Finger Painting: A Baby Project

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The inspiration

One of the things I really liked about L going to daycare was the projects. They always did the best projects with the kids and I loved getting them. They worked with lots of different materials and textures to try and get kids used to things like finger painting, sponge painting, touching paper / glue, etc. Heck, I even remember L bringing home crayon art before he turned a year old.  It was seriously cute.

I am attempting to do the same with WB.  Not only do I want him to have all sorts of cute projects to look back on, I want him to have fun and mix things up.  You can only practice crawling and sitting up so much you know?

I have been meaning to try finger painting with him for a while now and yesterday was finally the day.  He was already a mess from eating so L and I got out the paint and canvas and let him go to town.  We had a great time watching him and he totally loved it.  Totally.  He did not care about the paint being on his hands and happily smeared it around the canvas.  And what’s even crazier, he didn’t try to put his paint covered hands in his mouth once.  I was so sure he would have and even had L stand guard while I was cleaning up to make sure he didn’t.

I cannot wait to try this again.  I think next time I will use a bigger canvas and let him sit / crawl on the floor and do it.  That way he can throw his entire body into his work ;).

This looks fun…
So serious!
Oh wait, I missed a something.
Now I’m done.

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  1. Julianne

    What paints did you use?

  2. Kim

    Really enjoy your blog so much. Your boys are the cutest! Love the finger painting!

  3. Aimee

    So cute!! He looks like a professional!!

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