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~I finally got to see some spoilers for the PopSugar Luxury Edition for Him Box and like the Woman’s Luxury Box, I am on the fence.  Although, I suppose it does not matter what I think about since it’s not for me!  B is scheduled to get his box on Saturday, so I will do a full post on it then.  In the mean time, check out MUT for pictures.

~I only posted like a million pictures on Instagram about it, but in case you missed it, we went to Build A Bear Workshop the other day. We’d never been before, but one of the other mom’s at L’s school took her boys and they loved it, so I thought L might enjoy it too. And OMG, did he ever. He had seen the “Rudolph” bear on a commercial and wanted to make that one, but sadly, they were all out. So what did he select? A nice brown bear? A dog? No, he picked a rainbow bear. And then proceeded to put bubblegum scent in it, an Alvin & the Chipmunks song and then dressed it like Woody from Toy Story. Complete with socks and underwear. Build A Bear certainly isn’t cheap, but it was super fun and L LOVES this bear (aka Rainbow Buddy). We will so be going back.

L + Rainbow Buddy = BFF’s for Life

~Other than the typical salt dough handprint ornaments, does anyone have any ideas for an amazing gift that I can have the kids make for their favorite people? They were going to make calendars, but it appears it’s a little late for that now. Or is it? I suppose I don’t need them until the beginning of the year right? What are you kids making / giving as gifts?

~WB turned 8 months-old yesterday. 8 months. I have no clue how much he weighs or how tall he is, but he’s a just a little guy that’s for sure. It’s kinda funny watching him do stuff because he just looks so little to be being so crazy! His interests still include crawling at record speeds to the dog bowls, trying to get anything L is playing with that he shouldn’t have, and now, the Christmas tree. He’d be best described as spirited. 99% of the time he is happy, but the other 1%. WATCH OUT. Also WB still insists on drinking bottles when he’s 1/2 asleep (save for rare situations), but loves all pouch foods. I may or may not have recently likened feeding WB to bottle feeding a squirrel.

~I owe L big time for WB’s monthly onesie pictures (above).  Now that WB is so mobile, pictures the last few months have been so hard to take.  Part of the problem is me and that I need to take them in the same place every month.  And the other part is that WB thinks it’s more fun to stand up and go all crazy in his crib than sit still for a nice picture.  But if L sings to him, he’ll sit still long enough for me to snap a picture.  If only I had the Picasound app for my big camera!

Just a cute picture of a cute kid.

~I have a lot of Christmas activities to tackle in the next few days.  As usual, Christmas has snuck up on me.  My agenda includes wrapping presents (I hate this task), making gingerbread houses, looking at Christmas lights (the tackier the better), and doing a little last minute shopping.  Luckily B is off work tomorrow, so I will be able to get some things done!

~And finally, are you planning on hitting any of the after Christmas sales?  I am going to Target (of course) to stock up on gift bag gifts and wrapping paper.  I may go elsewhere for wrapping paper though because I wasn’t into much of their paper this year.  I also want to go to GAP because they have great after holiday sales and you can find lots of good stuff for cheap!  WB wore a sweater to L’s school Christmas party yesterday that I got for <$3 last year at GAP.  I’ll for sure be on the hunt again.

The < $3 sweater.

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  1. Heidi

    squeeeee!! I love the half-wink and sweet little grin on WB’s face, soooo cute! Both your boys are adorable 🙂 I never got my act together to get a picture every month of their first year for of either of my boys, love that you did this!

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