My 90% off Target Christmas Clearance Haul 25

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I set my alarm this morning for 7:30am, which is super early for me. I get up early for two things. My Kids. And a great deal. I was the first person at my local Target and was VERY sad when I started scanning things to learn that clearance was still only 70% off. I mean WTF? I went back to my car and sat there for a few minutes deciding on my next move. I was this close to heading home (5 minutes away) and then decided, screw it, I’m going to my favorite Target (25 minutes away).

And I was totally rewarded. Christmas clearance was 90% off (although it was still marked 70% off so be sure to SCAN) and they had TONS of stuff left. I beelined straight to the cookware aisle and grabbed the two Rachel Ray Brown & Bubble Sets (one for me, one for my mom) they had on the shelf. At $4.99 (reg. $49.99), how could I pass it up?  (Want to see if your store has any?  Check the inventory locator here).

Rachel Ray Set

I then moved on to the toy area where I scooped up the Chuck the Trucks for $0.39 each (reg. $3.99) and Nerf Air Guns for $0.49 each (reg. $4.99). These are going to be perfect for gift bags down the road.

Chuck the Truck

Nerf Air Guns

And then I roamed around the rest of the store (including the Christmas clearance section) and picked up other odds and ends including a Nordic Ware whisk ($0.49), Squishy Baff ($0.49), Super Hero Squad guys (also great for gift bags) ($0.29), cookie mixes ($0.19), baby pjs ($0.89), Energizer flameless candles ($1.30) and more.  If you want details on anything I’ve pictured, let me know!

And if you went out shopping today, what’d you score?  Is your store 90% off yet?  Want more pictures?  Check here, here, here, and here for other goodies I scored this holiday season!

Oh, and I almost forgot, here is a picture of my receipt:

Not bad right?

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25 thoughts on “My 90% off Target Christmas Clearance Haul

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the tips on the Chuck the Trucks and RR set. I also scored a Nordicware whisk and some other misc Christmas items. 🙂

  • Toni

    I want to check my inventory on the chuck the truck and the nerf…can you share any information? Can’t find them online and these would be awesome for the no child without a Christmas I donate to each year 😉

    • Jennifer Post author

      Unless the item is online, I don’t think there is a way to check and see if it’s at your local store ;(. There used to be but none of the inventory checkers work anymore.

  • blyane

    Thank you so much!! I grabbed tons of the trucks (great party favors!) two sets of PJ’s and 2 sets of the rachel ray cookware and not to mention tons of Christmas stuff 🙂 And I owe it all to your blog! Thank you so much!!

  • Alice

    I was soooo mad when I realized maybe there is a super target clearance buyer in the closer Target because the items I want are always gone by the time I get there. But I went to another Target, where I scored 2 of those Rachael Ray sets and a muffin tin. I also scanned a bunch of other cookware just to check for any surprises, but found none and strangely some of the green striped nordic ware were full price. I thought that was the holiday packaging?

    Anyone know what the prices of the women sleeping shorts/boxers were (the stocking stuffer ones by xhilaration)? I had 4 in my cart (no tag) and the manager wanted me to pay 1.49 but I did not believe that they could have been 15 bucks original price, I mean this is Target! I was too hungry to go to customer service to get the real price and did not buy them.

    • Megan

      At my store most of the green striped Nordic Ware came up 90% off, but a few things scanned full price. I took one to the checkout with me and asked, and when the cashier checked with a manager she said they should be 90% off, and adjusted the price. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

  • Ali

    Vista, CA Target was awesome at 9am this morning-signs said 70 and items rang up at 90. Scored 4 different platters from 19.99-12.99 marked down to 1.99-1.29 and a tablecloth for 1.39, 4 flameless candles for 1.39 each, various gift bags, curling ribbon, bows,and tissue paper for xmas and any other occasion from .20-.30. Used a betty crocker cookie mix coupon on the .20 chocolate mint cookie mix and got them free, ladies’ sleep boxers for .99! The Oceanside, CA one was wiped out by the time I got there about noon: a few broken glass ornaments and some tissue paper was all that was left. It’s such a rush to see “you saved 235.00″ on the bottom of my receipt!!

  • Jaime R.

    Thank you so much for the heads up on the Tonka Chuck trucks! I was able to grab some for my kids. I found you through Hip2Save. Thanks again!!

  • Jency Kuriakose

    So I went to the Target close to home and you should see some of the pics I took of their clearance sections – think War Zone. I saw some folks rummaging through the shelves and tossing things on the floor because they didn’t want it. That was pretty sad.
    I found ONE Chuck truck, none of the on-sale Nordic ware (I loved their set of three spatula), Rachel Ray trays or anything worth while.
    Are there more 90% clearance around Easter, 4th of July etc? Or is this it annually?

  • Natalia

    I had an experience a lot like yours, the biggest target is also the closest to home and I was there at 9 am to sadly face a 70% off, then at 1 pm I went out again and since I’m lucky to have another 3 targets around the area I was able to score the 90% off in all of them! : )
    Thanks for your posts, they helped me a lot! I was able to get tons of Nordic Ware stuff and THE POLKA DOT PJ’s! those made my day haha

  • Adrry

    In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden item that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers character and silver wrapping .59-.89

  • Alice

    Thanks Ali for letting me know that I did not get tricked into a higher price and I totally just told a friend to do the customer service thing (she is hitting up a different store today).

    The question I have for Jen is, so the closer store was at 70 yesterday, does that mean you went today for 90? I keep checking to see what other items you find!

  • Kim

    Thanks for the tip on Chuck the Trucks…never would have known, they were not marked at all but they rang up .39 cents. I bought all of them (20ish) Perfect for party favors! Also, the Hello Kitty mega blocks for .29 cents, again not marked. I also found some pjs for 2.49 and tons of spinbrush toothbrushes for kids for .49 cents. I think the cashier thought I was crazy 🙂 I think my husband kinda does too!

  • Amanda K

    Ugh this honestly makes me sick you bought THAT MANY of each item. Geez why don’t you leave some things for OTHER people. It’s the shoppers like you that make me not even want to try and bargain hunt or coupon because I have a life and can’t get up at 7:30 in the morning to clean shelves.

    • Beatriz

      @Amanda K- You are so freakin’ rude. So what if she got all of them? The early bird catches the worm, not the lazy azz beeeyotch who “has a life” and “can’t get up at 7:30?” WTF does that mean? Keep working those extra shifts so you can keep paying full price. Savvy shoppers do it best!

      • why Hate?

        I agree with you, Beatriz. There’s nothing wrong with finding a great deal and stocking up on it. Even if Jennifer left some back, I doubt it would even go to Amanda. Most likely, other people will pick up the items. I sense some jealousy. I have no problem with people finding a great deal and buying as much as possible because they were the ones who found the items first. Sure, I’ll feel a bit bummed because I didn’t get any for myself, but there would be no hard feelings, and I would definitely feel happy for those who got the items.

        It’s customers vs. retailers, not customers vs. customers. Amanda should be thankful that Jennifer even shared with all the readers her great finds. That way, everyone would know how to score the same deals….wake up early and look around for deals.

        What makes me sick are people like Amanda. You keep bickering and whining while everyone get all the good deals. It’s called bargain hunting for a reason, not bargain & share hunting.

        “You snooze, you lose!” (literally…) and only an immature, sore loser would whine in that type of manner after losing.

  • SonjaB

    I was at Walmart, I found soap and Christmas décor and makeup sets at 75 percent, but no small toys at Christmas clearance, just some large toys about 10-20 percent off, Am I doing it all wrong?