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~First of all, I am certain that all you really want to know this morning is who won the PopSugar Must Have Luxury Edition box (and the December box). Well, I don’t know. See, I wrote this post in advance (like I write most of my posts), so no name has been picked yet. As soon as I get the kids up and fed and happy (well maybe just up and fed), I will draw the names and announce it. By the super latest, it will be 11ish, since WB would be napping then. But it will likely be much sooner.

~I worked on gift bags for L’s friends at school (their holiday party is this week) this weekend and I am pleased to report I took it easy on myself this year and did not do anything handmade for the bag. I briefly considered making Jolly Rancher suckers (these, but with a stick in them), but quickly dismissed that since food made by people I don’t know kinda of creeps me out and I am guessing other parents feel the same way. I’ll do a post detailing the bags later today, but I can tell you that the bags themselves (which were $0.50/each) were the most expensive part ;).

~B and L have started a new Sunday tradition where they go out to breakfast together, just the two of them. They usually go to IHOP (they both love that place) and then to get B’s car washed. It’s so cute to watch them get ready to go out. L always always wanted to match. Always. This weekend he suggested that B get a bright red angry birds shirt like he has ;).

~I need to clean up my “Links I Love” page because I know not everyone on that list even blogs anymore and I know that I am missing a ton of great blogs that I read. And I want you guys to share your favorite blogs in the comments. It can be your blog or any blog you love! I’d love some new reads.

~In addition to all the other fun we had this weekend, which included cartoon and pajama Saturday, playing on dirt piles, playing in the sandbox and basically just relaxing (save for B’s Saturday night out), B and I had a day date yesterday.  I can’t even tell you the last time just B and I went somewhere?  And to me, the most romantic place for a date is the casino.  We had a great time!  And didn’t lose (too) much.

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