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Since B was off yesterday we went to the car dealership to see about turning in my car (a Ford Focus) early (it’s a lease) and getting a new one. B cleaned everything out of my car Sunday night and was all like into going. I personally was dreading it because I could care less about what car I drive and didn’t want to waste his day off doing that.

But he wanted to go, so we went.  L stayed at my moms and we took WB with us.  You know, for the cute baby discount and all ;).  So every time I had thought about getting a new car, I figured I’d get another Focus.  I mean, it’s cheap (even with every singe bell and whistle you can think of) and insane on gas.  Insane.

However, when we got to the car dealership and our guy started talking about Focus’ I changed my mind.  And pretty much had him price out every single other kind of Ford other than a Focus for me.  LOL.  In the end, I was deciding between a Taurus (a car) or an Escape (an SUV).  Both would have been just about the same price.  After sitting in the Taurus and seeing the HUGE backseat I decided it was just too big for me.  I think B was sad because he really wants a Taurus but I just could not see me and the kids cruising around town in our huge white sedan with tan leather interior.

So I went with the Escape.  A ruby red one.  I wanted white, but they didn’t have a white one that had exactly what I wanted.  I had to have leather seats (kids can destroy cloth in a hot second), but I didn’t want to pay more for a moon roof and all that other jazz.  And I didn’t want them to find me other from another dealership because I did not want to go back.

And that’s the story of my new car.  Which I haven’t even driven yet.  Not even for a test drive. Oh well.  It does have all the features I want.   Like the leather seats, the SYNC system, USB ports and, of course, a back windshield wiper.  Very important to have that.  Oh and they gave me a “Beat Michigan” t-shirt too ;).  GO STATE!

Free t-shirts? I’m in.

Oh and I do believe that buying / leasing a car in Michigan (specifically Metro Detroit) is different than anywhere else in the country.  Here everyone works for or knows someone with an employee discount of some sort.  Heck, when I used to get Jeeps, my salesguy would call one of his Chrysler retiree friends and get me a discount PIN number.  I understand it’s not like this everywhere?  I think it’s pretty much assumed here that there will be some sort of employee discount involved in every transaction.

What are your must have features on a car?  What can’t you live without and what don’t you care much about?

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  1. Jenny

    I’m going with the girlie response but I check out all the cup holders. I always have some kind of drink with me so I need good cupholders. LOL When we had a dog I also had to make sure her crate would fit in the trunk since we had to take it with us when we traveled. I started with a RAV4 and have now moved up to a 4Runner. My husband has a civic and we took it to WDW last week and it had plenty of room but what we did discover was that with two kids in the back seat when I put the center down so that the older could put his drink in it the little one could grab it. He can not reach it in my car. 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    So how do you like it? My husband is pushing for the same vehicle. I’m open?but wondering. What’s your experience been?

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