Baby Gift Guide (aka What WB is Getting)

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Baby Gifts

First of all can I just say how cool I think this collage is?  It’s the first one I have ever made on Polyvore and I am impressed with myself.  It kinda does all the work for you, you know?

I feel like buying things for a baby at Christmas time is kinda silly because, umm, they have zero clue what is going on you know?  When L was a baby, we went to Las Vegas for Christmas.  No really, we did.  And it was great since he had no clue what was “supposed” to happen.  However, that won’t be happening this year since L is older and knows that Santa brings toys to all good little boys and girls.  And well, it’d be hard to explain to L why he got a big pile of toys and WB got nothing.  And he’d ask.  Trust me.

WB’s big gift is the FP Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza which is W approved and looks super fun.  In fact, I think  L is going to love it too!  His other “big” items are the FP Laugh & Learn Musical Table and the FP Animal Sounds Zoo, both of which were free with purchase at TRU!  Buy stuff for L and the niece and nephews, get free stuff for WB! Sounds good to me.  I got the Plan Toys / Green Toys / Haba things mainly from the huge sale had a few weeks ago and from a Groupon deal.  And of course, I used ebates to get me some cash back whenever I could!

What’d you get for your little one this holiday?  Should I do a similar post for L’s things, my wishlist and B’s wishlist or is this boring?  And what do you think about Polyvore?

And Happy Hanukkah to everyone out there who celebrates!  I’m not going to lie, I always thought it would be amazing to celebrate Chrismukkah a la Seth Cohen from the O.C!!!  Do you celebrate Hanukkah?  Chrismukkah?  Tell me your traditions!

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  1. Jenny

    I love your collage. I’ve been wondering how you do those. I need to try some out on my blog. I’d love to see all your lists. I’m pretty done with my boys but with their birthdays in Jan and Feb I like to get their gifts after Christmas with the great sales. 🙂

    We have the music table. Actually got it for N with a FP house party 4 years ago and C plays with it now. Great gift but noisy so be warned. 🙂 C (age 22months) big gift is the Dancing Mickey that was all the rage last year. He loves Mickey and dancing so he should love it. Also got him some Little People stuff and Handy Manny stuff. Same deal as you with him still not really getting it but if he didn’t have gifts N would notice and would ask what was up.

    N (age 5 in Jan) is getting alot of Star Wars and Nerf stuff. I ordered from zulily for the star wars stuff and really did good. I also got some Imaginext from the Kohls BF sale.

    I could say we are done just need a little more stocking stuffers for them. 🙂 Now I need to decide on what to get my hubby. We have a couple small things but I need a good WOW gift.

    1. Jennifer

      I usually do them on Picasa, but this was my first Polyvore one.

  2. Wendy

    great collage!

  3. Jenn

    How cool! Love that you scored some big freebies!

    I’m not cool – I got my little one a potty and a step stool. He doesn’t know they aren’t toys!

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