January Mantry Review – Hecho En America 3

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

January Mantry Box

Must to my surprise, B’s January Mantry box arrived today. I had received the tracking number a few days ago, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting it until like Tuesday. In fact, I received a ton of mail today that I totally wasn’t expecting. It was a good mail day for sure!

This month’s theme was “Hecho En America” which translates into “Made in America”. Basically it’s Mexican theme, but everything is made in the U.S. Cool right?

First Look

In case you ever wondered how big the Mantry crate is, hopefully this picture helps.  It fits perfectly inside of a Medium Sized USPS Flat Rate Box.  And, as always, I am obsessed with the crate.

The Information Card

I totally love Mantry’s product descriptions.  They are always so witty!  They do make me dig around for product links though since they don’t include them.

And now, here’s what was inside:

~San Angel Black Mole Sauce ($7.95): This sauce had 25 different ingredients and “highlights the rich flavor of nuts, raisins, and deep dark chocolate”.  Sounds interesting right?  I am going to use this over enchiladas like they suggest here.  I am actually pretty excited about this stuff and cannot wait to try it! (Los Angeles, CA)

San Angel Black Mole Sauce

~Hernan Mexican Hot Chocolate Squares ($7.95): This is probably the item I am most excited for in this box.  You melt one square in a cup of hot milk and then froth (with a blender or a whisk) to make it perfect.  Yes please! (Del Rio, TX)

Hernan Mexican Hot Chocolate Squares

~La Esquina Salsa ($8):  This is “the finest salsa in the world” and we actually had some on our tacos tonight.  By “we” I mean B since I was scared it would be too spicy for me.  B says it wasn’t, but since I think mild grocery store salsa is spicy, it’s best I stay away.  He liked it. (New York, NY)

La Esquina Salsa

~Olo’s Chipotle Paste ($11): I have never heard of chipotle paste before (I am clearly not a foodie), but it’s suppose to be a convenient way to add smoky heat to your food.  I obviously hope to never try this, but B is all into it! (Seattle, WA)

Olo’s Chipotle Paste

~Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans ($5.50): I’ve never heard of cranberry beans before, but I plan to make these when I make my enchiladas with 25 ingredient sauce ;).  But really, these do sound good. (Napa, CA)

Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans

~Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo ($17.98): This “Mexican meat in tube form” is dry-cured for 3 weeks and is a street food staple. And B is going to be all over it. All over it! (Boerne, TX)

Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo

The contents of the January Mantry box totaled $58.38. Obviously that’s less than the $75/month that Mantry costs, however, I don’t mind because we like Mantry so much! The products are unique and they do a great job with their themes! Interested in subscribing? Want to learn more? Click here!

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  • Mantry Team


    It’s such a pleasure that you take the time to share your experience. Thank you again, we need a quick hint into B’s favorite food 😉 … (info@mantry.com)

    -Mantry Team

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    I’m starting my own blog- about subscription boxes and beauty products. How do I get my blog out there? Thought I’d ask a blogger I like. This is a hobby I’ve always wanted to start and I am NOT trying to make money or anything off of it- I just don’t want to put tons of hours into something that zero people read. Any advice would be appreciated.