December Mommébox Review

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Edited to Add: Mommébox is no longer in business.

December Mommébox

I signed up for Mommébox before they launched because it seemed like a cool box and because, well, the first boxes are always suppose to be the best.  So I got my tracking number for the December box, but it never updated.  I gave it a few weeks and finally e-mailed Mommébox to see what was up.  They offered to refund my $15 (I bought a 4-month subscription) and said they would send me a replacement box in January.  I was very impressed with their customer service as I would have either expected a refund OR a replacement box.  Not both.

The Box

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post, Mommébox is a curated box of beauty and lifestyle products for the mom who wants to stay beautiful, inspired and informed.

First Look

The December box was much fuller than the January box and looked like it had a better variety of goods.

The Information Card

Unlike the 2013 boxes, the Launch box did not have a theme.  Rather they sent a variety of products and services that cover some of this years themed boxes.

And here’s what was inside:

~OurSkinny Mini Meals($2): I totalled guessed at the price on this. The website sells them in bigger packs and I did not feel like figuring it out. It sounds good so I’ll try it.

ourskinny Shake

~Kelapo Coconut Oil($0.43): I’ve never cooked with coconut oil before (shocking I know), but I might as well try this. Just as a note, it appears from the package that coconut oil is actually thick. More like a paste.

Kelapo Coconut Oil

~Vaska Laundry Detergent($0.32): I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I am interested in trying it out.

Vaska Laundry Detergent

~Nature’s Kick Honey Stix($1.08): I am probably the most excited about these than anything else in the box. They are fun and L’s going to love them!

Original Honey Sticks

~Good Clean Love($0.47): I really wasn’t expecting this in my Mommébox? I thought it was an odd fit.  I’m not like offended by it or anything, but I didn’t expect anything that I wouldn’t want to have to explain to L if he was old enough to read either.  LOL.

Good Clean Love

~Kryolan Makeup($47): I have never heard of this brand before and certainly wouldn’t have paid $47 for these things. They aren’t bad (I don’t think) products or anything, but from doing a little research, it appears that this is more along the lines of stage makeup, which isn’t really something I have a need for.

Kroylan Makeup

The box also came with some coupon codes, including one to for 2 weeks of free workouts. I can’t really see myself using my laptop to work out with, so I am not including it in the value. All totaled, I came up with a value of $51.30 for this box. Would I pay $51.30? No. Would I pay $15/month, which was what I paid? Meh. I don’t think so. I had high hopes for this subscription and unless February and March are like 100x better than December and January, I’m out!

Do you subscribe to Mommébox?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  Want to learn more or subscribe?  Click here.

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