PopSugar Must Have 2013 Fall Limited Edition Box Review

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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box – Fall Style

Well, well, well, look what finally showed up today! My PopSugar Fall Style Must Have Box! This was a limited edition box that was offered by PopSugar and cost $100. This is the third Limited Edition women’s box they have offered. The first was the Luxury Box from last holiday season and the second was the Summer Fun Box they offered in the Spring.  Every time they offer a Limited Edition Box (they have also offered two men’s ones) I act like I am going to be all strong and resist and then two seconds later I order.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx SmartPost and it took SO long to get this box I almost forgot it was coming.  I “found” it in the FedEx system on 9/4, but it didn’t actually get picked up by FedEx until 9/13.  It’s totally 100% my own fault for tracking it before they sent out the tracking e-mail, but I can’t help myself! I wanted my box!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
The Box in the Box
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
First Look

Like with all of the other Limited / Special Edition PopSugar boxes, the outer box was a plain brown and the actual box with the goodies was a black PopSugar box.  Also unlike the regular boxes, all of the goodies in the Special Edition boxes are wrapped up like presents.  It actually really was like opening a present this time because I had forgotten everything that was in the box!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
The Information Card

The PopSugar Special Edition Fall Style Must Have Box came with an information card which I read in detail.  Some people had mention that they didn’t think many of the items were fall related, but the card explains it.  PopSugar says “When we think of Fall style, our minds go right to our favorite designers gearing up for New York Fashion Week, and we included pieces from a few of them”.  They also included some luxurious beauty products and a treat to pamper yourself during the busy time.  Here’s what the box included:

~Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 Gold Knot Ring ($75): All Rachel Zoe rings come in one size, a 7.  It’s fits me fine, but I probably wouldn’t have been too happy had it not fit.  I tried to take a picture of it on my actual finger, but umm, my hands looked like those of a 90 year-old. I need to get some fancy cream for that or something.  Man.  Or maybe some gloves?  Something!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Rachel Zoe Gold Knot Ring

~Cynthia Vincent Classic Shoppper Bag ($85): I had been stalking (browsing) MUT and Instragram to check out everyone’s bag styles (PopSugar sent out lots of variations) and some of them I loved and some, yeah, I didn’t love.  I was almost scared to open mine.  But OMG I love mine.  LOVE! I wasn’t sure at first, but yeah, I love this print.  The bag is actually huge and is silk.  So fancy.  I love it.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Cynthia Vincent Classic Shopper Bag

~Library of Flowers Bubble Bath ($36): I don’t take baths, but I have heard others say that they use bubble bath as shower gel so that’s what I plan to do with this.  It’s such a gorgeous bottle and is exactly the thing I would drool over in the store.  And it’s so much bigger than I was expecting.  I thought $36 for bubble bath was crazy expensive, but this bottle is huge!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Library of Flowers Bubble Bath

~Christian Lacroix Riviera A6 Lay Flat Notebook ($13): Not my favorite design (PopSugar also sent out variations on this), but not my least favorite either. I have been using notebooks so much lately and this is for sure the fanciest one I have now.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook

~Goldfaden MD Skincare Doctor’s Scrub ($75): This scrub works to buff away unwanted chemicals, improve skin tone and reduce fine lines and pore size. I will probably rub some of this on my hands every night in hopes I can do something about that too ;).

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Goldfaden Md. Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator

~stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette ($45): I love all these colors and think that sending a palette instead of just random shades to people is the way to go.  Sure, not every color will work for every person, but everyone should be able to find something they like.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette
stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette

~Beurre & Sel Cookies (Rosemary & Garlic) ($10): I’ve been hearing lots about these cookies – specifically how they are not, umm, good.  I opened them right away, expecting the worst, but they weren’t bad!  They were super crumbly, but not bad!  I wouldn’t buy more or anything, but they weren’t awful.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Box - Fall Style
Beurre & Sel Rosemary Parmesan Cookies

All totaled I came up with a value of $329 for the Fall Style PopSugar Must Have Box! Pretty darn amazing considering that the box was only $100!   I personally loved this special edition box (it might be my favorite of the three to tell you the truth) and look forward to using (or finishing as the case may be) every single thing in it.

Like I mentioned before, the box is now sold out, but you can still use the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first PopSugar Must Have Box subscription!  October is already sold out so make sure you get signed up before November sells out too!

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  1. Amanda Dukes

    i like your bag mine is very colorful al;0so i use it all the time .its something i would never go out and bye but i use it a lot

  2. Beth

    I am so jealous of everyone elses cynthia vincent bags… Mine’s the worst. Otherwise I absolutely loved this box!

    1. julie b

      impossible. i got the worst bag. it looks like a lava lamp vomited.

      1. Kelly Stratton

        You Must have received the same bag as me?. because I described my bag is vomit as well. I was really hoping for the black-and-white one, or similar. Not the Ikat vomit. Grody.

  3. nichole budnick

    I have been horrible about checking my emails I would have got one for my mom for sure. At least she doesn’t know about since she isn’t computery lol

  4. iomay

    I actually loved the cookies! I’d buy them again or check out other flavors.

  5. michelle

    I really like everything in this box, even the cookies! I think if people referred to them as “biscuits” they might have liked them, cause when I think of cookies I think something sweet, which these are not. My bag is like a light blue with gold “bracelet” and spotted pattern. Its not bad, seems more like spring colors to me.. And my notebook looks like parisian couture sketches. My coworkers and I bought one for my boss, thanks to my suggestion and she loved it! I was a little dissappointed tho because we both got the same exact patterns. I was hoping to see the different variations. I think I’m hooked now and will have to buy these special editions everytime they offer them!

  6. Elizabeth

    The scrub is my absolute favorite. So was the ring… But I lost mine. I think I must have taken it off when I was washing my hands and left on the sink of some restaurant’s bathroom. 🙁 just my luck.

  7. Mrs. L

    The ring fit me which I was surprised. I really like it and think it will be great for this fall (I have lavender nail polish on and it so doesn’t go LOL). Is there a place that shows all the different Cynthia Vincent bags?

  8. April K

    I have something fantastic for your hands!!! Have you ever tried Rodan + Fields? They have some hand products that are wonderful! I was just going to ask you if you wanted to review some products and then I read this post! Let me know if you are interested!

  9. Karen

    We got the same notebook. I actually like it but I am sure there were cuter patterns. I love your bag as well. So vivid are the colors. What does your bubble bath smell like. Mine reminds me of really old lady perfume but hope in a hot bath it won’t be so bad.

  10. Margaret

    So I finally received my Fall Box late last week and my September box yesterday (shipping problems Popsugar?). I decided to go spoiler free this month and have been avoiding your website for fear I’d see some spoilers. I thought the Fall box was amazing and I love all of the items, although I haven’t tried the savory cookies. But everything else was so beautiful. However, I thought the September box was just okay. I was a little disappointed with the coasters and the book but think the diffuser is awesome. Despite my disappointment, compared to other subs, Popsugar is the best so overall it was a good box. I don’t think I’ll be going spoiler free anymore. I missed reading MUT posts and your blog and I missed out on that fantastic fall giveaway you had! Plus, I wasn’t any more excited when I finally received the boxes. The good news I get to read all of your recent posts!

  11. Frances Tolley

    I loved everything in the Fall Style Box. I. Was prepared for the ring not to fit and I was thrilled when it did! I love my bag…I even like the bubble bath!

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