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~First of all, I’m sorry for posting a million times yesterday. There was just so much going on. In case you missed a post, here they are: November Love With Food Review, So What Wednesday, November Birchbox Review, November Citrus Lane Review, What I’m Loving Wednesday and finally PopSugar announced a Must Have Luxury Edition Box FOR HIM.  Phew! What a day!  I still need to review ipsy (not my favorite so I am not in a hurry) and Goodies Co.  I love Goodies Co. but my mom hasn’t gotten hers yet and will kill me if I spoil it.  Since she babysits for free at the drop of a hat, I don’t dare cross her!  Oh and also, I don’t consider reviews of my subscription boxes to be real posts because I know not everyone cares about them, so in my head, I only posted 2x yesterday ;).

~L is was super jealous of WB’s footed pajamas, so I got him some Christmas ones (and posted a picture of the boys in their footed pjs on Instagram).  OMG, he is in love.  And I guess I can’t blame him.  He looks so snuggly and warm in them.  I almost want some.  Almost.

~I really don’t understand how Thanksgiving is next week.  It just dawned on me yesterday that it was only a week away.  WTF?  Wasn’t it just Halloween?  Can’t these holidays just slow down already?  Geez.  I guess now I know why there is Christmas stuff out everywhere and people keep talking about Black Friday.

~Speaking of Black Friday, are you going out?  I feel like now that it starts on Thanksgiving night it ruins the fun.  I mean, let’s just let everyone enjoy Thanksgiving with their family okay?  I have gotten up early a few times, but there is nothing I am really after this year.  I’ll probably go to Target sometime on Friday because I love Target.  And if I see that somewhere is giving away some amazing gift with purchase, maybe I will go there?

~I am trying to figure out the best way to do my monthly subscription box reviews without having them be SO long.  I am annoyed by it, so I am guessing other people are too.  Bear with me as I try to figure something better out, but still keep the content mostly the same.  I am thinking of going back to some sort of a collage style.  Any ideas?

~I’ve been using my JM Argan Oil for over a week now and, umm, I hate it.  It is seriously sucking the life right out of my face.  It’s making my skin so dry.  Like so dry that I am getting rough patches of skin.  I am going to give it the full month though since some people say it takes your skin awhile to adjust to a new product.

~Lately I’ve been hearing lots of people talking about the show “Parenthood” and I know nothing?  Wait, I feel like maybe I watched it when it first came on, but from the way everyone goes on and on about it, I clearly still need to be watching it.  Do you watch?  Am I missing out?  Have I been living in a cave since I don’t know about this?

~And finally, my PopSugar giveaway is ending TONIGHT.   Go enter!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. melanie

    that is a total bummer about the JM oil. i actually ended up ordering the “sprout” moisturizer (the samples came in the popsugar must have) and OMG it is to die for! my skin has never been better – just in case you want to try something else out!

  2. Jency Kuriakose

    Hey there! I am a Jen too (atleast to some people who somehow cant believe that there is another version of Jen that doesnt end like Jenny or Jennifer etc!)… I love your reviews of the subscription boxes. I got hooked on subscription boxes with Wittlebee which I stumbled upon. When people look up montly boxes, your blog pops up. I like the way it is organized as well. Infact I think a pic of each product is much better than the collage – it gave me an idea of the size & feel of the product. With a collage (I felt) that it all merges into a splash of color.
    Your boys are adorable… and in Xmas footies.. awww-adorable! I have two girls and am looking for similar sleepwear for them for Thanksgiving and Xmas.
    Do review your samples from Sephora (if you are up to it) – its awesome to hear what mommies think.

  3. Kristin

    I love Black Friday and I have to agree, starting the sales on thanksgiving really ruins the true holiday of Thanksgiving! I have done the Black Friday thing for years and wouldn’t miss it for the world! As for Parenthood, I LoVE it! You really do need to check it out. It only gets better the longer its on.
    Rare Nonsense

  4. Elizabeth

    I love your detailed subscription box posts. They have made me order some of my own!

  5. Heather

    Keep us/me posted about the Argon Oil. I’m totally curious about it. I know that it’s a longer post but I like your reviews that had the pictures above the blurb about the item. But that might just be me 🙂 never the less love reading your blog 🙂

  6. Catherine Schmidt

    I love the detailed descriptions of your subscription boxes. I don’t mind the length of the posts. Keep it up!

  7. Desi

    Love Parenthood. You can catch up on it on Netflix.

  8. Yesenia

    Parenthood is AWESOME!!! You must watch it and catch up. Then you can watch this season online. I love it!

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