November Stork Stack Review

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November Stork Stack

In a moment of weakness, I subscribed to Stork Stack for November. They posted a 25% off code on Facebook and I just happened to have my credit card sitting right next to me when I saw it and, well, you know what happened next. If you aren’t familiar with Stork Stack, here is a description from their website: “Our lovingly curated Stacks include 5 of our favorite highest-quality products for your baby AND you.” Subscriptions are $28/month (if you sign up for a year’s subscription they will donate 3 stacks to a family in need) and they “deliver” around the 1st of every month.

I love the box.

Aren’t these boxes fun?  Seriously, I love them.

First look (sort of)

Eeek, what did the stork bring?  And seriously, this is my newest favorite box packaging.

The theme explanation and a note.

Like with Citrus Lane, they do a monthly theme. Only Stork Stack explains in their information card how each item fits in with their theme.  This month’s theme was Around the Table.  And I can actually see how each item fits in the theme!  Amazing.  In addition to the theme postcard (information card on the back), the box also includes a little note from the Stork Stack Team that is personalized to your baby’s age this month.  Kinda of a cute idea.

The information card.

I wish the information card was a little bigger.  I like that it fits in a cute little envelope, however, I don’t want to hurt my eyes trying to read it.

Okay, now on to the good part, the contents:

aden + anais burpy bin ($11): I could not figure out what this was at first.  I was holding it up all “what the …?”.  But I read the card and realized it was  bib.  It says it provides maximum coverage for “baby and you” and drapes around your baby’s neck and fastens with a snap in the back.  I still was kinda meh about it until I sent a picture of my stack to W (*) and she started raving about the bib.  Hmm, you don’t say?  Now I am excited to try it for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I was going to try it before, but now I am excited about it!

aden + anais burpy bib
aden + anais burpy bib

Spuds, Inc. utensil set ($5.99): 
These utensils are made from reclaimed potatoes.  Who even knew such a thing existed?  Not me and I’ve said it a million times, but that’s why I love all these monthly subscription boxes so much.  Because they include things like this that I never would have heard about otherwise.  These utensils are all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and Made in the USA.  And I love them.

Spuds, Inc. utensil set

Lunch! by Denise Fleming ($7.99): I won’t give you the “plot” of this kids book, but clearly it’s about eating.  It’s a book that we don’t have, so I am also in love with this.  I really hope my boys love reading as much as I do!

Lunch! by Denise Fleming

Peter Rabbit Organics assorted fruit snacks ($1.79/each): Out of everything in this box, I know these will be WB’s favorite.  He is super into pouch food and I am super into the Boon spoons you attach to pouch foods.  I have tried the spoons on a bunch of different brands now (Ella, Plum Organics, Gerber Organics, etc.) and they fit everything, so I am sure they will work on these.  We have never tried this brand before, but they are 100% organic and contain no added sugar, no added salt and nothing artificial, so I am not sure what’s not to like!

Peter Rabbit Organics assorted fruit snacks

Pure Matters vitamin B7 (biotin) ($10.95): This is the mom’s part of the box and it’s meant to help moms out by “maintaining a healthy glow from the inside out”.  It supports the growth of shiny hair, strong nails and radiant skin.  My hair is finally starting to grow back, but it’s nowhere near what it was, so I am going to start taking these asap!  I still need all the help I can get!

Pure Matters vitamin B7 (biotin)

The verdict?  I love it.  I never should have subscribed because now I am never going to cancel.  I must have been drunk when I told myself that I would cancel after just the one month because we all know that’s not going to happen!  The contents of the box totaled $39.51, which is more than the $28/box cost.  And way more than the $21 I paid for this box (there was a code).  I mean, how could I think about canceling? It just wouldn’t make sense.

Oh, and I wanted to share the box W received for her daughter who is 15 months.  Mostly the same, but instead of the bib, she got an Itzy Ritzy Bento Box.  My six month old wouldn’t use a snack box, so it makes complete sense why we got the items we got!

W’s Stork Stack

If want to sign up, click here.  And don’t blame me when you get addicted to this box just like all the other ones I know you are addicted to!  Blame W.  It’s all her fault. 😉

(*) My fancy friend who knows everything thing there is to know about monthly subscription boxes and basically just all things good.  She’s a little picky (is that fair to say W?), so if it gets W’s seal of approval, it’s good.

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