PopSugar Must Have Luxury Box Giveaway #2

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Okay, let me first just say that I am annoyed. The super exclusive, OMG we are only selling 1000 of these so hurry up and buy one, PopSugar Must Have Luxury Edition boxes are still for sale. After originally “selling out” they are now offering more.  So yeah, I pretty much I ended my first giveaway for NO REASON.  But, there is good news!

The good news is that I bought another box to give away since I felt sucky for lying (even though it wasn’t my fault) and ending the giveaway early! This box will be shipped to me and then to you when it comes so I don’t have to stress about it “selling out” again and  there is NO CHANCE I will be ending this giveaway early.  I promise.  I have no clue what is in this box, but PopSugar says it’s their “most indulgent Must Have box yet”.  Although I do get annoyed with them, this is like my all time favorite box.  Well, my favorite box FOR ME anyways.  So go enter!  You’ve got nothing to lose!!!  Except this contest I guess?  Ha!
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Disclosure: Once again this is sponsored by me, myself and I. Because you guys are awesome.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Rachelle

    I can’t wait to see what is in this box and would be so ecstatic to receive one. I just can’t justify this with my budget – I would love to be the winner of this giveaway!!

  2. Sara W

    I hope I win this one! Thanks again!! 😉 Sweet of ya!

  3. nichole budnick

    Yay this is festive

  4. Jaiden O

    My mom would really like this! It would be a really good christmas gift for her

  5. Jacki

    I hope I did this right! I really want this box!!!

  6. Yesenia

    I would love to win this box because I want to know what is inside!!!

  7. April

    Woo hoo! I want to know what all the fuss is about w/ these boxes so pick me!

  8. Kristin Lockwood

    I NEED to win because I want to give one to my Mom; one for someone who totally deserves it and one for me! You got me hooked on these things! Although Popsugar is annoying me today I still so want and need a box!!! 😉

  9. stacy

    same reason as on the last one, and because I think you are truly awesome for offering another one even though it was totally not your fault!

  10. Shalane Koon

    You are amazing (and crazy)! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my December (?) PopSugar Box! I think that’s the one I should get!

  11. Meagan S

    I want to win because I love subscription boxes but can’t afford them

  12. Stephanie

    I want to win! Pick me!

  13. christe b

    Yes please!! Thank you for the 2nd chance!

  14. Jillian

    I would love this!! I’m a poor law student and this would be a great treat for after finals 🙂

  15. Aimee

    Holy crap! There’s a lot of entries already! Well I love popular and I would love to share this with my mom!

  16. Kyra

    My hubby looked at me like I had 2 heads when I said I wanted to buy one for that amount, sight unseen. So I need to win one instead! Thanks for round 2!

  17. Jackie

    I would like to win because I always looks forward to your posts about what you get, so I would want to see what I get!

  18. Melissa

    I never pamper myself, instead I spend all my fun money on my boys (4 & 7). I’d love something like this!!

  19. Amanda

    So yeah, once again, I’m awesome and you should pick me.

  20. Brandy

    I can’t wait to see what is in there!

  21. Heather

    After the craptastic 24hrs I’ve had I need a pick me up :/

  22. Susan G

    I am crossing all my crossables!!!

  23. Lindsey Perry

    You da best! 😉 Hope I win this so I can try your FAVORITE box.

  24. Tiffany

    I NEED to win this, I’ve never gotten a grab bag before! 😉

  25. Chrissy

    Awesome! I would love to win!

  26. Jessica

    I want to win because I think you are awesome! ha!

  27. Stacey

    You are so awesome for having this giveaway!!

  28. Kylie

    Would love to win this!!!! 🙂

  29. Tiffany

    thanks for doing this again! I’m hoping to win so I can have some fun gifts to give to friends this year

  30. Alysia

    Because I deserve something that’s just for me!

  31. Meg

    I commented on the other post. I think it would be fun to save and open with my mom and 3 sisters on Christmas.

  32. Kimberly H

    Thank you for hosting this.
    I would love to see what’s in it.
    ~Kim from TeXas

  33. Maurice

    I should win because I hardly ever win anything and I absolutely love the must have box and your blog 🙂

  34. Nancy Wiltshire

    I would love to get one of these but am so scared to pay that much. What if I hated it?? I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I win!!

  35. Winnie Fu

    I’m so absurdly curious to see what’s in the box!

  36. Christine H.

    Thanks for doing this! I found your blog through MUT and love reading it! If I had kids my wallet would hate you for posting all the fun kid related boxes! :-p

  37. Alice

    You totally did not have to do a second giveaway, wayyyy too nice.

  38. Caitlin

    I should win because well Crispy M&M’s =P

  39. Christine H.

    Oh- and I want to win because $100 is a lot for my grad school budget !

  40. Natalie

    I should win because I love this and love your blog!

  41. Shawn M.

    So glad that you’re offering this. Hope that I win!

  42. Norma

    Best blogger ever!!!! You rock!!!! 🙂

  43. Christina Ward

    Because being a busy mom of 3 little girls ages 8, 4, and 3 months.. I very rarely get anything that is just for me and it would be super duper awesome!!

  44. Christina

    I would love to win this box! I know by the time I get my paycheck, there will be none left and I definitely cannot afford it at the moment. Thanks for doing the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  45. Jill

    I should win because 1) I have had a really really bad week – I survived a Hurricane and a random snowstorm and have been without power for 11 days! and 2) I love this kinda stuff.

  46. Norma

    Clearly I don’t read directions too well… Lol This would be an awesome present for me!!! I need to know what all the fuss is about!!!!

  47. CharlotteCL

    These boxes always look great they never give the UK decent boxes especially not something this big (Product wise – from what i’ve seen in previous videos) 🙂

  48. Britt

    Thanks soooo much for doing this!! I can’t wait to See what’s in this box!

    If only I could get it myself. Now I need to rely on you 😉

  49. jen

    I’d love to win because I’ve never won a blog contest before and it’s a great prize!

  50. megan

    I would love to share this with my mom when we get together for Christmas. We live about a 23 hour drive away from eachother, so we get to see eachother only on the Holidays. So during this short time, we have to make the most of it. I think it would be fun to bring this box with me during Christmas vacation and try out all the new stuff.

  51. Kyuu

    Boo for poor CS. Thanks for hosting this though! You’re super generous ^__^

  52. Brittany

    I am obsessed with subscription boxes and think this would be awesome to win! Maybe it will be like oprahs favorite things! That would be great 🙂

  53. Simone

    I need to know what is in this box!!! and thanks for the giveaway

  54. Kate!

    I was so wanting to get this box, but just couldn’t do it because of the price… I knew I’d regret it later when I was scraping by!

  55. Jennifer M

    I almost caved and got this box yesterday when the email went out, but with all the website issues I had some time to think about it. So I did not order. I’m suppose to be buying gifts for everyone else, right? I’m so excited to find out what’s actually in these boxes though. I would just love to win one 🙂

  56. Krista

    This box is not within my current budget, but I would love this for a birthday and Christmas present!

  57. Jill

    I would love to win since I didn’t win the first time!

  58. Shannon S.

    I should win because I’ve been spending my free time organizing bone marrow registry drives and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I would love a nice treat!

  59. Lisa Friedman

    Thanks for the chance to win — I love subscription boxes, too!

  60. Jeanie

    I should win so I don’t spend Christmas seething with jealously! 😉
    Thank you for the giveaway, it’s very generous of you!!

  61. Catherine Chen

    I’d love to win the box! Thanks so much for putting on this giveaway! 🙂

  62. Alison Weeks

    There is no way I can afford the Luxury Edition! I am a SAHM and my husband I just ost his job. So….I really need a “me” something to deal with the stress and anxiety!

  63. Kaitlin

    I’m a poor grad student and I love subscription boxes but I know better than to buy them myself!

  64. Deb

    I missed what happened with the other box but I think its super sweet of you to give such an awesome prize away! Yay! I hope I win 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I wrote about what happened at the beginning of this post. Also in my last post. I don’t want anyone to think I’m being shady!

  65. Emily

    I never win anything…and who wouldn’t want to win a surprise luxury box!?

  66. Shannon

    You’re so great for doing this! I want one!!

  67. Cindy

    I need something new to be addicted to ’cause you have only influenced me on a few million other addictions and it’s just time…and I’m old….and after people…I love “things” the most!!

  68. Jessie

    Girl, I should win because today was a No Good, Very Bad Day! I am working and trying to graduate early this December from undergrad uni, and I am pooped.

    Fingers crossed pretty hard for a fabulous pick-me-up!


  69. Kristen

    What an amazing person you are to be so generous to do this for your readers not once, but TWICE. Thank you.

  70. Jennifer

    I would love to get one so that I could hopefully use some of the items for Christmas gifts. Thanks for doing this giveaway, it is very generous!

  71. shannon w

    You are so awesome for hosting this giveaway twice! I’m sure no one thought you were being shady. I was just surprised the original closed so early. I would love to get this box as a little present to myself and hopefully it will have a few gifts for others as well.

  72. Megan L

    I’m so glad that you changed your mind and are offering another giveaway! I saw your posts on MakeupTalk forums. I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog for a while and you have some great stuff here! 🙂

  73. Margaret Smith

    Because I love GOOD surprises and this month has brought us too many of the bad surprises (Hurrican Sandy, no power, fallen trees, snow, etc…) I could really use a pick me up.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  74. Lydia

    I want to win this box so bad! I can’t afford the $100 but I would love this as a Christmas present!

  75. Desi

    I love PopSugar Must Have and would love to have the luxury box

  76. Abby

    I want to win because I work hard eveRyday and deserve a little luxury 🙂

  77. Cinnamon

    I would like to win, thank you for this opportunity!

  78. Kelly B

    What a fun giveaway! I havent won anything in a LONG time. I am way over due! :O) Plus, I love getting goodies in the mail. I havent tried PopSugar Must Have Luxury Box before and would love to win it!
    Kelly B.

  79. Sheena

    I should win because I’ve never had a “box” before of any kind and I want to see what the hype is all about!! Plus….LUXURY…hellllo sign me up!!!

  80. Freeda

    I should win because I never win anything! I’m broke, just had a baby, and would love the pick me up :/

  81. Shelby

    I would looove to win so I can treat myself & others to the goodies in the Luxury Box!!

  82. Amy Myers

    I should win it, because I can’t just plop down $100 right now. I have to have a lot of painful dental work next week, that will be very expensive, so this would be a great reward for being brave about that. First world problems!

  83. Amanda

    because I would LOVE to get a subscription box like this, but I’m too damn broke to pay for it!

  84. JL

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for this box! I wish they would give us teasers!

  85. Sara D

    I want to win because my husband would leave me if I bought that box for myself!

  86. Claire H.

    Woo-hoo another shot! I should win this since I need a ‘gateway’ to get me hooked on monthly subscription boxes, and I would love to look gorgeous (ha!) for the holidays. Thanks!

  87. Catherine Schmidt

    OMG! Thanks for offering another one!! Hope, hope, wish, wish!

  88. Maggie

    Would love to win. I always look forward to your Pop Sugar boxes every month. I would subscribe but they’re too much money for me.

  89. Melissa

    Thanks, again 🙂 If I win, my SS thanks you!

  90. Ellen A.

    I don’t really have a good reason why I should win over someone else, I just want it 🙂

  91. Ann Fantom

    I’d like to win because I need some luxury in my life. Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. Crystal

    I maintain that winning would be more that you are blessing my life than I deserve it. Thank you again for your generosity. It would be amazing to get to share this with my mother who is my hero. She has gone through a whole lot and deserves some pampering.

  93. Nina Tran

    Definitely annoyed with Popsugar too! So wishy washy. But I’m glad you’re doing this again. 🙂

  94. Lauren Lanni

    I just discovered PopSugar’s MustHave boxes but you had me hooked at Luxury!!! 😀

  95. Cheryl Summers

    I am actually helping my mom. I think that she deserves this more than any person in the world. She loves people, simply put. And her heart is so huge she does whatever it takes to help. I can remember so many times when we had other children living with us because they needed some place safe to stay. She has gone through some really horrible things, but yet still loves so much. She is such a great friend and I can only hope to be half the woman that she is.

  96. Shirley Lim

    Thank you so much for offering a second bag, especially after PS kinda just shrugged it off.

  97. Shirley Lim

    Ahh as a redeeming entry, I really am interested in a box that can be shared with friends. I recently underwent surgery, so a box that would distract the bill paying would be greatly appreciated.

  98. Ash Johnson

    The PopSugar boxes look so awesome, but there’s no way I could afford this. I’d love to win!

  99. Wendy


  100. Holly B

    I love these kinds of surprise boxes, and always have fun sharing with friends!

  101. Elizabeth

    I soooooo want this. It would take me 14 hours at work to pay for it. 🙁 So the only way I could get this is to win it!

  102. Calli

    I would love to win this and see if it is worth it!

  103. Sara n

    I would love to win this! I never win anything and this would be an amazing first! Lol

  104. Deedie

    I love popsugar musthave boxes!

  105. Kellyn

    I hope I win!

  106. soon p

    I want to win it because I can’t afford to buy it for myself!

  107. Michaela T

    It’s been a rough year…I could use the pick me up! 🙂

  108. Jency Kuriakose

    I really like your makes-a-ton-of-sense rambling (site). I picked up Wittlebee from here. And I keep checking to see what you are cheering about. This has been fun for a first timer on your site. Simply loving it. Also, you inspire me to maintain a blog…which I will get to…eventually. 🙂 I would love to try the Popsugar box…coz all the other reviews you have on here…makes it a SIMPLY-MUST-HAVE. 🙂
    Keep rambling! Cheers!

  109. Kelsey N.

    Oh wow there are lots of comments! I would love to win too. I am just feeling lucky these days 🙂

  110. victoria

    this is by far one of the best giveaways i’ve ever seen. I’ve been obsessing over this monthly subscription box since the first month it came out! sadly, 35/month is not in my budget as a student 🙁 i love LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway, especially since its the luxury box… one can only imagine what’s inside after seeing all the amazing things in the previous regular sized boxes. AH im dying inside… Even if i dont win i need to know what’s inside this box (maybe next year i can do some major hinting around christmas if they reintroduce this box)!

  111. Jency Kuriakose

    I just saw your haul from Sephora and did a lil small haul myself. I picked the Lasting Impression Kit too. Cant wait to get my hands on it!

  112. Randal H.

    Im a medical student…long story short, luxury is a thing of the past most times because such a tight budget. BUT, Im a true girl’s girl so I love all things cute, feminine, and of course luxurious! Winning this luxury box from popsugar would make my holidays even more amazing!!1

  113. Ginny

    I would love to win this. 🙂 I’m thinking about setting something up for me for Christmas… this would be a great trial-run. <3

  114. Angie Petkoff

    I would like to win because winning is fun and I have been able to “treat” myself to anything in awhile since I took a year off of work. I’m sure there are far more deserving people out there (I know the winner is random) but I’d still like to win :).

  115. Catherine

    As a grad student with little time and money for myself, I’d love to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  116. Jenn M.

    I need pampered! :0)

  117. souly

    Wow, how generous of you! Good luck everyone 🙂

  118. Kim

    I would love to win because I couldn’t afford to buy one and I would love to have a present under the tree

  119. Rebecca C.

    I would love to win because I have been dying to try the PopSugar box but have not had it in the budget yet to subscribe. Plus I am so interested to see what is inside!!!! 🙂

  120. Janetta K

    🙂 pop sugar is awesome

  121. karen

    I would love to win because i am currently unable to afford anything for i am putting myself thru school as well as helping my parents with as much financial help as i can. I dont know if i would be able to gift anyone, myself included, anything this christmas so this would be an awesome gift for me and for whomever i can share this with. If i dont win then thank you again for at least taking notice. God bless! =]

  122. Noah

    I desire to win in order to give this box to my wonderful wife. She would love it.
    Her birthday was just a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t do much for her. I had ideas and plans but could not treat her to them because the money wasn’t there. In addition she burned her hand that weekend.

    I want to pamper her, but money is tight. Gift giving is one of her love languages, but I have troubles being able to give her gifts. I would like this box to treat my wife.

    Thank you for being so generous in holding this give-away.

  123. Jennifer Irwin

    I think I should win because we have the same name. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It is a nice name…

  124. R

    …I have 28 month old twins…….there are no words….

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!! There really are no words for that! You deserve something for you!

      1. R

        Thanks! That’s always nice to hear. I’m still learning how to incorporate me (time) into their routine (they are kinda irresistible and more energetic than I could have ever imagined)…I may make that my New Years resolution!

  125. Michelle

    I would love to win because all your gift box reviews are fun to read….and someday I might bite the bullet to order my own. Winning one would be better though. ;). Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  126. Leslie

    So excited to see this box 🙂 Awesome of you to be giving one away!

  127. Shara

    I would love to win this box – can’t wait to see what it contains!

  128. Jenny

    wowsers so great

  129. Dahnie

    This is amazing! I’m excited I came across your blog–I love reading reviews of monthly subscription boxes! It’s so sweet and thoughtful of you to be giving away this Popsugar Luxury Edition box! Even if I don’t win, sending great karma your way! 🙂

  130. Tarah

    As a mom of two under two, I’d love an excuse to pamper myself & unwind!

  131. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I’d love to win the Luxury Must Have box! My husband, parents, etc., do not exchange gifts at Christmas anymore (kids’ get priority on our strict Xmas budget), so it would be fun to get a ‘gift’ to unwrap this year. I have pained over signing up for a monthly box, but still waiting to see what everyone gets in their November boxes to justify the cost (heard there was some disappointment for some people in their Oct boxes). Wish they allowed you to order just 1 box and not be on automatic monthly subscriptions!
    Thanks again for getting another box to giveaway – so sweet!

  132. Lisa

    I would love to win because my birthday is 12/24 and nothing is ever open for a late night out that day except Chinese food and the movies! (I’m Jewish so I won’t be at midnight mass…)

  133. Jonnell

    I’d love to win because I’m hoping some of the box would make good Christmas gifts (budgets are tight this year). 🙂

  134. Michelle

    Just putting it out in the Universe. I want to win!!!!

  135. dani marie

    i have had a terrible month and need a cheering up.

  136. Katie Fritz

    I should win because no one gets more excited about surprise mail than me! I love beauty and fashion and the PopSugar box is perfect for me!

  137. Queenie

    Hi Jennifer!
    I missed the opportunity to buy one, so I would LOVE to win one! This would be an amazing birthday/Christmas present… and who am I kidding? I’m dying of curiosity to see what’s so special about this particular limited, luxury edition! xoxo

  138. Brooke

    I love everything beauty, but with beauty, there is a lot of money spent, so I haven’t gotten a chance to do anything for myself. All the money I have these next two months are going to go torwards getting presents and such for my friends and family! So, with that, I would love to win so I can have something for myself just once!

  139. Stephanie Shipley

    You are awesome for providing this giveaway!
    I think I should win so I can give my mom an awesome Christmas present 🙂

  140. Liza

    I would love to win! What a generous giveaway!

  141. Raven

    Can’t wait to see what’s in this box!!!

  142. Stephanie Salerno

    I just got into subscription lifestyle boxes and I think it’s totally sweet that you are doing this for the holidays. Unfortunately I literally only started looking into Popsugar yesterday so I’ll have to wait until December for my first one.

  143. Karla

    We don’t have any awesome boxes in Canada so would love to win some fun goodies!

  144. Karla

    I’d love to win to see all the goodies!

  145. Stephanie

    I love reading your blogs, they make me smile! I would love to win the Popsugar Luxury Box!

  146. Katie

    Could definitely use the pick me up-I bet this will be a great box!!!

  147. Katharine

    I normally don’t enter giveaways but this one is too good to pass up! Thank you SO MUCH – a very generous giveaway, too. This year has been full of ups and downs (family losses, engagement, hospitalization, wedding, etc.) so this would be the perfect pick me up to share with some of the people that have supported me through it all!

  148. Amanda

    I would love to win a luxury box! I wanted to buy one so bad but unfortunately I am a poor college student and with the holidays coming up I just didnt have the extra money for myself. I love your blog and I think it is awesome that you do these giveaways, very thoughtful! Thanks

  149. Melissa j

    I was so sad I couldn’t buy one this time. So excited for a giveaway, that is so generous of you I love your blog.

  150. Stephanie B.

    I’d love to win so I can spoil my mom for Christmas! As a single mom she has always sacrificed everything for my brother and I. She almost never buys anything for herself, and could use a little luxury every now and then :-).

  151. Meghan

    I love my monthly popsugar box, but I just could spend this much on an unknown. hope it ends up being awesome!

    1. Meghan

      could not*

  152. Georgia

    great giveaway

  153. Georgia

    i’d love to see what the new j.k. rowling book is like

  154. Marsha McKernan

    I would love to win so I can share with others. Thank you for the chance.

  155. Rose D.

    Ooooooo!!! I really hope I win this! I went to buy it as a super treat (after a super crappy year) and it was gone! Come on luck! I hope I win!

  156. Arrie

    I’m just so so curious to see what’s in this!!

  157. laura r

    their regular boxes look awesome, so I can’t wait to see what this one contains!

  158. Roxanne

    I’m so glad you’re offering this giveaway. I tried to buy one of these luxury boxes and missed the window – both times. So, I’m really hoping I win. (Heck, I’ll even pay you for it! ;))

  159. Kate

    I have an addiction to subscription boxes! I would love to see what’s in this box.

  160. Sylvia

    I subscribed to and received PopSugar Must Have boxes in July and August but, although I loved them, I unsubscribed because I needed to save a little money — and, of course, I ended up missing out on the excellent September box. When I saw that the Luxury Box was available, I jumped for joy… and then I saw the price tag. Winning your giveaway would be amazing: I’d get the box and save a little cash for holiday gifts. Thanks for the opportunity to participate! :o)

  161. nicole a

    So nice of you to offer this contest since most of us missed out on the purchase! Can’t wait to see what’s inside either way!

  162. MelissaO

    I’ve heard great things about these boxes and would love to win something so fancy!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  163. Sarah

    I tried to get one of these, but I was too late! I have no good reason I should win, though I’d be super grateful if I did. Thanks for having this contest!

  164. Corrine

    I hope I win! I just signed up for my first Must Have box, so November will be my first box. I wanted to order the Luxe box, but it sold out super quick. 🙁

  165. Tina

    I really like surprises! Especially luxuriously pleasant surprises!

  166. Loreen

    I would love to win this to give it to my adopted mom. She has given me so much, and I’ve barely been able to buy her a christmas present the past few years because I haven’t had the money. This would be a perfect gift for her, as she works a lot of jobs and supports her two boys and husband as well. She is such a wonderful lady, that this would be awesome to win for her.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something nice for her!!! Its also very nice of you…

  167. Starr Greenwell

    I should win this because I SO need a pick me up

  168. Jency Kuriakose

    Good Luck to everyone vying for this box (including me)!

  169. Susan Smith

    I’d love to win because I love suprises and trying new products

  170. Liz Allen

    You’ve got me totally fascinated by these boxes! It was the picture the other day with all the stuff that came in the mail!

  171. Tanya white

    I would like to win this for my mom she is the hardest person to shop for Christmas I think this would be a box she would love to get as a gift.

  172. Carri

    Jumping on the delivery box bandwagon! Pick me pick me! 🙂

  173. Jen

    You’re always talking about these boxes… Hoping to see for myself, and maybe get hooked. 🙂

  174. Michelle

    This is great that you are doing this =) I hope I win!

  175. Melissa VandenBerg

    luxury sounds nice! As a busy mom of three boys I think something for me would be fun!

  176. Juliana

    Winning this box would be the best surprise and would make my holidays a little brighter.

    This box sounds like the creme de la creme of monthly subscription services. I’ve got my fingers crossed big time!

  177. Vikki Billings

    I should win because I never do anything for myself, I do for my kids and my fiance. I want this for me, something I can enjoy for just me!

  178. Sarah rad

    I really wanted this box but they sold out b4 I could I now with my student loans coming due next month it doesn’t look like I will be able to ever get one 🙁

  179. Lyndie

    Ok now for the right post…I should win because I think you are the bee?s knees. 😉 I am constantly checking your blog to see what you, B, L and WB are going to do next. Seriously, you have a fantastic blog that I recommend to everyone.

    1. Jennifer

      Awww, thanks! Just for that you should win!!

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