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~Friday night I took L and WB to L’s old school (aka his daycare) for their annual Boo Bash. We were super excited to go back and see everyone and I guess I kinda forgot they would be excited to see us L too. I mean, L went there for nearly four years. They helped raise him and they love being able to see all “their kids” after they are done there.  And L had a great time and enjoyed seeing some of his old pals and teachers!  Oh, and trunk or treating wasn’t half bad either.

All dressed up.

~L spent the weekend (well Saturday night) up-north and had an amazing time.  Even though it’s way too cold to swim and jet-ski and all that fun stuff, he still loves it up there. I mean, they have leaves up there.  We do not have any leaves in our backyard.  Not enough to rake into a pile to jump in anyways.

Raking. Then jumping.

~I blogged about it yesterday, but B, WB and I spent Saturday running errands.  Target, the mall, etc.  Poor WB was just forced to come along for the ride.  I’m sure he would have preferred to stay home, but whatever.  After we got home B installed the ceiling fan in my office, did some stuff in the yard and then we had dinner at home.  And I sorted WB’s clothes and brought in a ton of L’s old 6-12 month stuff.

As seen in the Target parking lot.

~I slept in on Sunday and then B went off to the Lions – Seahawks game with his friend A.  I would post a picture of them at the game, but I am not sure if A would allow it?  He probably could care less, but I hate posting pictures of people on my blog without asking them.  But they had a great time and the Lions won, which is a bonus!

~Last night we went to the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo.  We went once or twice when L was a baby, didn’t love it and haven’t been back since.  But we really enjoyed it this year.  Even though it was beyond freezing.  If I was WB, I would scream the entire time.  I mean it was freezing cold, windy and, umm, he can’t eat the candy they give out.  But no, he just rode nicely in the wagon (his first wagon ride ever!) and took it all in.  And we ran into my aunt there (she was passing out candy) and ended up heading over to my cousins house after.  L was thrilled because my cousin has a kitten.  And L wants a kitten (this is never happening).  I don’t know what was better, candy or playing with that kitten?


~And finally, my weekend ended with the Tigers losing the World Series in 4 straight games.  As much as I would have loved for them to win, what can you do?  You win some, you lose some.  And we LOST this one fair and square.  Hats off to the giants.  And thanks for the fun ride Tigers!  There’s always next year.  Or the year after.  Or whenever ;).  It’ll happen!

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  1. Julie

    Being a Cardinals fan I would have to say the Giants played very well so congrats to them! 🙂

  2. Maria

    WB = best. baby.ever. Enjoy the awesome weather!

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