February 2013 ipsy Glam Bag Review

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February ipsy Glam Bag

All good things must come to an end and the streak of amazing ipsy glam bags came to an end for me this month. Don’t get me wrong, the February ipsy Glam Bag was good, just not amazing.

The Bag

February’s ipsy theme was “Get Red Carpet Ready”, which also happened to be Birchbox’s theme this month.

The Information Card

Have I ever mentioned that dark colored subscription cards  / boxes and my iPhone don’t mix well?  Yeah, I could use my big camera and be all fancy, but this is real life my friends.  I’ll leave the fancy to the professionals.

As usual, the ipsy card contains information on discounts and not on the products in the box.  ipsy has videos online showing you how to use the items and get that month’s “Look”.

Here’s what was inside this month’s bag:

~The Lash Card ($2.80): Word on the street is that these are awesome, but I gotta tell you, even I have figured out how to apply mascara without clumps.  I do use a lash brush to separate my lashes and this claims to do that for you so maybe it is amazing?  Heck, I’ll give it a try.

The Lash Card

~ POP Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara ($12.58): I’ve never heard of this brand before (it’s out of the UK), but that means nothing.  It’s waterproof, which I don’t normally love and people are saying it flakes off easily, but I will certainly try it out and see how it works for me.

POP Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara

~Coastal Scents Eye Shadow ($4): We received the same shadow palette back in the Octoberipsy gam bag, so I was kinda just meh about this. I mean, yeah they at different colors (one was the same) and I liked them, but still. I received the “In The Spotlight” set which included Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe and Dark Golden Olive (same as October).

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow

~Pixi Flawless & Poreless($14.50): By far this is the item I am most excited in this bag! I have never tried anything by Pixi before and this seems like it’s a great match for me. It’s billed as a “Miracle-in-a-tube” primer that smoothes out fine lines & hydrates while making pores instantly disappear, which is totally what I need. This is going to fit right in with my efforts to wear more make-up, even when doing nothing!

Pixi Flawless & Poreless

~MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner($30): There is no size on the container, so I really have no clue if this is the full size or not, but I am guessing it is. I am not thrilled by this at all because, to me, eyeliner is the tea of the cosmetics world. Enough with the eyeliner. It’s always black and I already have a ton!

MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner

~Black Make-Up Bag ($2): Once again I am valuing this at $2 because I know it has some value, but I have no clue what it is.

Black Makeup Bag

All totaled, the February ipsy Glam bag has a value of $65.88. Way way way more than the $10/month cost, but I just don’t love it. Last month’s bag was worth way less and I loved it way more.  But yes, it’s clearly worth more than the $10 I paid, so I can’t complain.

I believe there is still a waiting list to subscribe, but you can click here and get signed up! Do you subscribe to ipsy? What’d you think of this month’s bag?

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  1. Mary

    I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I think this might be my last month. I just don’t wear enough makeup to really justify keeping the subscription. But it’s only $10/month. Meh. I don’t know.

    No one seems excited about it.

  2. Jill

    I just signed up for ipsy so I’m still on the waiting list. I have to agree, this box is lacking compared to the last few so I’m no sad that I missed it.

  3. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Ok so I know this may sound weird, but I love everything that I get in my subscription boxes, I have yet to be disappointed. I got my Ipsy bag yesterday and was sooo thrilled and I’m looking forward to trying everything out. I guess maybe I might be in the same boat as you if I was subscribed longer, who knows. I’m bummed you were bummed about this bag…are you going to quit subscribing?

  4. Laura Mouse

    I received my glam bag too! Yet I am now feeling like a TOTAL stupid head because I had no idea (obviously didn’t read) that it was black eye liner gel! I thought it was eye shadow and was puzzled who would wear that black color! HA!! So glad you set me straight. 🙂


  5. Elzabeth

    I did not enjoy this month. I had no idea what the gel eyeliner even was until I read this. And I still don’t know how to use it – it’s in a jar – how do you get it out and apply it?! I may use the Pixi primer but that’s about it this month. Hope next month is better or I’ll have to cancel!

  6. Tara

    Just found your blog the other day and in love :). Subscription addict like u I wasn’t that excited about this months ipsy bag ….some kind of something else would be good hopefully next month will be better :). Did love this months popsugar must have tho…just when I was about to cancel! 🙂

  7. Erica G.

    I subscribed to Ipsy a few months ago and it just seems like they keep getting worse and worse. I made a complaint on my post for their last bag about how all of the bags that I have gotten from them are dark colors. I want something bright and colorful. This one looks cheap and last months bag reminded me of one of those free ones that comes in new suitcases (besides the print inside).

  8. Maggie

    I stopped my ipsy subscription in December. Wish I would have waited a month but, I just don’t have the use for all of it! (I only got 2 months of it!) It takes me forever just to use a Bare Minerals foundation!!!

  9. Crystal

    I’ve never tried anything by Pop Beauty before either. They sell it at Ulta; I have just never been intrigued enough to buy it. There is always something I want more.

  10. Ashley

    This bag was very “ehhhhhh” for me. I liked it because I could use the contents to make some valentine gifts for my gal friends! But I honestly won’t use any of the contents on my own. I might axe Ipsy soon, because I jumped onboard the subscription box train, and now the cost each month is just insane. Thinking of keeping Popsugar, Birchbox, and MAYBE Glossybox (if they can get their stuff together)..

  11. Jenny Louthan

    You have the same feeling as me on this bag. Is it horrible No but is it overly exciting NO. I loved last months box and I’ll try everything here but nothing I’d write home about. I also don’t have a gel eyeliner brush so I’ll have to get one of those first. This was by far the worst bag that we’ve gotten its so very plasticy and nasty. I’ll probably let my boys play with it. They are always asking for my bags.

  12. Marisa Marie

    got mine to the other day! I am test out the mascara and I am glad for the gel eyeliner because I really needed one and this size will last awhile I think. I used to do Birchbox and depending on what the next bag looks like I might go back to Birchbox.

    oohh and those lash cards are they really needed? 🙂

  13. Haley

    I am really in love with Benefit’s “The Porefessional” so if the pixi tube is anything like it, I am in luck! It’s really a great product.

  14. Sara

    Fun — even if it’s not the most exciting bag they’ve ever sent! Mine is here but I’ve been too lazy to open it this month. It’s the only one I haven’t unsubscribed to yet, because it’s my fave! Otherwise, I just have way too much makeup… Had to ditch Birchbox and Beauty Army and… I forget the other one. The Ipsy bags are my fave sometimes, regardless of their contents–they’re so handy to have around sometimes.

  15. christina

    Once I read your post I just felt I had to comment….I found your blog while searching for Target Xmas clearance deals & I love it & read it everyday now…so I didn’t even know about subscriptions and after reading through lots of reviews I finally decided I just had to sign up for one & Ipsy looked like the best value with all the cute makeup bags and the samples looked great….I was waitlisted but just got on th e list for this bag & I have to say I was disappointed when I pulled out the bag it stunk like.plastic and looked so cheap I tried to convince myself I liked it cause it was my first one but I do wish it had been better…I’ll stick with it forafew more months tho…..FYI I am officially hooked on Pretty Little Liars & am thinking of

    1. christina

      ** cancelling my cable…the bill is so high

  16. kim

    my daughters both get this in the mail.

  17. Nancy Kelly

    just wanted to know how I can receive your blog info on a daily basis?

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