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When I first got asked to review “adult” boxes I was all OMGIMNOTDOINGTHAT and then I thought why the heck not? It’s not like I am need to pass out any TMI or anything with my reviews, you know? So let’s get started.

I received my Spice Box from Spicy Subscriptions in the mail yesterday and decided to wait until after the kids went to bed to open it. I had NO idea what was going to be inside, so I didn’t want to risk the questions from L. The Spice Box came in a USPS envelope, totally discrete, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a box that says “I LIKE SEX TOYS” (*) or something along those lines if you run into a neighbor ;).

The Box

[spoiler]SpicySubscriptions offers two options, the Deluxe Spice Box (1 flirty item, 1-2 full sized products and 4-8 trial sized products) for $22.95 or the Premium Spice Box for $34.95 (1 deluxe item, 1-2 full sized products, 1 deluxe accessory and 4-8 trial sized products). I received the Premium Spice Box and B, who never sticks around to see what’s inside the boxes, just couldn’t wait for me to open it.

First Look

And like all other boxes, it came with an information card.

The Information Card

And now, what you’ve ALL(**) been waiting for, the contents:

~Heart’s Desire Warming Body Massager ($9.99): I’m not going to lie, when I saw this, I was like OMG that would feel so good on my neck right now. Clearly that is not the point, but I am keeping it real. It’s suppose to be used on “body curves” during massage, so I mean I kinda had the right idea ;).  Ohh, I know what will work.  B rubbing it on my neck!  After all, he said he wanted to try the stuff in the box!

Heart’s Desire Warming Body Massager

~DONA Sensual Chromotherapy Bath Treatment (Mangosteen) ($10.99): This looks super fun.  It’s bath soak that dyes the water color and smells amazing at the same time.  It’s formulated with eco-friendly food grade coloring, won’t dye your tub and moisturizes the skin.  I am totally excited about this and cannot wait to try it.  With bubbles.  I am hoping it dyes the bubbles color too!

DONA Sensual Chromotherapy Bath Treatment (Mangosteen)

~My Joy Collection Edible Body Icing (Strawberry) ($7): I *almost* stuck my finger in this to taste it when it arrived.  It looks yummy.  It looks way nicer than any of the stuff than I have bought in the past (***) and would totally pick up this in the future.

My Joy Collection Edible Body Icing (Strawberry)

~SpicySubscriptions Ben Wa Balls ($10): And this is where things get interesting.  I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey (I know, get with it), but I guess there was a “scene” involving these?  I’ll admit it, these scare me.  They come with instructions and they won’t get lost, but still I am freaked out!  B was like wait, they go where?  For what?  I’ll let you all get your own set if you really want to find out more!

SpicySubscriptions Ben Wa Balls

~Sample Products ($10): I didn’t do a calculation on all these, but I am guessing, all totaled, they are worth around $10?  Seems beyond fair to me.  I checked all of these out and the one that totally stood out was the Glyde condoms.  They are the world’s first Ethical, Vegan & Fair Trade condom.  I had no idea such a thing even existed!

Sample Products

All totaled, I came up with a value of $47.98 for the box.  Spicy Subscriptions says that the value of the Premium Spice Box is $49.99 and I would have to say that’s just about accurate.  I would totally send this subscription to a bachlorette or better yet, as a VALENTINE’S DAY gift.  Tell me your husband wouldn’t be thrilled if this arrived at the door for you two??  SpicySubscriptions is offering a 5% discount on all boxes to my readers using code “ramblingsofasuburbanmom“, so what are you waiting for?  Click here and order.  But hurry up because you have to order by 2/5 to get the box in time for Valentine’s!  You know you want to ;).

SpiceSubscriptions Premium Spice Box


(*) Oh the google searches I am going to get from this phrase.  I can’t wait ;).
(**) Don’t act like you haven’t. I have gotten more questions / comments on this box than any other box I have ever reviewed ;).
(***) For bachelorette party presents.  Duh ;).

Disclosure: I was given this box by SpicySubscriptions in exchange for my honest review.  No compensation was received. 

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  1. Shelby

    Seems very interesting!!

    & Yes, those ball things are in 50. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw those! P.S. you’re not really missing anything in 50 Shades of Grey…..Just horrible writing & repeated sex scenes.

  2. Courtney

    Darn! I was totally hoping it would come in a “I LIKE SEX TOYS” box so that maybe I would spark some super hot doctors curiosity at work!!! Kidding. Not kidding. And I am LMAO because I thought the bath therapy title said CHEMOTHERAPY. I was like, OMG…that sounds dangerous….but hey, I’ll try anything once.

    For real though, do you know if the Valentines day box is the same for everyone or is it randomized sorta like birchbox?? We already have ben wa balls…lol.

  3. Amy

    This had me cracking up the whole time. It’s hilarious that B hung around for this box specifically. Typical!! Ha!

  4. Erica Wandzel

    Great review…I sell Pure Romance and the warming hearts are awesome. They are actually better for your neck and cramps than actually massaging. The edge is a bit rough. Think of hot stone therapy, they stay in one spot. Tip to keep it warm longer…wrap a thin towel around it. HAVE FUN!

  5. Ashley

    I haven’t heard of this company before! Definitely a package I think any man would love to see arrive at the house!

  6. Jessica W

    FYI, if you’d like to try kegel balls, try Lelo Luna Beads. They are *much* better than the metal balls. 😉

  7. Alison

    I LOVE your review! It’s like Im opening the box with you.

  8. Debi B.

    I agree with Alison!
    And this one was very interesting ;*)

  9. Heidi

    ha ha ha, I loved this! Not too many people can do a review (of any kind) and make it funny at the same time 🙂

  10. Niki

    So disappointed. I found this box to be sub par. Cheesy items. What I am most upset about is that I wrote to cancel my subscription. After receiving a confirmation, my account was charged with out authorization. Resulting in a $34 fee on my end. So now, I get to pay $34 of my own money on the behalf of spicy subscriptions poor customer service. Save your money and sign up to blush box.

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