Favorite Things Giveaway!

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Favorite Things

First of all, I just want to thank you all for reading my blog (*). Whether, you’ve been here for a while or are brand new, I’m glad you’re here. Seriously!  I’m unclear what has happened in the past few months, but things have picked up around here a little bit ;). So thank you!

Now on to the good stuff! I finally settled on a few of my favorite things and cannot wait to get this giveaway started.  I personally love all of these items and I hope that you will too.  Here’s what’s included:

~Remix TimeBomb Watch (PopSugar Exclusive) ($50)(**)
~Tupperware Healthy Salad on the Go Set ($25)
~Quotes and Quips Bandages ($4)
~3-Month Birchbox (Woman) Subscription ($30)
~Crazy, Stupid, Love Blu-Ray DVD ($15)
~Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh ($23)
~OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Nail Lacquers ($10)
~diptyque ‘Baies’ Scented Candle ($24)

Yes, the winner gets ALL that stuff. It’s a total value of around $180! Awesome right? I am so excited about this giveaway and hope you all are too. Eeeek! What are you waiting for? Get entering!

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(*) And using my affiliate links. I saw this contest is sponsored by me, but really it’s sponsored by you guys!
(**) I got two PopSugar boxes this month – both with blue watches. So don’t worry, you will NOT be getting the watch I have been wearing ;).
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Clarisse

    This is a great giveaway!!! some of my favorite things are in giveaway which i’m excited about. My favoritte things are subscription boxes, candles, hot chocolate, workout gear, and my DVR

  2. Arrie

    Right now my favs are: subscription boxes, t-shirt sheets, project runway, and my double bob for walks on nice days!

  3. Stephanie

    This looks like a great giveaway! I hope I win 🙂

  4. Judy L

    One of my more recent favorite things is a Japanese moisturizer called Yu-Be. It was a sample in one of my subscription boxes (I don’t remember which one – how sad – I think that is a hint that maybe I have too many???) and it is the ONLY thing that has healed my cracked heels. I live in southern California, so I wear flip flops year round, so my heels were in pretty bad shape, but this moisturizer did the trick – and only after only one application! I am sold!

  5. Jackie

    Fun fun, thanks!!! I love lip gloss and nail polish and candles and Tupperware! 🙂

    1. Mary

      LOVE that you LOVE Tupperware! Jennifer just signed up under me and she’s amazing. She can give you the link to her site to place an order or do an online party or catalog party.

  6. Shelby

    What an awesome giveaway!! Some of my favorite things are books, subscription boxes, lip balm, Toms shoes, and make up.

  7. Aimee

    I love all ur giveaways! There’s a lot of stuff u use that I’d love to try! Thankyou fir the possible chance!

  8. Katie

    This is great! Some of my favorite things are my Ipsy subscription, my Benefit “They’re real” mascara, and my pixie double-sided liner and lipstick combo. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. Jillian

    Ohhh, some of my favorites things are my iPad, nail polish and subscription boxes!

  10. Lydia H.

    I hope I win!!

  11. Monica

    Great giveaway! I love the Fresh Sugar treatment and am looking forward to trying the Liquid Sand polishes!

  12. Jenny

    Your blog is one of my favorite things. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your comments everyday. We are so alike its scary. (besides the same name thing).
    Other favorites for me lately are my ipsy boxes I’m loving them, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. My tv guilty pleasures.

  13. Stephanie

    I’ve been dying to try that nail polish.

  14. Ivis

    Awesome giveaway!! I love reading your blog and always look forward to your pictures on Instagram!! 🙂

  15. Jaclyn

    Another great give away! A few of my favorite things right now are Starbucks, running, and anything “buffalo” style.

  16. Erin

    Love your blog. You got me to try a subscription box. Can’t wait to get my first one. Love tupperware, can never have enough 🙂

  17. Stephanie

    I’ve been dying to try those nail polishes.

  18. Leah

    I’m loving anything from PopSugar!! Loved my January box – yummy, fun and needed!

  19. Tia

    I love lotions and sparkly fingernail polish!

  20. Kristy W

    Hey Jen,
    I don’t know why but my computer never shows the rafflecopter link but my iphone does….weird. I did try to enter on my phone but not sure if I did. Let me know what I’m doing wrong :/ Another great giveaway powered by YOU 😉

    p.s. I’m sooo glad that your blog is taking off and doing so well. I believe the reason is because you are being exactly that….YOU!!! Congrats <3

  21. Diane

    Some of my faves are nail polish, purses & tote bags, wine and your blog 🙂

  22. Alanna Sproule

    Love all your fave things, Jen! Awesome giveaway!

    Right now my fave things are: starbucks to go mugs (obsessed with collecting them), pinterest recipies (ive been pinning tons of them forever but finally starting to actually make them), temple run 2 (its addicting), sparkles actually anything sparkly!

  23. Sadye

    I need to win this.

  24. MeaganS

    Thanks for the chance! I am into thick lotions right now due to how dry my house is (like Carmex and loccitane).

  25. Jessica R.

    This is a great giveaway. My current favorite things are Sour Patch Kids, subscription boxes, spicy food, young adult dystopian books, Parenthood, Ann Taylor Loft, and Ban and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream.

  26. Margo

    Great giveaway!!

  27. Blaire

    Great giveaway, thank you! I love candles with a fresh or more nature like scent, I love nice moisturizing lip balms, and last, but not least, I love cuddle time with my kiddo!

  28. Lori

    My favorite things are that blue watch that I absolutely must have and:
    My new Gap Long and Lean 1969 jeans.
    Godiva Chocolates…w/o nuts of course
    Athletic Clothing that looks cute on
    My Muck Boots – how did I live without these???
    My iPhone – Duh
    Chai tea
    My Keurig maker

  29. Kristin

    My favorites at the moment-
    Subscription boxes although all I get now is Door-to-Door Organics (does that count?)
    Lip gloss and Mascara. I hardly wear make up anymore but those two and Ole Hennreksin (sp) moisturizer are always at hand.
    DVR/iTunes for my shows. Grey’s, Scandal, Revenge & I like Don’t trust the B in Apt 23… It’s cute, light hearted and funny. Plus, James Van Dee Beek kinda drew my attention to it.

  30. Lori

    OMG I almost forgot – free stuff. I love free stuff

  31. Catalyn

    I love organic black tea, york peppermint patties, and lipgloss!

  32. Mindi

    This is a great giveaway! I love your blog and so appreciate your reviews and updates. My favorite thing would be the sugar lip treatment!

  33. Inna McAllister

    What an amazing giveaway 🙂 Nail polish looks pretty awesome and 3 months subscription to Birchbox is amazing 🙂

  34. Shannon

    AWESOME giveaway!

    Some of my favorite things are nail polish, subscription boxes, keratin hair treatments, and toddlers who listen and do what you say. 😉

  35. Jeannie

    I love Downton Abbey and Fresh products!

  36. Cathy@Five Boys

    I love lip gloss, chocolate (pretty much anything sweet) and those Bodum mugs we got in the PopSugar December box.

  37. Nissa

    Love your blog, keep it coming! Fun stuff in the giveaway 🙂

  38. megan

    OPI nailpolish and topcoat, sugar lipstuff, & philosophy shower gel.

  39. Kate!

    Winning these would be awesome! Especially the Sugar lip treatment and the Birchbox (my current gift sub is up soon). Some of my favorite things are Bliss’ foaming face wash, my Smashbox eyeliner and The mugs from last month’s PopSugar Box!

  40. Lindsey H

    Amazing giveaway! I have been wanting to try a diptyque candle for the longest time. Some of my favorite things at the moment are C.O. bigelow’s lavender salve, bath and body works lotion in vanilla bean noel, and the pitch perfect movie.

  41. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Thank you!!! Your giveaways are always soo awesome! I’m totally in love with everything that you are giving away!!! As always, I hope that I am the winner!!!

    1. Stephanie Bradshaw

      I guess I should tell you what some of my favorite things are at the moment…well subscription boxes for one, lol! Scentsy…I’ve got 8 warmers stashed all around my house and going at once…your blog, one of my favorite things to read throughout the day…my Burts Bees Lip Balm and um, Target of course…trying to stay away…need to save money, lol!

  42. Danye' Levi

    Awesome giveaway! I love your site! My favorite things are the Remix TimeBomb Watch, the Birchbox Subscription, the Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh and of course the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Nail Lacquers!

  43. Jennifer Cochran

    Right now my favorite thing is any sweater I can find. It’s COLD in Colorado! 🙂

    I love your blog, hope I win and get to try your favorite things!

  44. Haley

    I absolutely love Wen haircare. I received a free sample from a Facebook giveaway and absolutely loved it. It’s a must buy once I can come to terms with the price tag.

  45. Heather

    Awesome stuff Jennifer! Hope to win! Love reading you blog, it’s fun to see your family grow and keep in touch. 🙂

  46. Kelley

    Some of my favorite things are Matilda Jane for my daughter and I, lululemon and DHC cleansing oil! 🙂

  47. Chelsea W

    Right now a few of my favorite things are NYX Xtreme Lip Creme, Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Milk & Honey, Ulta “Fairy Princess” glitter eye top coat, and anything OWL related.

  48. Jency Kuriakose

    A few of my favorite things indeed! Lovely giveaway! I esp love that Fresh Sugar Lip treatment – it’s the best.
    Good Luck all!

  49. zoe

    My favorite things are my objects with a purpose candle, my scarves and coffee. what a great giveaway!!

  50. Alexa Moore

    Hi Jennifer!! I just discovered the Yes to Cucumbers.. Brand, love it! Great masks for my sensitive skin. Also, being four months preggo I don’t know if I could live with out my U Comfort Maternity pillow. I don’t know if you got sucked in to the idea of a pregnancy body pillow with your little ones, but let me tell you AMAZING!! 🙂 Giveaway looks great!

  51. Alice

    Benetint Lip Balm (the one in the jar but wish it came in a stick form) and Kindle (the cheap one cause I think that is enough for reading). Oh and sorta liking the black box that is always next to my name on this blog….I forgot I had a wordpress account that I never used and too lazy to change it to some picture.

  52. Alice

    Benetint lip balm (the one in a jar that I wish came in a stick form) and Kindle (the cheapest one because I think that is enough to read on). Also the black box from my wordpress account is growing on me (I forgot I had a wordpress account that was never used and also too lazy to change the picture).

  53. Erika

    Yayyyyy for giveaways!

  54. Ginny

    I love seeing all the new and exciting things from all of your ‘boxes’. I know I wouldn’t know about half the stuff out there if it wasn’t for your BLOG. 🙂 Thank You!! <3

  55. Kelly

    I’m pretty new to your blog, but LOVE reading it! This is a great giveaway!!!

  56. Jenn

    So super awesome of you! Thanks for having such a great blog 🙂

    1. Jenn

      So I totally didn’t read I was suppose to list favorite things. Uh… this blog? I also like getting crap in the mail. I guess my new favorite things are the stores Ulta and Sephora. I’ve never knew anything about them until a couple months ago. Now I know to avoid them or I will be broke. Been buying too much philosophy stuff.

  57. Liz

    My favorite things in no particular order are: RGB T1 nail polish, Diptyque Baies and Roses, Hanky Panky Undies, Fresh balm in Roses, Chloe by Chloe perfume, and my family.

  58. Rose Dolphin

    I love that lip balm!

  59. Sara D

    A few of my favorite things: my puppy Penny Lane, Kiehl’s lip balm, JM argan oil.

  60. michele

    hi!! my favorite thing is subscription boxes, which is how i found your blog! : ) Thanks for an awesome giveaway! : )

  61. Heidi

    lip gloss and nail polish!

  62. Jackie

    A few of my favorite things: Honest lip balm, subscription boxes, the boon spoon. Totally awesome blog, I love reading it everyday!

  63. Lisa

    I like contests and free stuff! And my little boy (2 1/2), and my husband, and vacation with them in warm sunny places. Also finding bargains and deals!

  64. Kaitlin

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway… Things I love… reading your blog, my two poodles, great food, clearance deals

  65. Maddy

    Chocolate, lipbalms, etc.

  66. Jill

    Some of my favorite things are subscription boxes, a good cup of coffee, and Benefit makeup.

  67. Jen

    Love give aways!
    My fave things this month: Brooks running shoes, Arbonne Toner, Bath & Body Handsoap!


  68. Stacey

    Jennifer you are seriously amazing! This is such a generous give-away!!

  69. Irene

    Thanks so much for giving us all the chance to win this great stuff! BTW, I love your blog!

  70. Ellen A.

    Some of my fave things… my Tervis Tumbler, Carmex Lotion, and OPI nail polishes. Love your blog!

  71. Kelsey N.

    You should’ve gave away those sweet Jesus bandaids 🙂

  72. Valentina

    I’m new to subscription boxes so I’m loving your blog right now!

  73. Michelle

    What a great giveaway! Some of my favorite things are lip glosses, nail polish and subscription boxes! 🙂

  74. Janelle

    I’m new to your blog but loving it so far! I’m a ipsy and birchbox subscriber and I just signed up for the PopSugar one. Can’t wait to get it! I live in a house with 4 boys and I’m the only female so it’s fun to have girly moments!

  75. katie

    Hot tea, wool socks and a good book!!

  76. Erica G.

    I love reading your blogs everyday! My favorite things are definitely my 2 dogs 🙂 They always keep me going!

  77. Jacki

    Awesome giveaway!

  78. Amy

    Great giveaway!! My favorite things are Starbucks, lipgloss, Bath and Body Works candles and nailpolish!

  79. Angie Petkoff

    Fun!!! Thanks Jen!!! I hope I win!!!

  80. Brittany K

    I have no idea how I found your site but I’ve been stuck here for hours reading through your subscription reviews! Love it!

  81. Margaret Smith

    Burt Bees Lip Balm.
    Shiny lip gloss

  82. Lily

    I got a sample of diptyque parfume in the mail once and absolutely LOVED it! And I thought Crazy Stupid Love was a great movie. I wonder if you’ve seen an upsurge in traffic because of increased awareness of various subscription services out there. That’s how I found your site — I wanted to see some reviews of Pop Sugar Must Have. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  83. Kristen Kleiva

    I would love the nail polish (I’m kinda obsessed), lip treatment and birchbox!! I’ve always been curious about the birchboxes!! Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway!!

  84. Danielle

    One of my favorite things is definitely that Sugar lip treatment! So good!!

  85. Kyra

    A few of my fave things – my iphone, the gap thermals I picked up in 4 colors for like $2/piece for myself, layering funky bracelets and the Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shea and Cashmere Hand Cream (smells delicious!)

  86. Lanier

    What an amazing giveaway! My favorite things right now are coffee table books, green smoothies, and my faux fur chinchilla blanket!

  87. Amanda

    I am also new to subscription boxes but feel the addiction right away!

  88. Crystal

    Personally I thought the watch was adorable so I was pretty sad that I didn’t get my popsugar box this month. (I was also bummed to miss out on the balance ball)
    As for my favorite things that are separate from this list…I have been thoroughly enjoying my new Owl City cd, I think the Hobbit movie was phenomenal. And I adore my Zombies, Run! application.

    Thank you for your generosity.

  89. Alison W

    Right now my favorite things all have to do with Chalk Paint! Loving it right now and excited to get some pieces painted.

  90. Jamie

    If I win I will let you giveaway the watch to a secondary person since I have one, also in blue! But, I need everything else!!!!! 😉

  91. Shannon Shaffer

    I love checking your blog during the day at work!

  92. Shawn

    My favorites right now are ugg boots, strawberry body shop body butter, and subscription boxes!

  93. Christine H.

    Coca Cola made in Mexico sold in a glass bottle and TV show marathons have been my two favorite things as I’m stuck inside with a cold! Great giveaway!

  94. Susan

    Wow, this is so cool! Crossing all my crossables!

  95. Kimberly H

    Some of my favorite Things are…Slap your Mama Spices that I found when we moved to Texas. Love this stuff put it on everything. LOVE monthly Subscription boxes.
    As for the things in the Give a Way I LOVE the Watch and Tupperware…I am secretly a Tupperware addict. What does this mean??

    Thanks for the Fun Give A Way.
    Kim from TeXas

  96. Kira

    Thanks! Honestly your website got me to start subscribing to these addictive boxes…all your fault!

  97. Marti

    My favorite things are Burt’s beeswax Chapstick, Kate Somerville face tanning wipes, People Stylewatch magazine and Aveda products.

  98. Katherine

    My sewing machine, fat quarters, orange creamsicles, scented candles. are just a few

    1. Jennifer

      I just googled “fat quarters”. I thought you were talking about money. LOL!!!!!!!!

  99. terr1

    I would so love/need to win this… I’m unemployed since march last year after 30 years on the job and i can’t do the fun spending i used too 🙁

  100. soon p

    Some of my favorites are lip balm especially trader joes spearmint lip balm, playing dr Mario and hearing my bAby laugh!

  101. Debi B.

    Diet Pepsi,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Strawberry-Watermelon Water…..
    Anything to help my dry lizard skin
    Willie Baby ,Little Man Lucas lol
    I love fun funky unique watches.
    I love the Red lotions and.ect at Bath & Body Works.
    And a lot of things mentioned already.
    Thanks for the giveaway. :*)

  102. Elisabeth

    What an amazing giveaway! Lately I have been loving Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and the book Jane Eyre. 🙂

  103. Chrissy

    That’s awesome! I would love to win!

  104. Sara

    What an amazing giveaway! I love candles, cookbooks, coffee table books, fresh products, & watching new shows! (right now we are in the middle of revenge). Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  105. heather

    i would love to win this one thanx for the great giveaway

  106. Breanne

    Some of my favorite things? Essie nail polish, peanut m&ms, jamba juice smoothies, and new mascara (doesn’t really matter the brand).

  107. Claire H.

    Lately my favorite things have been my Old Navy slippers, Lands End sweat pants and my soy candles. Wow I just realized how old I am.

  108. Jen

    Right now some of my favorites are nude nail polish, Pitch Perfect, haribo gummy bears and homemade frosted sugar cookies.

  109. Olga

    Some of my favorite things are subscription boxes, movies and nail polish!

  110. Celeste

    Some of my favorites: Burts Bees lip balm, coconut oil (wonderful moisturizer!), jelly belly jelly beans, & my Clarisonic!

  111. Ann Fantom

    My iPad is my favorite thing

  112. meredith

    My favorite is the sugar lip balm, i hope i win, i received a sample from sephora, but just cant get myself to pay the $23 for it !

  113. Karla

    My favorite things – Kate Spade handbags, tulips being back in season, dry shampoo because I am too lazy to wash my hair everyday, my new lululemon running vest, making my baby giggle, having my oldest make up lyrics to songs =)

  114. Kathy S.

    Yay! This looks amazing! I just found your site last month when researching reviews of birchbox man. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  115. Amanda

    My favorite thing right now is this amazing $90 face cream that I got for free from my BIL’s girlfriend who works for Bloomingdales. I would NEVER spend that much on face cream (or really on any type of beauty product) but I LOVE it. That, my iPhone, and my water tumbler and I’m a happy camper.

    How about instead of playing this whole “giveaway” deal, you just send it all to me. Sound good?

  116. Cathy

    I’m newish to your blog (found you in searching for, yes, the infamous subscription boxes) and I’m very glad to have found it – you have a great energy in your writing and are fun to read!

    Favorite things, let’s see. I love Talenti Salted Caramel gelato (yes, even in winter), the West Elm online sale section, and, as in your giveaway, the Fresh Sugar lip treatments, most especially when they’re tinted.

  117. Ann Fantom

    Some of my favorite things are my iPad, Dove chocolates and Eternity perfume.

  118. Emily

    Yarn and chocolate are my favorite things.

  119. Maureen

    I have a number of favorites but just a few are milk chocolate and caramel candies. I love Noro Taiyo yarn (for knitting), I love the classic Coach purse, I love a pair of loafers, I love mascara (because if anything that is the make-up I put on). I love dove shampoo.

  120. Marie

    Love the posts!

  121. Melissa

    Such great things! I have never seen Crazy, Stupid, Love. I will have to see it!

  122. lisa

    Wow. Just what I need! More nail polish!

  123. Kali

    OMG!!! I love the Sugar lip balm. I have one on the nightstand, one in the bathroom, and one in my purse! I am also slightly addicted to subscription boxes!

  124. Chris Noe

    I love my new phone (galaxy iii), raspberry truffles, hamsters and Mexican food (not in that order).

    ezmerelda at mail dot com

  125. Kelly D

    I Like my Burt’s Bees lip shimmers, Reese’s Cups, and my Keurig coffee machine.

  126. kirstyn

    some of my favorites are baby lips, my subscription boxes, and the toofaced return of sexy pallet! Thanks for another giveaway!

  127. Greta

    Would love to win the subscription boxes! Something I would probably never sign up for on my own.

  128. Shana

    My favorite things are essie nail polish, kiehl’s lip balm #1, hanky panky thongs, apricot coconut kind bars, and starbucks skinny vanilla lattes!

  129. Cindy Aiton

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. A few of my favorite things… Rosebud Salve, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions, Sven clogs, Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince, and this giveaway. 😉

  130. Rach

    Definitely Birchbox and sugar lip treatment!

  131. ana

    I am getting hooked on the monthly boxes. Can’t wait for them to come in the mail!! Thank you for a great blog!

  132. Stephanie O

    Ziploc rectangle- three section containers, squeeze apple sauces, Crock Pot, Air Bake cookie sheets, Bare Minerals makeup

  133. Shannon Barnes

    Some of my favs are shoes, ethnic food, dogs, gardening, reading blogs, and cooking.

  134. mary b.

    love the sugar lip treatment

  135. Larisa

    My favorite things are subscription boxes, Instagram, beauty samples, PLL and shopping at Tj Maxx.

  136. suzanna

    love subscripton boxes and even better yet giveaways 🙂

  137. Michelle

    Totally love your blog and check it several times a day since I found it a month ago! Great giveaway!

  138. Susan Lowry

    My favorite things includ my iphone, notebooks (I am a list maker), chapstick and I love the excitement of subscription boxes, but am too cheap to pay for many of them. I have tried cravebox a few times and have been majorly disappointed. 🙁

  139. Emily W

    This giveaway is right up my alley!

  140. Kelsi Simpson

    Love the sugar lip treatment and tupperware!!!

  141. Alysia

    I love…Starbucks, Target, my pink plaid scarf that I’ve been wearing all the time to the point that it’s probably getting annoying, & of course winning stuff!

  142. Tiffany C

    I love pillow pets and subscription boxes (partly thanks to all of your amazing reviews)! Now if there were a subscription box for pillow pets….

  143. Freeda

    Some of my fav things are enjoying the weekend with my family and experimenting with new makeup products!

  144. Jessica W

    I’m loving the German mini collection from OPI, and the Too Faced Sexy palette. Both are very fun and make me feel great!

  145. Chelsy

    I love my macbook, iPhone, doing my nails, candles, movies, Panera, and Pretty little liars.

  146. Laura

    Makeup, Subscription boxes, my yorkie poo puppy, and TV (loving Nashville and FaceOff right now)

  147. Liz Allen

    Love the watch! Super cute. I’m also totally in love with the Tupperware. I’m seriously a Tupperware junky!

  148. Shirley

    Oh wow, looks like I gotta get onto this blogging. I would love to be able to do these sort of giveaways in the future!

  149. Corin

    Wow! Amazing stuff! I’m intrigued by the bandages.

  150. Catherine

    Some of my favorite things: macarons, the ocean, cupcakes, subscription boxes, surprises! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Melanee

    Love it! I want it all!

  152. Elizabeth

    I am really liking that watch. Also, unrelated to the giveaway, I really like watching Homeland.

  153. Courtney

    I am currently loving my mulled cider candles, my FitBit, dry milk, and smoothies! LOL Weird, I know.

  154. Norma

    You have the best giveaways EVER!!! One day I will win!!! Ha!

  155. Katie Contests

    My favorite intangible thing is sleep lol! Otherwise… my iPhone and thrift shops!

  156. Michelle

    You rock! Thanks for doing another give away! 🙂

  157. Michelle

    Well, I failed on that first comment…I didn’t tell you any of my favorite things. Let’s try this again…. 🙂
    1. my camera…canon rebel xsi (digital)
    2. Mary Kay makeup….I have tried so many different brands and I always come back to MK
    3. Ficocello’s Gloss N Shine….kind of a like pomade, but not as greasy
    4. Scentsy – I love candles, but since my husband isn’t such a huge fan of fire, scentsy is a great solution. I get the great smell throughout the house and my husband doesn’t have to worry about the fire. 🙂
    5. Sweet Home Alabama…one of the best movies ever!
    Thanks again for doing this give-away! 🙂

  158. Karen

    Some of my favorite things are a good haircut, enjoying a cup of coffee in my backyard when it’s quiet and winning a sweepstakes every once in awhile!

  159. wendy

    I love popsugar boxes, anything spa related, and Doctor Who! <3

  160. Julia

    Love your blog & seeing your AWESOME scores at Target 🙂

  161. Kellyn

    Great giveaway! I absolutely love Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh in Sugar Coral Tinted!

  162. Realia M

    right now my favorite thing is my immersion blender!

  163. Leigh

    My favorite things are my subscription boxes, my new blog, and trying new makeup, nail polish, and skincare. Oh, and my husband and kids. Well, sometimes. 😉

  164. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

    I love Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes, Juicy Couture Viva La Fleur perfume, and MAC lipsticks!

  165. Vera K

    I like anything made of colored glass!

  166. Abby

    I love subscription boxes and lip balms!

  167. Heather S

    I like books, games, making bead bracelets and going on hikes

  168. Kristin T

    My kindle, wine, and chapstick!

  169. rachel

    Dark chocolate m&ms, French press coffee, my husband!

  170. Tiffany

    Some of my favorite things: Nicole by OPI nail polish, Simply Lemonade, awards shows, Krylon spray paint.

  171. Sarah

    new fan of the blog!! love it so far!

  172. Kayleigh

    Some of my favorite things are:
    1. Burt’s Bees Chapstick
    2. Dishwasher Safe Travel Mugs (it’s the little things in life)
    3. Simply Orange Juice with Pineapple (or Mango)
    4. Suave for Kids Awesome Apple Detangler

  173. Casi

    My favorite things right now are my Apple TV opi nail polish subscription boxes PLL on abc family and my nook!!!!! This looks like an awesome giveaway however I never when anything!?!?!

  174. Rosemary ford

    Some of my favorite things are. Lavender bubble bath, then pamper
    Myself with a rich lavender lotion. I love nil polish

  175. Ash Johnson

    I love my Kindle and subscription boxes.

  176. Brooke

    I absolutely love reading your blog! You’re so real and refreshing! Some of my favorite things are nail polish, hanging out at home, my iphone and target! I know you love target too – it is seriously a black hole – you can go in needing only a few things, but I always end up coming back for more 🙂


  177. Brittany

    Such a fun giveaway! I’m in busy season right now, so this would be such a great surprise. I’m pretty much obsessed with all your favorite things and most of them are on my list too!

  178. Megan Arnow

    mox botanicals lip butter, disney baby onesies, fruit.0

  179. Ju P.

    Some of my favorite things are dogs, subscription boxes and chocolate!

  180. Elizabeth

    Some of my favorite things right now are quilts – of any kind, subscription boxes, and basically anything from the container store. What a wonderful giveaway!

  181. Megan L.

    I totally thought that the candle was “babies” scented – Lol! My biological clock is ticking or something. Anyway, I’d LOVE to win! <3

  182. Sarah H

    Fun giveaway! Thanks!

  183. Stephanie

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love nail polish, chocolate, subscription boxes, my Siamese and candles 🙂

  184. Beth

    A few of my favorite things…
    Coffee, target clearance, free samples, contests, and great blogs!

  185. Christina

    Thanks to your site subscription boxes have became one of my favorite things! I’m totally addicted, and had to explain it all to my boyfriend yesterday who was wondering about the craveboxes that showed up in the mail! lol =D

  186. Jess

    What a great post! I love LUSH products. Have you tried them yet?

  187. My Birchbox is one of my favorite things, too! Some of my other very favorite things are Trader Joe’s Enrich moisturizer, Special K’s new Protein cereal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, M&Ms, Chobani Greek Yogurt, and OPI nail polish.

  188. terr1

    this is awesome. also i’ve been looking for promo code or coupons for the diamond candle you talked about; if you find something pass it on please. i want one! bad…lol

  189. Val

    Wine, vibrams (toe shoes), Tom’s shoes, yoga pants, yoga, tuna poke or tartare, mexican food, nail polish, blogging

  190. brandy

    ok, i’ll skip the kids, husband, family mushyness. my favorites right now are matte topcoat, my screw earrings, and vaseline lip therapy.

  191. JT

    Right now my favorite thing is splurging on luxurious lingerie — Kiki de Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Mimi Holliday — I can’t get enough!

  192. Danielle

    I love your blog! One of my favorite things is reading your blog in the morning!

  193. Mom

    Some of my favorites things (not in any particular order) are my iPhone, iPad, M & M’s (anything chocolate really), my Goodies Box subscription and of course, my 2 adorable grandsons. 🙂

  194. Charlotte Conway-Lusted

    My Fav things are currently Candles, Nail Polish, Perfumes, Organising things (LOL) and finding new Subscription boxes

  195. Lindsey Watts

    Love this contest! Loving lululemon, baby splendid, rose scents right now!

  196. Melinda

    Such a thoughtful and very generous giveaway!

  197. Pamela

    Wow, you’re so popular! What an awesome giveaway, I’m obsessed with the Sugar product 🙂

  198. Jess

    This is a great giveaway Jen! Some of my favorite things right now are Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Beauty Blender, and living in my Uggs because its so darn cold!!!!

  199. Calli

    I love fresh sugar lip treatment too!


    My favorite thing right now is reality TV. Oh my goodness…the craziness is just so entertaining…Teen Mom 2, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Dance Moms, Duck Dynasty (this is surprisingly really funny – I think you would like it). You should try to watch Parenthood if you don’t already. The Bravermans are awesome. I think it’s currently in it’s 3rd season so you should watch seasons 1&2 first. And Shameless on HBO is awesome. The depravity of that family is shocking.

  201. Kim

    My favorite thing at the moment is subsciption boxes! I can’t get enough, I love getting things in the mail!! I am definatly addicted.

  202. Morgan

    My favorite things right now are Dr. Brandt Skincare Pore No More (I use it as a primer), Poshmark (shopping/selling iPhone app that allows people to sell and ship their gently used clothing), and of course Revenge!

  203. Anna

    Hope it’s my lucky day!

  204. Ariana

    Right now some of my favorite thins are my iPad, my red sweatpants and Little Big Planet!!

  205. suzanna

    I love subscription boxes. I think I might be addicted to them lol. <3

  206. Jodi

    I love just your basic lip gloss, Carmex. No color, no flavor! But, for color I choose Bonnie Bell Vanilla Sugar. It’s a light pink, and tastes super good!!
    I love OPI or Essie polish, in lighter colors too!

  207. Alexia561

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I’m a new follower and am new to subscription boxes as well, so love your reviews! Some of my favorite things are OPI nail polish, candles, and Viva La Juicy perfume! 🙂

  208. April

    I want it all! Pick me for once!!!!

  209. CAROLYN

    Oh my heck, as a student I’d love to win 🙂

  210. Erica Best

    Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh

  211. Ashley C

    I love Burt’s Bees Peppermint & Rosemary body wash, scentsy fall scents, and Minnetonka slippers 🙂


  212. Merissa

    Because of this website, I’ve signed up for FIVE subscription boxes, and I LOVE waiting for them to come in each month! I’m still waiting to be approved for Birchbox though, so the 3-month subscription would be so awesome!

  213. stephanie c

    i love birchbox! i have so many favorite things.. including winning giveaways like this!!

  214. Felicia

    Love the blog.

  215. Amy Orvin

    I love perfume, shower gel, candles, fabric refresher, and relaxing music

  216. Emily

    Homemade soaps, Bag Balm (perfect for dry skin healing!), and luxurious teas.

  217. Hilary A.

    What a fab giveaway! I have the sugar lip treatment (for free for my bday from Sephora) & am a little addicted. Also looove that movie. Ryan Gosling is definitely a fave 😉
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  218. Candice Hull

    Awesome giveaway! thank you!
    Some of my favorite things: sweet tea, classic rock, Frank Sinatra, old musicals, Cato fashions shoes, accessories and jewelry (they have the best sales), Bath and Bodyworks night-blooming jasmine fragrance, and Lumene skincare

  219. Sara

    Great giveaway! I am loving that the groundhog said we will have an early spring. I’m loving Valentine’s Day Sweettarts, vanilla scented candles and lately cookies and cream ice cream.

  220. Jenn

    Just found your blog and love it. I’m a fellow Spartan also. My favorite things include my obsession with monthly subscription boxes, reading, & scarves.

  221. Jaime

    I LOVE that movie! Crazy, Stupid, Love is the best! Also, the Sugar chapstick is amazing! Great giveaway!

  222. Sharold

    I like the 3-Month Birchbox offer

  223. Stephanie

    Sounds fabulous. What a fun and generous giveaway!

  224. Diane F

    I love Starbucks, books, lip balm, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  225. Katy

    Love this giveaway! Some of my favorite things are Babylips lip balm, Essie nail polish, the color purple, and Victoria’s Secret smoothing body scrub.

  226. Jennifer

    I love EOS lip balms, 24-7 facial care, and Olivia & Joy handbags.

  227. Paula Michele Hafner

    Leather bracelets, pumpkin scented candles, coffee with flavored creamers, Chihuahuas, the Smokey Mountains of Tn, and chocolate pie.

  228. Laurie Emerson

    Some of my favorite things are a great cup of coffee or tea, a Hersheys Almond chocolate candy bar, nail polish, lip balms, a good book, theater popcorn!

  229. Vikki Billings

    Some of my favorite things are vanilla candles, Stephen King books, Milk chocolate with almonds and lilies

  230. Samii Meyer

    I like revlon nail duos – and I love Sally Hansen Nail Stickers. Those are a few of my favorite things, OH! and EOS lip spheres

  231. debbie s

    My fav things …costco samples baby toys and a good chap stick!

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