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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I’m Loving…..

The Boys

The Boys. Okay, I say it every week, but these boys are the best. I took this pictures yesterday before the Christmas madness started yesterday morning and before L realized that he and WB didn’t have matching pjs on (L made WB change so they could coordinate). They were both so fun and excited about everything this year. L being excited makes WB excited which is super fun because WB obviously has no idea what is going on. And it’s going to get even more fun in the coming years!

I’m Loving….

Baby Beyonce

Baby Beyonce. I posted a while back about my love for the The Bloggess’ Metal Chicken story. My brother (and SIL) knew how funny I thought that story was and surprised me with this baby chicken (rooster?) on Christmas! I love it and am trying to decide on the perfect spot for it. Maybe my office?  B might not like it on top of the dresser ;).

I’m Loving…..

Playing in the Snow

Playing Outside.  I’m all about playing outside.  All about it.  But, I’ll admit it, I cannot stand it when it’s just freezing cold out.  And it’s been freezing cold out lately.  However, if its’ freezing and there is snow, even a tiny bit, I am game.  Winter is so much more fun with snow.  It just seems less cold when there is snow on the ground, I can’t explain it.  So please let it snow today!  Please!

I’m Loving…..

Guess Who? (image credit: TRU)

Guess Who?  L got Guess Who? from Santa and we’ve probably played a dozen times already.  L needs a little help here and there, but he’s actually quite good at playing.  Sometimes he even wins (without cheating or anything)  It’s way way way more fun than playing Candy Land.  Or Chutes and Ladders. 

I’m Loving…..

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (image credit: Sanders)

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels: Sanders is a local company and in addition to having amazing hot fudge, they make the best sea salt caramels I have ever tasted.  They sell them at Costco (at least they have them at mine), so if you ever run into them, buy them immediately.

I’m Loving…..
Baby Babbles.
Up until the past week or so, WB wasn’t much of a “babbler”.  Every once in a while I’d hear him making sounds, but mostly he just screamed.  Happy screams,  mad screams, just for fun screams, whatever.  He has one for everything.  But lately he’s been “talking” up a storm and I love it.

I’m Loving…..

image credit: Rock Ur Party

Champagne Jello Shots:  We have no New Year’s Eve plans (which I like), but I still might make these Jell-o Shots for B and I.  They look so fun, how could I not?  I’ll probably end up making some kid-friendly ones for L too.  I mean, how could I not?  Oh, and I should mention that I have made Jell-o *maybe* half dozen times in my entire life? Don’t ask.

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  1. Kelsey N

    Dillon loves his Guess Who game! He is always wanting to play. Where did they get “Baby Beyonce” for you? I want one, it is so cute:)

    1. Jennifer

      Yay! I am glad he likes it! Bryan saw the one I we got for Dillon and was all sad it wasn’t for him L. So we had to make sure to ask Santa to bring us one too! Bryan loves it!!

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