Friday iPhone Dump 22

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Friday iPhone Dump is simply a summary of your week in iPhone (or whatever) pictures! Feel free to link up if you want to share!

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1. WB is addicted to broccoli cheese soup at Panera.  Like so much so that he gets his own bowl when we go there now.  He dips his bread in, eats it on a big spoon, just like a grown up.  He doesn’t know how to blow on it to cool it down yet (he makes farting noises at it instead), but he’ll learn.

2. I couldn’t resist that Erin Condren Notebook sale and picked (another) one up and some stickers.  In my defense it started because I had to order gift cards for the 4,000 Likes Giveaway.  Anyway, when my order came Monday it had a Golden Ticket!  Eeeek!!!!!!!  They put them in random boxes around St. Patricks Day and I was lucky enough to get one!

3. Like all the pictures of food I am NOT eating this week?  Why didn’t I find all this magic last week?  Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle?  How could I not buy that?  What if we have a big snowstorm and I am stuck inside for days and days and can’t get any fruit or vegetables.  Then I will need these.  LOL!

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4.  What is that on the ground?  Oh yeah, GRASS! It’s a mess, but our snow is finally melting (very slowly) and you can see it!  And what’s WB doing here?  He’s calling the dogs inside.  He stands at the door or on the porch and yells for them.  Too funny.

5. How sweet are these two? Snuggled under the blanket just hanging out.  I love it.

6. So not only does he eat soup, but he also likes salads.  Chopped ones at that.  I was sitting at the table eating and he was throwing a fit and wanted me to pick him up.  I thought he just wanted to sit on my lap, but no, he grabbed the fork from my bowl and went to town.  Really kid?

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7. L’s conferences were this yesterday and I am always entertained going in their classroom.  It makes me want to be a teacher.  Sort of.  It just makes me want to hang out at school more I guess?

8. They always have a book fair during conferences and they take the kids down there a few days before and then send home their wish lists so parents can shop for gifts or whatever.  I picked up some of L’s wish list goodies and he was thrilled!!!  I believe he put every lego book they had on his wish list ;).

9. People always ask for pictures of Baxter and Buddy, so here they are!  They are ready for Spring weather to get here too so they can get outside and play more!  Come on already!

How was your week?  Any big highlights??
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22 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Elizabeth

    I couldn’t resist the EC notebook sale either! I ordered another one (not on sale) that should hopefully be delivered tomorrow. And I’m really hoping there’s a golden ticket in that box 🙂

  • Diana Garza

    I swear L and my son, Bear are pretty much the exact same kid. The picture of L with his Lego books finally made me say something – my son gets all the Lego books from book orders and events, too. 🙂 Too cute!

  • Jenny

    OMG WB is so cute. I wish either of my boys would eat panera like that. I’m hoping when the new one opens near my house C and I will just go so often that he will find something there he likes 😉
    N picked Lego books from his book fair too. I have read way to many Lego books and the encyclopedia ones are the worst. Its like reading a phonebook.

  • MJ

    My cousin is turning 16 this summer and I was wanting to gift her a 3 month subscription to a beauty box (or any box I guess that would fit a sixteen year old), but I’m not sure what one I should do. I currently subscribe to Glossybox, Birchbox and Julep. I probably won’t do Birchbox or Julep because they don’t do 3 month subscriptions. Do you have any recommendations?

  • cindy

    where the heck is the salted carmel brownie brittle only seen reg at costco in gigantic saving size bag. Also hope you cked out the neutregena sun blox foam and spray 4 paks what a deal

  • Beth Rang

    Aren’t those book fairs the best? I usually volunteer to sell books, and to pack things up that need to go back to Scholastic. This time I also signed up to host some of those sneak peek sessions where the kids make their wishlists. The kids’ excitement over books is fantastic. I don’t think people realize how much kids still love books!

  • Kiersten

    I work at Panera and his addiction is justified! Even when I come home smelling like it, I still want to eat it all the time! I went in and got some on my day off today actually! So good!

  • Lauren

    My daughter is obsessed with the broccoli cheddar soup from Panera! She loves it so much she asks for it over mac n cheese which is unheard of for her!

  • Genevieve

    WB is so funny! I know he’s almost 2 but where did you take him out to eat when he was like 16 months? What’s your go-to when you need food and are out and about (I don’t give her McDonalds)?