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1. L and I undecorated the Christmas tree(s) yesterday and it was almost as much fun as decorating it.  Until he ditched me to go play trains and insisted that WB go with him (in his exersaucer).

2. I don’t know what these two were up too, but it looked funny.  Buddy could not love him any more than he does.  Buddy likes WB (because now WB feeds him from his high chair), but it’s not like how he likes L.

3. Sometimes I forget that when WB is playing with something that is L’s, that it’s kid sized, not baby sized.  Like that train whistle he’s swinging around in the picture?  Yeah, that’s bigger than his arm.  Not that he cares though ;).

4. It may be hard to believe it, but my mini photo shoots don’t always yield perfect pictures ;).  I gotta say though, the mardi gras necklaces were perfect to keep him sitting still.

5. OMG, WB, B and I (L was still up-north) went to Walmart earlier in the week and of course, I had to check out the clearance section.  A think a bomb went off in there.  Look at that disaster area.  Of course, we went to a Walmart in a sort of not so hot area, but still.  It was nuts.

6. When L was up-north with my mom (his Nana), they stayed at my Grandma’s house because Nana’s (and Papa’s) cottage was closed for the winter.  But they stopped by their to play in the fresh snow and walk on the frozen lake (a huge deal if you are 4) and played in the freezing cold house too.  They know how to have fun!

7. L got home on NYE, so we stayed up late and watched a little New Years’s coverage and I tried to explain it all to L.  He was more excited about the special snack I made him though.

8. WB and I are going to miss our upstairs Christmas tree.  We’ve spent many late nights sitting and talking by the tree when WB decided sleeping wasn’t for him.

9. Sometimes L will settle for full size muffin tin meal (6 tins), but he by far prefers the mini muffin pan with the 12 tins.    Summer time muffin tin meals are so much easier because we always have tons of different fruit on hand.

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