GAP 40% off sale haul

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Get to the GAP!

So yesterday B, WB and I (*) went out and and did some running around, which included a trip to our local outdoor mall.  We needed to go to the Apple store and I needed to go to B&BW to use some coupons.  And I wanted to “run into” the GAP to see if they had any Halloween pjs for L.  They didn’t, but one of the salesladies nicely informed my that sale items were an additional 40% off.  SAY WHAT??  I beelined to the clearance section and went to town.  I ended up with pajamas for $5.98 (reg. $24.95), a spring coat for L for $14.98 (reg. $39.95), long-sleeved shirts for L for $4.18, flip-flops for $4.78, shorts for $2.38, etc.  And I bought WB some vintage Games t-shirts for $5.38 in size 4T.  Why so big you ask?  Well, he’ll be 4 during the next summer Games!

If you’ve got the room to store things, I totally recommend hitting up sales like this one at GAP.  And when you’ve got a little one like WB, it’s easy to find things he’ll need because you can basically get any size!  I am actually thinking about heading back and looking in the “big kids” section for L to see if they have any great deals there that will fit him down the road.  I always go for solids, stripes, and just generally things that won’t go out of style.  Kids will always need play clothes and solid colored t-shirts, so I feel totally safe buying this kind of stuff years in advance because I know it won’t go out of style!

I gotta know, did you hit up the GAP sale?  Are you planning on it?  And if you buy things in advance like I do, how do you store them?

Cold but still smiling!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of WB from our shopping trip.  As you can see, it’s freezing cold here.  Oh, and he’s wearing things picked up from previous GAP clearance sales.  As in things I bought on sale before he was even born ;).

(*) L is smart and headed up-north for the weekend. His poor brother was stuck shopping and running errands while he jumped in big piles of leaves, played trains and got spoiled by his Nana and Papa.

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  1. Jenny

    Wow thats a great haul. I love buying ahead and getting a good deal. I wonder how long things are on sale for? I may have to try and run by this week.

  2. Greta

    I remember all the trips to Gap for clearance clothes for my kids. Ususally bought Christmas sweaters and PJ’s after Christmas for the following year, and winter coats especially Navy Wool Dress Coats. I had a closet full of Navy Blazers in all sizes.
    I am never above buying several years in advance, however I often forget what I have already bought! This year my son has a new Polo Puffer Coat($165 marked down to $10 at Macy’s) and a Norh Face Jacket ($139 to $35 at Macy’s) plus a hand me down Coumbia Jacket from his Brother and a packable down coat I bought at Costco!! Looks like I will be selling 1 or 2 on ebay. I always think resale when I buy.

  3. Maria

    You should be a personal shopper! Always finding the best deals- how? I went to GAP last week and only found one shirt (2T) for $3.50. The rest of the “clearance” stuff was still too expensive. Now I have a baby girl to shop for and still can’t find deals as good as yours. Bahhh!

  4. linda

    have u noticed how often or when the clearance stuff goes 40% off..

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t tell! Usually around the holidays though so maybe this weekend??

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