POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2013

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September PopSugar Must Have Box
September PopSugar Must Have Box

Well what do you know, my September PopSugar Box appeared on my porch today!  I was shocked when I saw that it was out for delivery this morning and didn’t want to get my hopes up in case it was some sick joke, but nope, there it was!  I may have scared the dogs with how excited I was to see that thing!

September PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post and typically takes at least a week to arrive to me.  This month, however, it was only 5 days.  I’m going to consider it an anniversary present that it came early and not get my hopes up that it will happen again in future months.

September PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

I knew what was in the box, but that doesn’t make first looks any less fun.  Okay, maybe it does a little.  My cousin (the one who went to the Birchbox Local event in NYC for me) got her box yesterday and texted me right away saying how fabulous it was and how she loved it all!  And then proceeded to make me jealous that she had her box and mine hadn’t arrived yet!

September PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

According to the card, “the September Box is all about doing it yourself, whether that means starting a new project making something for you or a friend, beautifying your home, or tackling an endurance workout”. As always, PopSugar does an information booklet instead of just a little information card.  Each item has a separate little page which discusses the products and tells you what “Must Have” category they fit into.

Must Have Home
~Barr Co. Diffuser ($45): I’ve been so anxious to smell this ever since I saw the PopSugar spoilers and I am super excited that I like the scent.  It’s a blend of “milk, oatmeal and vetiver (aka grass)” and smells amazing.  It’s way better than the diffusers I keep buying on clearance at Target, but then again, it’s 10x as much ;).  I’m hoping it lasts as long as the diffuser we got last fall did because that thing stayed good for gosh, 6-7 months?

September PopSugar Must Have Box
Barr-Co. Original Scent Reed Diffuser

Must Have Fashion
~P.S. You’re Invited (40+ DIY Projects for All Your Fashion, Home Decor & Entertaining Needs) ($15.91): This book is by the founder / creator of “P.S. I Made This” and I have done a few of her projects that came in the Limited Edition Birchbox Home boxes. They are always trendy and adorable and don’t stress me out which is key. I can’t wait to dig through this book to figure out what project I will do first!

September PopSugar Must Have Box
P.S. You’re Invited by Erica Domesek

Must Have Home
~Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Coaster Set ($16):  Rifle Paper Co. has some of the cutest paper products and we’ve actually seen them in a previous PopSugar Box (we got the Lined Paper Notepad last fall).  These coasters don’t “match” my office, but I am using them in there anyway.

September PopSugar Must Have Box
Rifle Paper Co. Coaster Set

Must Have Beauty
~Kitsch Headband Set ($11.99):  I may be most excited about these.  My hair tie collection is huge, but headbands are harder to come by.  My crazy post-baby bangs are still growing and it drives me batty when they fall out when I pull my hair back.  These couldn’t have come at a better time.

September PopSugar Must Have Box
Kitsch Headbands

Must Have Fashion
~Shoptiques Gift Card ($25): I haven’t gotten a chance to browse much at Shoptiques, but  I’m totally using my gift card on something.  It’s actual gift card, so you can apply it to shipping costs too, which is awesome.  I also believe it will stack with coupon codes, however, I can’t find any right now.

September PopSugar Must Have Box
Shoptiques Gift Card

Must Have Food
~That’s It. Bar ($1.67): No real thoughts about this bar.  I’ll happy try it, but I’m not OMGSOEXCITED about it.

September PopSugar Must Have Box
That’s It. Bar

Must Have Fitness
~Sharkies Energy Snacks ($1.70): I’m going to save these for B because he’s got a race this weekend something tells me he’s going to need a little energy either for this thing.  He’s running the Iron Warrior Dash, which is 15.6 miles of running and obstacles.  Ouch!

September PopSugar Must Have Box

All totaled I came up with a value of $117.27 for the September PopSugar Box!  I use actual prices and not suggested retail prices, so my valuations are typically on the lower end.  I thought this was another fabulous PopSugar box and as always, I am giving away a September box to one of you guys!  All you need to do is enter in Rafflecopter below and you’ll be all set!  I’m not totally sure if I can ship a diffuser (all that liquid has me wondering)  out of the country, so this is U.S. Residents Only -sorry ;(.

And of course, if you are interested in subscribing to PopSugar, click here and use the coupon code REFER5 to save $5 off your first month.  October is already sold out and I am guessing with the holidays coming up, November will sell out quickly as well, so if you are interested in a subscription, sign up now!

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  1. Alice

    I like the book the most. As much as I love pinterest and blogs, there is just something about DIY crafts in a book format.

  2. Jennifer

    Love the headbands!

  3. Kelly

    I am going to have to check that book out!

  4. Jean Eckert

    I would love to try that reed diffuser!!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    I am most excited about the headbands!

  6. Natasha

    I love the coaster set – so cute!!

  7. Erin

    I’m most excited about the headbands. I can never get enough and I’ve never seen these.

  8. Megan

    I would love to try the headband set- I think they would be great while working out.

  9. Megan

    I would love to try the headband set- I think they would be great while working out!

  10. Sophie

    My favorite item has got to be the diffuser. Mmm the scent just sounds heavenly.

  11. Annette

    I really want that diffuser to arrive, I’ve got my Diptyque Baies I got for my birthday which is lovelyyyyy but I need a fall/winter scent and I hope this is perfect. It better ship soon, I’m getting super antsy!

  12. Sandy

    Love the Rifle coasters! They are beauties!

  13. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the notepad, headbands and gift card! 🙂

  14. Kim Hahn

    My favorite is the book! I would love to win this box!

  15. Mallory

    The diffuser is my favorite, for sure! Well, without smelling it, it’s my favorite.

  16. Evelyn

    The headbands. I’ve been trying to find some that don’t slide off. I figure I could do a quick pony put headbands on and look okay but I can’t seem to find any that don’t slide back.

    1. michelle

      I’m having the same problem with these! I think im going to add some hot glue beads on the underside and see if that works

  17. Bonnie Davie

    I’m hoping to win a box!
    I love your reviews on Boxes! 🙂 They always make me excited about my own boxes show up 🙂

  18. Tabitha

    My fave item is probably the coasters. They are just too cute not to love!

    Also, I’ve tried the That’s It bar before in the apple/pear flavor. While I love the concept of 2 servings of fruit with no extras, I have to say that I did not love the bar.

  19. Sarah

    I am most excited about the book. I love doing projects like that and love having people over!

  20. Stacey Mc

    Fave item is the diffuser!

  21. Megan

    The diffuser sounds like it smells amazing! But I would love every single thing in the box!

  22. laura maya

    I think the diffuser… and the headbands…

  23. Amanda

    I am most excited about the book! I love doing little projects.

  24. Sara

    The diffuser… No doubt the expensive ones last forever… I bought one from Pottery Barn and its been 5 months but still smells amazingly strong!

  25. Audrey

    September box actually doesn’t look that appealing but I might try out October. Been thinking of joining for a while now.

  26. Maureen

    I think the coaster set is cute.

  27. Elizabeth

    I’m jealous! I got an email today from PopSugar, apologizing for the “slight delay” and promising to ship it out sometime this week.

  28. Michelle R

    I’m bummed, I just got an email from Popsugar saying my box is shipping late! My favorite item will be the book, I think.

  29. Andrea S

    That diffuser looks amazing, I would love to have it!

  30. Tori Franklin

    Can’t wait for my Pop Sugar subscription to start next month! Looks awesome!

  31. jmd

    I like the coasters – I don’t think I would use them as such, but they look like great decorative items!

  32. Elise

    I just signed up for Birchbox this month, but am considering adding pop sugar next month… I love your reviews!

  33. michelle

    I’m looking forward to the diffuser and book! I can’t wait for my box to come, it takes for-e-ver!

  34. Ashley H.

    The diffuser…we just got into our new house and it smells strongly of old people and I’d much rather my house smell differently.

  35. Gina F.

    I am dying to smell the diffuser! I have some lotions and things from them.

  36. Tara

    Loving the book the ost I am not crafty but really want to try some projects!

  37. Theresa

    My fav product is the difusser!! EEEkkk…I am sick in bed all day and your blog has kept a smile on my face!! THANKS!!

  38. Amy P

    The coasters or diffuser! Our new place is pretty barren for now.

  39. Christine H.

    I love that diffuser! Vetiver is one of my favorite scents!

  40. Hilary

    This box looks great!! I would love to see what the projects are in the DIY book!

  41. Pilar

    The diffusers are what I most want to try!

  42. Bobbi

    If I don’t win the box I am still going to have to buy the DIY book. Love doing those types of things.

  43. Jenny

    The book for sure. I like to think of myself as DIY although I don’t seem to get many projects done. 🙁 LOL

  44. Ally

    I really like the headbands as well. With Fall coming up, they’d be great!

  45. Jenny Birk

    Jen – what are the reed diffusers that you get at Target? They really last 6-7 months?? That is amazing!! Thanks!!
    ~ Jenny

  46. Laurel

    I think the diffuser looks great. I would love to try some of the DIY projects, but time is scarce!

  47. Kaitlin

    The diffuser is my favorite at first glance! I would never spend that kind of money in a diffuser (I think my last one came from HomeGoods) and who knew – the company is based in St. Louis (where I’m from).

  48. Tess


  49. Mrs. L

    I thought this box was being delivered today and it turned out to be the Fall Must Have 🙂

    Can’t say this is my favorite box. I’ll use the diffuser in the bathroom (cats would destroy it otherwise) and it will work great there…but I’d never pay that price for one. Not really a crafty type person so the book is kinda “eh” and it’s the one thing I honestly have no idea who I’d gift it to. Love the coasters! I change mine out every month or so, so these will be perfect next spring. Never wear headbands, but I’m willing to try them maybe at the gym or bootcamp. The Shoptiques card…well…all the clothes are made for folks much younger than me and there are only a few accessories on the site…so I have a feeling this will sit in a drawer until Armageddon or I magically loose 30 years. Can always use food stuffs (and the Sharkies are something I use, great before bootcamp if I couldn’t get a snack in). So yeah, probably my least favorite box in quite a while.

  50. Liz

    Ah! You’re so lucky. I received an e-mail today telling me mine won’t be sent until next week. And no sight of my fall style box… Womp womp.

  51. Kimberly

    I think the book is the best item! 🙂

  52. Deana

    I love the diffuser! That’s not something I would normally buy myself since it’s so expensive, but it would be a fun thing to receive!

  53. Jenny Clinkenbeard

    I absolutely love that diffuser! My fiance and I love candles and diffusers, so an item like that would get a lot of love here. 🙂

  54. megan cantrell

    I have some of those hair ties but not the headbands they look great!

  55. Brianna

    I am excited about saving the book for a crafty friend’s Christmas gift!

  56. Bonnie

    I think my favorite would be the giftcard. The diffuser would be nice too.

  57. Susan

    I would love a Shoptiques gift card!

  58. Victoria

    I have been very impatiently waiting for my box. Popsugar sent me an email this morning that all boxes should ship out this week but my FedEx reference number is still not found. The box looks really good but my anticipation for it makes it seem like a let down. I know I’ll love it when I get it but really hate the delay especially since I was charged on the 6th. My favorites in the box are the diffuser and the hair bands.
    Happy Anniversay to you and B!!

  59. Stacey

    I would love to try this! I am getting my first box in October an I can’t wait!

    1. kara

      I love the coasters and the book is a close second!

  60. Amanda

    I’m most excited about the headbands, I love headbands… mostly because I’m too lazy to actually do my hair before work in the morning. A messy bun with a head band are my go-to “style”

  61. susana

    Favorite item would have to be the, Shoptiques giftcard!!!

  62. Calli

    I want to try the diffuser!

  63. Jamie

    My favorite item is the diffuser.

  64. Jessica Dunkle

    Loving the coasters! The headbands are also a great item in the box as I am a college student always on the go in my early morning classes!

  65. Lissette

    I am a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. so I love the coaster set!

  66. Juli

    Love the headbands!

  67. Janine

    The diffuser is my favorite item, but I really like everything in this box.

  68. Lori

    The diffuser! They sell moisturizer and soap from that brand at Anthropologie, and I would love to experience it as a home scent.

  69. miranda

    the headbands look awesome

  70. gary

    the gift card looks good

  71. Ricki

    Those coasters are beautiful!

  72. Kristin t

    I would love to try the headbands

  73. Mahdi Martin

    The diffuser definitely, because I’ve never personally tried one! I’ve always been a candle girl, but I should try diffusers. They are safer after all!

  74. Cathy@Five Boys

    I am most excited about the book. It looks very cool and very doable!

  75. Lauren S.

    My favorite item this month is either the headbands (perfect for wearing to the gym – maybe they will motivate me to go?!) or the diffuser!

  76. Jordan M

    I would love the book and headbands. I also think it would be awesome to frame the coasters.

  77. esmeralda

    BOOK!!! we are building a house and would love to have a book on DIY

  78. Toni

    The diffuser but like the book too…

  79. kara

    Whoops, replied to someone elses comment…I love the coasters but the book comes a very close second!

  80. Shana

    The Diffuser!!!!!!!!!! Love those!

  81. Lauren

    The diffuser definitely!

  82. Nicole

    The book!! I love a good craft project.

  83. Amy Ballou

    My favorite item is the diffuser, I love smell goods!

  84. Crystal G

    Those pretty coasters!

  85. angela

    POPSUGAR needs to come out with a better promo code, im dying to try oneeee

  86. Erica Logan

    I would love that book! I am always looking for something crafty to do on Saturday when Jared is watching football!

  87. jeny

    I would love to get that book! I love all her DIYs!

  88. Lynsey

    Still nothing about mine!! I’m so sad! I did get an email from PopSugar this morning saying they are way behind and they will TRY to ship my box this week!?! =(

  89. Jean Anne Ong

    I actually am not subscribed to Popsugar. Seems like a great subscription service. I absolutely love the coasters you received in this months bag as well as the headbands! I hope to get to try this subscription in the near future (giveaway or not)!

  90. Amanda W

    Absolutely loving the coasters! I’m a sucker for floral patterns and love those.

  91. Janaya

    I love the headbands!!!

  92. Angela

    Ugh the diffuser looks so fabulous. So excited for October already!!

  93. Breann

    The P.S. Your Invited book! I love DIY!!!

  94. Mrs. L

    I too go that “sorry about the delay in shipping your box” e-mail. No tracking number yet so I just wait and see when it arrives.

  95. Kristin P

    I actually just got an email today saying I will be getting the September box instead of waiting until October. Now that I know what is in it, I won’t be a wreck waiting for it. 🙂

  96. Meg Mc

    I love the book and the coasters! I always want to be more crafty than I am, and I am kinda a coaster-pusher, so I can always use more:)

  97. Lisa

    The gift card would always come in handy!

  98. Bethsaida W.

    The diffuser!!

  99. Mackenzie

    Love it! Totally excited about the coasters, diffuser, and headbands!

  100. Caroline P

    I actually really love the design on the paper coasters! weirdo i know!

  101. Kristin Lockwood

    The diffuser and headbands!!! I need those in my life and I didn’t re-subscribe yet.

  102. Barbara

    I love those headbands. I have some similar to those. The book piqued my interest. I’m going to have to check it out! Thanks for the awesome review!

  103. Anna G

    The headbands & diffuser are by far my favorite. The book is nice, I’m just not very crafty!

  104. Kristie

    I love the diffuser! I might have to try to find this to try it. I also love the adorable coasters! So cute! This was a great box!!!!

  105. jacque

    this looks great!

  106. Madeline

    I love it all!!!!

  107. kristina olmedo

    I am a little sad I gave up this month but I am trying to purge all my junk! I really would LOVE those hair bands and the smelly good thing!

  108. Stephanie

    I’m so jealous, I love your box. I subscribed in August, and will be receiving my box in October, I’m counting down the days till I get it. I loved the DIY Book, and the diffuser. Can’t wait for my box.!

  109. Julie P.

    My favorite item in the box is the Barr Co. Diffuser!

  110. nicole

    I am most excited for the headbands! It is sooo hard to find good ones!

  111. Jill

    Even though I don’t know what it smells like, I think the diffuser is my favorite!

  112. Sara D.

    I love everything Rifle Paper Co!

  113. casiusher1018@yahoo.com

    The diffuser is def. my fave this month

  114. Shauna

    I would definitely be all over that diffuser if I received the box. Candles don’t do well in out house but diffuser would be great.

    Also, wanted to let you know that I put the wrong email addy down for my subscription. I’m subscribed under my blog email – shauna@littlecupofrandom. The tpcshauna one is where your newsletters go.


  115. Kathy

    The headbands are my favorite box item.

  116. Ash

    What’s the expiration date on the gift card?

  117. Linh

    love the notebook!

  118. Erika W.

    I love the Rifle coasters! Everything Rifle makes is so cute!!

  119. Natalie Hinkley

    Those coasters are so cute!

  120. Kathleen Engle

    Used my Gift Card tonight, things are expensive in that shop…. but I managed to find a bag for $25.00 for my laptop that doubles as a wine bag. (holds 2 bottles) out of pocket was 9.24. Love the book!!! Oh and hair ties Too!!!

  121. Lindsey

    Loved the box however mine didn’t include any headbands…must have been missed :/ I looked through the DYI book and am willing to part with it if anyone wants it!

  122. Crystal Roberts

    😉 I’m still waiting on my box to come. Maybe today.

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