany

    My all-time favorite LUSH products are the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask (it smells fantastic!); Ocean Salt (my number one pick of any LUSH product- I get a baby-soft
    face with this); Mint Julips Lip Scrub (tastes like chocolate chip mint!); Aqua Mirabilis Body Scrub (smells like peanut butter and is an amazing all-over body exfoliant); and my number two favorite would have to be the R&B Hair Moisturizer!

    1. Jennifer

      Now that mask sounds fun!!!! I need to get that!

  40. Heather

    My sister and niece got me started on LUSH products … and it didn’t take long for them to take over my bathroom! I have many of what you mentioned. The one combo that I would add to your list is the Dream Time bath melt, Dreamwash Shower smoothie, and the Dream Cream lotion. These are great for anyone in the family. In addition to the listed uses, they are the BEST sunburn treatment. On any sunburn you can lay on the Dreamwash thick and let it dry. Then soak in the tub for a while (like 20 minutes or more) with the Dream time bath melt. Follow it all up with the Dream Cream. The next few days you can just to the Dreamwash and Dream Cream in the morning and at night. My nephew (with really sensitive sunburn-prone skin), niece, and my 3 kids have not peeled after a sunburn since we discovered this trick. These are a “must have” in my summer skin treatment.

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