Christmas Eve Ramblings

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~My plan for today is to bake cookies. And then bake more cookies. And more cookies. All this needs to happen before we go to a Christmas party later, so I have a lot to do. I considered starting them last night and staying up super late, but I know L totally wants to help and would be sad if I started without him, so I waited. It’s always more fun to have someone to bake with anyways!  What holiday tasks do you still need to complete?  I think baking is it for me!

~Last night we went to Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village. I think we all look forward to it every year. L has been the most excited about it because he’s had his eye on this train set they have in the gift shop there for months. Every time he goes there with his Nana and Papa he hears “maybe at Christmas time”. And don’t think he forgot. Oh no. He beelined right towards it and was so thrilled to get it. And the rest of us were thrilled to get our annual glass candy cane ornaments (they make the glass ornaments right in the village and you can watch). This years were purple and white and we all loved them. I have lost a few of the candy canes in my various tree crashes over the years, so I gotta rebuild that collection. And since we went so late in the season, we seriously got the last ones in the store!

The ornament

~I briefly mentioned it yesterday in my poll (*), but I have watched a few episodes of Catfish and am now hooked.  Catfish, a new(ish) show on MTV about on-line relationships. This is all so crazy! I know NEED to see the movie. I found out that you can get it on Netflix and now I just need to talk B into watching it with me. I actually think he’d like it. Does anyone else watch?

~And from Catfish, I relearned about google image search. I totally need to start using this to give proper image credits. Just for fun, I put in a picture of my Christmas apothecary jars and came up with lots of results.  And I started thinking maybe I should be watermarking pictures?  On one hand it just seems so formal,  but on the other hand, I don’t think it’s cool either for people to be like hey, look at my great idea or this picture I took or whatever you know?  Do you watermark?  Let me about it.

~B signed up for the Iron Warrior Dash and is all excited about it.  It’s 15.4 miles and will end up being part of his 30 races in his 30th year.  Yep, he wants to run 30 races while he’s 30 (he turns 30 in April).  I’m guessing he’s probably got six or so races planned already including this one, the Warrior Dash, the Tough Mudder, the Urbanathalon, The Turkey Trot and the Detroit Marathon 5K.  That leaves a ton of races for him to find!  Any ideas?  He doesn’t really want to run farther than a 10K unless there are obstacles.

(*) I cannot believe so many of you enjoy wrapping presents! Please come to my house next year. I’ll bake you cookies and make you some sort of craft in exchange??

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  1. lisa

    I put my website on my photos since I don’t like other people using them. I’m sure they can crop it out, but it makes me feel slightly better. ps. Run B Run!

  2. Stephanie

    I’m hooked to Catfish too! I can relate to some of these stories! I’m going to re-join Netflix so I can rent the movie! I was going to re-join anyway, but this is the little push I needed!

  3. Michelle

    I know that Kelly’s Korner watermarks her pictures. She did a blog post about how she does it too. Seems simple enough. Her watermark is right in the middle of the picture so no one can crop the out.

    Thanks for such a fun blog.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Liza

    MTV has the movie on quite frequently if you’d rather DVR!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I am so going to search for this. Thank you!!!!

  5. Alison Weeks

    I water mark, i don’t want someone taking pics of my little one and reusing them! I also watermark all pics on my blog.

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