PopSugar Must Have Luxury Edition Box SPOILERS!!!

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PopSugar Must Have Luxury Edition Box


Okay, here is a quick list of what is in the PopSugar Luxury Box.  DON’T scroll down if you don’t want to be spoiled.  Prices are guesses on some of the items because I am not sure what sizes everything is?

– Deborah Lippmann Lip and Nail Duet (in Drops of Brandy and Glamourous Life) ($38)
Tocca Candle ($38)
Vosges Mini Chocolate Library ($25)
Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer ($38)
– Compagne de Provence Liquid Hand Soap ($24)
– Heather Belle Niki Cuff – Polished Brass ($52)
– Jewelmint Clutch ($60) (Not pictured. I have no clue where to find a pic).

Total $275.  I’ll update this with better pictures, better pricing information, etc. as I hear more about the PopSugar Luxury Edition Must Have Box.  And of course, I’ll post as soon as I hear what is in the Men’s Luxury Edition Box.  In the mean time, you can check over at MUT for more info!  What do you think?  Yay?  Nay?  I’m still on the fence. I am not overly thrilled, but I do always like things better when they are actually in my hands you know?

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  1. clarisse

    ahh i’m excited, i’m actually most excited for the clutch !

  2. Japolina

    I think that this is a pretty good box. The candle and lotion are great as well as the cuff and clutch. I hope that mine comes quickly.

  3. Aimee A

    Im actually most excited about the cuff. Ive been trying to wear more jewelry. And I loved the wrap bracelet we got previously.

  4. Joy

    I’m not really sure how I feel about this box. I understand that the price of these items are high, but I normally wouldn’t spend that much on any these products. It will be different once I actually have the products in my hand. Thanks for posting!

  5. mabel

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i cant wait!!!!

    1. Alicia


  6. meagan

    I am excited to give some of this stuff as gifts. I got a really cute clutch, in fact I thought it was a flask at first and I like the cuff, candle (Cleopatra) and nail polish because it’s a dark red but everything else is fully a gift.

  7. Laura

    I was excited to get this box, but now that I know what it contains it is pretty much a letdown. Considering what the regular popsugar boxes have contained in the past I thought this box would a) have more products and b) have products that are a little more luxe. However, I am excited about the Deborah Lippmann set. I have been a Jewelmint member for over a year and the clutches are actually older items that are not even available on the website anymore. They didn’t sell very well when they were released so they were given as a gift with purchase on the site as part of a promotion and later listed as sale items.

  8. Alicia

    I think the luxe box is great. I just got it yesterday and it’s all about quality and not quantity! =) Happy Holidays!

  9. Linda D

    Got mine today and just opened it. I love it! Looking for an interchangeable chain that goes with the clutch. I found a blog that says you can buy them for these new clutches.

    1. Laura

      The interchangeable chains and clutches are no longer available on the Jewelmint site. They have not been on the site for quite some time now.

  10. Christina

    I can honestly say that I’m VERY nervous now. I placed my first order with PopSugar for the Luxury Box for Men. This is a Christmas gift and after reading this post, I’m hoping this box doesn’t contain a coupon or discount towards something. I will be p*ssed.

    Did any of you receive a shipping notice, confirmation, anything prior to receiving the ladies’ luxury box? It’s Friday and I haven’t received an update since I placed my order.

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