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In the interest of keeping it real, I thought I’d update you all on a few things.

~So I haven’t made a single serving of baby food for WB yet. Yeah, I suck. I bought the ice cube trays (fancy ones with covers) and that was about it. WB wasn’t overly into food at first and I didn’t want to force it, so I held off on actually making any. And held off. And now that WB actually likes baby food (stage 2 pouch food to be exact), I am almost scared to switch to homemade food. It kinds sounds dumb, but I am.  I mean WB is such a handful to feed that I don’t want to ruin the fact that he “likes” to eat.  So do I switch it up  and make baby food or do I keep with the pouches?  And umm, the spoons that attach to the pouches are genius.  Genius.

~The clean eating train crashed.  And burned.  Looking back, it started to go downhill when WB started eating poorly.  Which meant I was sleeping poorly (i.e. setting my alarm clock for 4am so I could sneak more food into WB).  But it appears I picking up the eating slack for him.  He didn’t eat.  I did.  Sounds like a plan right?  Not.  I have since realized that I am not pregnant with him, so my eating more won’t help him.  So the clean eating train is slowly starting back up again.  Sh*t happens.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it that’s for sure.  Oh and WB, now that you are eating better, let’s stop getting up at 4am okay? Because one day soon, I’d like more like than 4 hours of sleep in a row ;).

~I still have not gotten a tattoo yet.  B hasn’t either for that matter.  I am pretty sure I am going with the original back of the neck idea.  I think.  Maybe.  Can you see why I haven’t gotten it yet?  I may need to have another kid just so that it doesn’t look like a life span.  And I have put more thought into this tattoo than I have out into most “big” decisions like, buying a house, having a baby, retiring, etc.

~I posted about WB’s eating issues a while back, so I guess that needs an update.  I am pleased to report he continues to eat “well”, but it is still a challenge.  He is super easily distracted and still needs to be fed in a dark and quiet room.  In fact, it’s easiest to feed him when he’s sleepy.  If it were up to WB he’d eat an ounce or two here or there until he felt full and then he’d be on his way again.  And then he’d scream all night because he was hungry.  He’s too busy to eat.  He doesn’t scream and arch his back while eating anymore though.  He just moves his head away and starts talking and smiling and sitting up.  Which is way better than being in pain ;).

I can’t think of any more updates.  If I missed something and you are dying to know, just ask!

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