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Dear Michigan State, Thank you for not making that game even close yesterday. I am not quite ready to be stressed out during your games. Maybe next weekend?

Dear Etsy Seller Who Used My Easter Egg Wreath Image As Her Own, Umm, lady stop it. Your “friend” did not give you that image to use. I know this because it’s mine and we are not friends since I do not even know you. What are you going to do if someone orders this wreath? Who will make it?

Dear B, I know you really really really want an old car to restore and while I am not thrilled with the idea I am down with it because you know, I love you. But do you really need two? Just because someone has a 2-for-1 fixer up car sale doesn’t mean you need both.

Dear Half Days, You totally throw me for a loop. I actually need to set an alarm on my phone so I don’t forget to get L. It’s like you are over before you even start.

Dear My Forehead, Do you think we should get Botox? Because I do.

Dear Rob Lowe, Are you seriously 50? I cannot believe that. You are hot. Like hot hot. I hope B looks like you at 50. I have a feeling he just might.

Dear Post Office, I know, I know. I need to come see you. Tomorrow. Please don’t have a line. I am begging you.

Dear Baxter, You stink. No, really you smell. I don’t know what you got into and I don’t know that I want to know, but you are getting a bath today. Like it or not.

Dear Buddy, Stop laughing because you are getting one too.

Dear My Brother, Happy Birthday!!!!  I know you read here daily (and leave snarky comments) and won’t say how old you are because that makes me look old too, but have a great day!!!!

Dear Starbucks, Stop e-mailing me. Please. I want a giant caramel flan so badly, but sadly you aren’t “clean”. On the bright side, I am not as crabby as I have been the past few days, so that’s good.

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  1. cindy

    Snarky is my new favorite word when i cant say the big b, love it. Someone really used your photo on etsy, i dont get it

    1. Jennifer

      It was a picture of something I made and she’s using on etsy as something she made.

      1. cindy

        yea i understand but why would someone stoop to that glad you reported it

  2. Beth

    My birthday is in a week. My present to myself – I’m making a botox appointment. I’ve thought of it since my 30th birthday – 5 years later, I’m getting it!

    1. Jennifer

      Jealous!!! I want to go. Report back!

  3. Alexia561

    How horrible that an Etsy seller would use your image in her shop! Did you send her an email asking her to take it down? And you’re right, what happens if someone orders one? Sheesh! Some people! 🙁

    Poor furbabies! Mine doesn’t like taking baths either, so I’m going to try rubbing her with baking soda and seeing if that works. Baths just stress her out so much that it’s a huge production we’d all rather avoid. Try to take pictures, as wet dogs are too cute!

    No botox! Abnormally smooth foreheads are scary looking!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I don’t want to turn into Joan Rivers.

      I reported her. She removed it, but how annoying.

  4. Dara

    Yeah, that’s pretty awful that she stole your image! Is there anything you can do? Contact etsy?

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, I reported it to etsy and emailed her. She removed it and said “her friend” gave her the image to use. Umm, okay.

  5. JT

    So do we get to see this theif worthy Easter Wreath? I need an Easter Wreath idea 🙂

      1. JT

        So cute! I’m totally going to have to try this one! Thanks Jen!

  6. Chrissy

    haha. My boyfriend is totally into restoring cars. He has a 1971 dodge charger and a 1972 javelin. I spend loads of time on ebay and craigslist trying to find super rare parts that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. He truly loves spending all those hours in the garage working on them though. I too warned him to just wait and finish the one before getting another but he *had* to get the other one when a great deal popped up. Its only mildly annoying when we have plans and I have to literally shut the lights off in the garage to get his a** in gear or even to come in for dinner. lol

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! You aren’t making this sound very attractive at all!

  7. Debbie Jensen

    I too set alarms on my phone so I don’t forget my kids, sometimes I have three different pick up times. I don’t remember having half day or my school time changing unless it was finals.. Schools are crazy for us parents.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s hard!!!

  8. Jenny

    OMG my game last night was horrible. So stressful and then we ended up loosing. Totally sucks. LOL Speaking of Rob Lowe there was a guy on the other team named Rob Loe and I did a double take I think every time they said his name which was a lot. And I totally agree about the real Rob Lowe he is smokin’
    We have lost most of our half days due to the snow and the ones we do have are on Saturdays so already a weird day. N has a field trip today so he asked if I was picking him up early since I did that one time. LOL uhm no kid sorry you will be staying at school all day.
    Tomorrow is my birthday and I know I’m old but I totally don’t think I look it. LOL yea lets just go with that 😉

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I watched that game last night. I was so nervous for you guys and was SO cheering for NC State!

      Happy (early) birthday!!!!!!!!

  9. Alison

    Okay I LOVE Rob Lowe… St Elmo’s Fire Rob Lowe sweating playing the saxophone is my fav but he’s still amazingly hot for 50. Also, I looked like 13 pages of the 42 on Etsy for Easter egg wreath to try to find the picture she used of your wreath… I stopped and decided to read your comments to see if you said anything about how she took it down, and you did… so I stopped my search.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!!! I should have updated that! I swear it was there.

  10. Shawna

    I am 37 and just got botox a month ago. I was very scared I would end up looking like Nicole Kidman, so I got very minimal amounts. Total of 18 units in my whole face (8 of those were under my mouth to ease my permanent bitchface look), and I LOVE IT. I still look like me, I just feel a lot better about myself. Some people tell me it was a waste of money because I look the same. The goal was not to change my face, just to make it look a little less worn out and a little more pleasant. I got exactly what I wanted and I am thrilled!!

    1. Jennifer

      This is exactly what I want! When do you have to go back? Did it take any time to settle??

      1. Shawna

        I couldn’t lie down for 4 hours afterward and they told me to keep scrunching my face so it would distribute properly. You will notice some differences fairly soon (I did) and take progress pics! 7-10 days is when they say it has fully “taken”. Like I said, I did 8 under my mouth (I can no longer whistle – haha), and then two above each eyebrow (I have hooded eyelids and wanted a bit of a lift effect so my eyelids would actually be visible), one in each crows feet area, and one under each eye. So ten total in that area, which is not much at all, and was perfect for what I needed. You can see my eyeshadow now!

        It lasts about 3-4 months. At less than $200 for everything I needed, I think it’s well worth it.

        My advice? Start with far fewer units than most research will lead you to believe you need. You can always add more in a couple weeks if you haven’t gotten the results you wanted. I am very happy I stayed on the low end.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh that’s not too bad. I think I can handle that. I just want to try “a bit” in my forehead and see what I think!

  11. Kara

    I just had the same conversation with my crows feet 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Did they say they wanted Botox??

      1. Kara

        Yes! Just a little bit 🙂 who am I to argue? They have needs too!

  12. karen

    I have to set my phone alarm and put things on my phone calendar or I would forget everything, like watching for the bus in the morning. You garage must be nice and organized now that Bryan is trying to make space. You may have the first rummage sale in the area. My youngest brother and I are 14 years apart in age and my closest kids are 17 months apart so just don’t give the year your brother was born and with the clean eating and Botox you could be going down instead of up in age.

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t mind if we were 14 years apart! That would make me super young! Who is 17 months apart? I would ask Bryan, but I know he wouldn’t know.

  13. April K

    Ahhh Botox is so bad for you! Don’t do it!
    There are better things out there!

    1. Jennifer

      I have been wanting it for years. Just a little?.. Nothing crazy?.

  14. Bethany

    Way to go for keeping up with your clean eating! You’ve inspired me–I went the last two nights without dessert after dinner! And agreed that Rob Lowe is a total hottie. Did you ever watch him on The West Wing? My family is pretty die-hard about that show. And BOO to the stealing Etsy seller!! The more I interact online, I realize that the internet world is split into two categories of people: (1) amazingly awesome strangers who would no doubt be my BFFs in real life, and (2) dishonest, mean, sneaky crazies who should be avoided at all costs. It’s just hard to avoid the crazies, especially when you have a public blog!

    1. Jennifer

      No, I never watched him on there. I should have though. If only for the eye candy!

      The internet is a wild place! I see my pictures on ebay a lot, but that she was acting like she made it and asking for people to pay for something based off a picture she didn’t make is too much! She did it with other peoples pictures too! Selling other things she didn’t make.

      1. Bethany

        That is crazy. I feel like there are (or should be) laws against that kind of stuff!

  15. Mrs. L

    Sigh. Rob Lowe. Sigh. Yeah, works for me. He has aged VERY well.

    Out of curiosity how much was the lady charging for the wreath? In the food blogging world it is an epidemic with folks stealing photos of recipes and putting them on their blog as their own.

    1. Jennifer

      VERY well.

      $60! I don’t get why people would even try to steal someone else’s food pictures. That is wild!

  16. Tammy

    I know better than to get between a husband and wife, but since anything goes on the internet…… if it were a 2 for 1 deal on a mystery box would you just get one? Just sayin’! :):):) I feel for you. I have zero interest in cars.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!! These are just on such a bigger scale. We don’t have unlimited garage space!

  17. Lauren

    What kind of car does B want to restore? My husband is a mechanic with a passion for off-roading Jeeps and classic muscle cars so he has a 87 Jeep Wagoneer and 67 Camaro. He’s restoring the Camaro and right now is working on rebuilding the motor and doing all the other mechanical stuff. He might as well be doing magic for all I understand. He’s going to have someone else do the body work and paint though. Honestly we may as well just be lighting giant piles of money on fire but I love him and he loves cars, haha!

    1. Jennifer

      I am honestly not sure what this one is! I know his dream car would be a 67-68 cougar.

  18. Karen

    Kevin and Bryan are 17.

  19. Danielle

    I tried my first round of botox ~4ish months ago (still hasn’t worn off – yay!) and LOVE it, too. Shawna (above) is so right. I trust my dermatologist and she said to me, “when you leave here, no one will know you had anything done” which is what finally made me pull the trigger. I had 30 units across my (large) forehead and it looks so natural. I’ve told only two people and no one else has mentioned anything. At my next appointment, I’ll do my forehead again and just a small amount in my crows feet. It took probably slightly over a week to settle and I had no side effects. Do it!!

    Oh, and my derm’s office does 10% off on a certain day of the week, which they don’t really advertise. If you have a dr in mind, you may want to ask them about that if you make an appointment.

    1. Jennifer

      My old ob-gyn actually has a clinic and does botox and all that fun stuff. I love him and I think that’s where I would go. I need to do it. Maybe for my birthday!

      1. Danielle

        Cool! I think going to a dr you know and trust is the key. One of my friends went to a dr that was injecting stuff w/o being trained! He’s being sued now.

      2. Danielle

        Oh, and that is definitely a good birthday gift to yourself!

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