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Two Questions today…..

~What do you collect?  Like do you have a collection of shot glasses or dolls or something along those lines?  I have a few things that I like, but I don’t know if I could say that I “collect” them.  I like to pick up a Christmas ornaments from everywhere I go on vacation, I like to get all sorts of different kinds of stress squeeze balls / animals / things from places and it’s more of an addition than a collection, but I have a thing for water bottles. I have water bottles in every color, shape, type, etc. you could imagine.  So random!

~What is one subscription box you want to try the most?  Not which one is your favorite because we already did that, but, if money were no object, which one would you get?  This one is hard because there are so many I’d want to try.  But I think the one I wonder about the most (mainly because I do not know of anyone who has ever received it) is “Black Box“.  It starts at, umm, about $1000/quarter and I just, I just don’t even know what a box like that would include! More realistically I am curious about Unbox Love (that’s a referral link) which is a date box.  I haven’t seen anyone get that yet either and I might just have to subscribe myself to see what they do!

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s answers!!!  Hope you are having a great Tuesday so far!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Laura K

    What do I collect? Too many things, but my favorites are post cards from friends, art pottery, antique jewelry, boxes from small to large, paintings, turned wood and metal sculptures. Things have to scream “TAKE ME HOME” or just make me smile.

    The box I want to try the most is Tyler Florence’s, but I already have virtually everything they send out. Weird fascination I know. Lol

    1. Jennifer

      His box is done!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh gosh, that i one I want to get monthly too!

  2. Crstina

    I don’t reall collect anything. I used to work at Starbucks when I was in college and would collect the litte Bearistas…. I still have them and hope they are worth $$ one day.

    I really want to try PopSugar! I love reading your reviews and it’s so tempting!! Maybe I will try it out next year. I have so many expenses coming up (Disneyland trip, sons 2nd birthday, and the holidays)! Hopefully they have a great deal ont hem on Gilt or Plum soon.

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe they will do another long term deal!

      Those little bearistas are cute!

  3. Andrea

    -My husband and I have a few too many collections! I would consider my purses/shoes/accessories/clothes to be a collection, but also old pop bottles, records, vintage cameras..basically anything old lol. Also movies, I’ve got to be getting close to having at least 900 DVD’s not including the seasons I own.
    -I don’t think there’s any one box I would try if money wasn’t an issue, I would get literally every single subscription out there!

    1. Jennifer

      I think a purse collection is a good thing!

    1. Jennifer

      I laugh every time I hear this. I am like a 12 year old boy!

      1. Even my grandma laughs about it. The beavers are moving from my secretary (it has a glass case on top) to a full China cabinet in the new house. They were um, overgrown? HAHAHA. It’s shocking how many I have but a lot of people buy them for me. They’re so unusual to find (I don’t collect anything with real beaver in it btw) that people feel the need to give me whatever they have found. It was just a funny little thing and now it has a mind of its own. I also have a good amount of beaver themed jewelry.

  4. Elizabeth

    1. Not sure if I really collect anything. My girls collect pressed pennies though. So every time we find a machine I have to find enough quarters and pennies 🙂

    2. If I could get any box I wanted, it woudl be the PopSugar Must Have box.

    1. Jennifer

      Those are fun!

  5. Nicole

    I collect vintage pyrex, random I know. I would love to try a few of the more expensive quarterly boxes. It’s to hard to narrow it down to one!

    1. Jennifer

      No, that’s neat!

  6. Mrs. L

    My husband and I try to pick up a fridge magnet from places we go (we both kind of did that before we got married so we combined them and are adding to).

    But um, my real collecting obsession is cookbooks. Never met a cookbook I wouldn’t buy lol. Used. New. Old. Doesn’t matter.

    I want to try the Arianna Huffington box. And dang when is that Isaac Mizrahi box coming out?

    1. Jennifer

      I heard that his box fell through??

  7. Nikki H

    I feel funny admitting it, because it seems like one of those things you probably shouldn’t collect, but my husband and I have ammased a collection of those plastic hotel room door “keys” from our various stays. Not the super plain boring ones, but some of them look pretty cool, and are a fun reminder of a vacation. At some point I’m sure I’ll do some sort of DIY project with them. We also collect those flattened pennies you can find at just about any tourist local, lol. We have one of the collectors passport books and everything 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I am cracking up because I used to take them from every hotel too. I traveled a lot for work and I liked to have them all.

      1. PA Anna

        We keep room keys too when they are from conventions or have nice designs.

  8. Lia

    I don’t really collect anything specific anymore. I keep corks from wine opened on special occasions or little trinkets from special dates with my fianc?. I put them along with a picture from the day in small shadow boxes and have them all grouped on the wall in top of our staircase.

    I really want to start Indiespensible. I love to read and spent the majority of TWO days in Powells when I was in Portland last year. The price is high but, unlike other book subscriptions, I think it’s worth it since you get first edition signed copies usually before they are released plus extras. I haven’t done it yet because we are saving for the wedding and I have a huge pile of books on my nightstand to get through!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a cute idea with the wine corks / trinkets!

  9. Erin

    I am with Ashley, ME looks awesome but holy price tag!

    And I collect those big spoons (that I think are for lying cooking spoons on while cooking but I don’t actually use them) from all the different places we visit. I even found them in Italy!

    1. Jennifer

      Where do you put them all?

      1. Erin

        ha! Right now my baking rack is holding spoons and fruit – I am in serious need of shelves. I also try to only get one per place so like if we go to San Diego I just get a San Diego one, not one from Old Town one from sea world. That would be out of control!

  10. shawna

    1. I collect EVERYTHING. Books. I have an entire room of just books. Globes. Cocktail accessories. Napkins (cloth or paper). Scrapbook stuff (though I rarely sit down and scrapbook). Shotglasses if I ever go anywhere. Maybe these are addictions moreso than collections, but there you have it. I also have a legit throw pillow problem.

    2. Popsugar, fancy (not sure which one) and olivebox.

    1. Jennifer

      I bet the book room is gorgeous!

  11. Lynsey M

    Umm the Infinity Black Box is $100k a year!?! Do they send a Bentley??

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think we’ll ever find out!

    2. Jorja

      Well, it’s even worse than that…it’s 100 thousand GBP (pounds)! With current exchange rates, that’s like $168k in American dollars! We just got back from our honeymoon in Europe and learned exactly how weak our dollar is compared to pounds and Euros. 🙁

  12. Liz

    I want to try out the Nina Garcia box, currently on the wait list 🙁

    1. Liz

      thats odd I went the site and I can buy it?!!! hmmmm decisions

  13. Mallory B

    I collect coffee mugs. Coffee/tea is just so much more satisfying out of a fun cup!
    I just want to try every subscription box out there, but mostly either Nina Garcia’s Quarterly Box or Nicky Hilton’s Fancy box!

    1. Jennifer

      Totally agree on the fun mug thing!

  14. Beth Rang

    I collect rubberstamps (especially ones I can use to make cards with these themes: island-style, Harry Potter, tea and England).

    I would love to try one of the Quarterly Boxes created by someone I like and admire. Someone did a review of the Harry Shum box, and I was having major envy because it’s sold out. I really enjoyed his taste, and I wouldn’t have liked the cool photo montage of him dancing!

    1. Jennifer

      I want to see some of the cards you make!!!!

  15. Angela

    I collect pencils and purses. I have a serious love for all things from the office supply store but somehow cool pencils are my biggest collection. I’d like to try the le metier de beaute makeup box but I just can’t justify that much money for makeup that I don’t pick out myself!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh that is another one I wouldn’t be sad to try!

  16. Deborah

    I collect Elephants, and needlepoint kits to do when my kids are out of the nest.
    The one box I would love to get would be any of the complete meals that I have seen you get, like plated ect.. It would be great for someone else to plan my meals with fresh food…

    1. Jennifer

      They were talking about Plated today on Live with Kathie Lee and Hoda!

  17. Hannah

    1. I don’t know if I collect anything. I keep all of the info cards from my subscription boxes and I have way too many books.
    2. I reallyyy want to try Nina Garcia’s box and/or Escape Monthly

    1. Jennifer

      I FINALLY threw all my information cards away. It was getting bad!

  18. carolyn

    i collect masks , faries, and magic wands i have several wands that friends and family have made for me and i have made a few of my own my favorite is one a friend made for me from a giant paint brush i want to try unbound and after reading your comments and going to their website hubby and i are going to try the unbox love date night box it just sounds like fun setting down for an evening of creating coffee mugs then sharing a cup of hot coca or making chocolate candies in the kitchen playing fun games . sounds like a simple and fun way to spend an evening together

    1. Jennifer

      Report Back on what you get!

  19. mirta

    I collect bbw candles and horror movies, kinda makeup and polish but I wouldnt call that collecting, just getting some stuff I want and selling what I don’t want to use anymore
    and oh yeah lately brandy melville clothes, kind of

    boxes – only useful one that I think I might want to try is for my dog. I don’t want to pile up stuff I will have no use for and you can’t choose all the content so I rather buy what I want for more. I don’t own a house though, we rent and move 🙂

  20. Kristin

    Collect? Old Country Roses pieces
    My aunt gave me a 3 place setting, I now have a complete 4 place settings, tea set, vases etc but the pupalups broke my large vase

    Boxes – quarterly boxes

  21. Amy

    I love to get Christmas Ornaments from vacation. We go to the Outerbanks every year and I get a cheesy one each time. My kids hate some of them because they are soooo bad (like a goofy looking crab or something) and hide them far inside the tree.

    I used to collect BE makeup….and purses….but my husband asked me to stop. lol.

    I would love to do the Popsugar LE boxes. Someone has to find out what is in the Black Box!!!!! WTH is in it? LV purses? what kind of luxury items would you want to pay to be surprised with? I have to know now!

    I love scentsy products as well and just keep buying those little melts to mix….

    1. Jennifer

      My tree is a total mishmash of ornaments from all the places we’ve gone and I love it!

      Someone does need to find out! It likely won’t be me though. Unless I win the PowerBall!

  22. Chrissy

    I collect owls! And anything pitbull related because I adopted two and volunteer with a bunch of local rescues. 🙂

    I would honestly LOVE to be able to try every sub box out there! Some of the unboxings look so fantastic and I would love be able to wait out the okay months to get that one box that makes it all worthwhile!

    1. Jennifer

      I totally hear what you are saying about the boxes. Everyone always asks my favorite, but it always depends on the month!

  23. Jennifer

    I really want to try Montessori by Mom but it is not in my budget right now. I have an almost four year old who did not qualify for Pre-school due to age and would love to work with her using this approach. I have yet to meet anyone who has tried the subscription.

    1. Jennifer

      As for collections (I almost forgot); I am a working mom so with 7 kids I collect whatever is needed 😉

    2. Jennifer

      7 kids! You are my hero!

  24. PA Anna

    1. Christmas ornaments from places we visit. I love seeing them on the tree and remembering the places.

    2. That’s hard. Either Monthly Express, $149.00 Golden Tote (never tried either size tote), or Stitch Fix. Or being able to buy whatever Quarterly boxes I want instead of thinking. “Why did I buy the 1000 Places box?” I think if money was no object I would had kept the 1000 Places box instead of returning it. I liked some items, but not enough to justify paying the $50.00.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t know you could return Quarterly boxes?? That is good to know!

      1. PA Anna

        It was easy. I emailed them explaining I did not like the box. They sent me a prepaid UPS shipping label. I printed out the email authorizing the return and wrote my address on it because they did not provide a return number or form to put in the box. Then I dropped it off at the UPS store while doing errands. I need to email them to clarify if it is a credit or a refund to the credit card. Either is fine with me. I really wanted to like the Paris Themed 1000 Places 🙁

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